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Chapter: 537

What about your parents

Chapter 537 What about your parents?  Shuang glared at him. "I told you already that you didn't fail! You are the best father in the whole world. You never differentiated between Caihong and me. You didn't think less of me even after Mom did such a terrible thing."

An Guoting was aggrieved. "But I couldn't make you stop thinking about our blood relations. I never once thought about this stupid thing. You were always my daughter, no matter what the blood says!"

"Okay, stop now," It was An Yueqin who came to his side and tugged his arm. "It's nobody's fault here. Neither you failed as a father nor she failed as a daughter."

Jack, who accompanied her, nodded with a smile.


She sighed. "It's just that there are some things and thoughts you cannot control no matter how happy of a life you wish to give others. Even blood related siblings have misunderstandings often for their parents' love. You love the younger one more than me. You are more proud of the elder one than me. If they can think about such things, then why cannot Shuang and Caihong? It doesn't mean that you failed anywhere. But this is a sensitive issue. I really understand where Shuang is coming from. It will be difficult for you to see it, but from Shuang's perspective, it's not unnatural to think about this stuff and get depressed."

Shuang stared at her in silence and lowered her gaze. She never really imagined that An Yueqin would be the one to stand by her side.

An Guoting pursed his lips.

"Because in any group, it's only the odd one out who understands his or her position the most," An Yueqin continued.

He gasped. "Yueqin! You are also-"

She gave him a sharp stare. "Don't even think of useless things! Shuang is one of us. Always! But from her perspective and what reality is, you cannot change the fact that she is not your real daughter. Then…it will be difficult to just suddenly accept me as her mother too, right? After so many years, first Zizi's truth was known and then I returned. Shuang is a human, Guoting. It's not her fault if she felt lost or doubted her place in our lives. That's why I didn't stop her from leaving because I thought she really needed this time and space to sort things out."

He looked solemn.

Jack smiled. "Aunt is right. Don't be so hard on Shuang, Uncle. Relationships are complex. Even though Shuang and Caihong might have some distance earlier, aren't they now the closest like any other sisters? It's because you loved them wholeheartedly and without any bias that they were able to bridge these differences."

After a beat of silence, Shuang held his hands and sniffled. "I am sorry, Dad…"

An Guoting pursed his lips. "That's why you left the house when Yueqin came in. How long were you going to stay away? I was already missing you on the very same day!" He complained. "When I saw you today, I was so happy that I ran out to meet you," his eyes were wet as he spoke.

Her vision blurred, and she jumped into his hug. "Dad…I am really sorry…"

His heart ached and he quickly hugged her back. "Don't cry…" he stammered. "I-I cannot see tears in your eyes. Also, please forgive your father. I got angry at you. I am sorry I couldn't understand h-how hard it was been for you all this time…I am a terrible-"

"No! If you say you are terrible, I will never talk to you again!" Shuang fiercely declared.

An Yueqin was satisfied to see them patch up and so did Jack.

An Guoting panicked. "Hey, don't be so mean. How will I survive if you don't talk to me? Fine, I won't say any negative things from now on…"

She nodded. "En!"

He stared at her and Jack and was extremely pleased. "Aish! I am so happy for you two! Finally my daughter agreed to dating you!" He looked at them expectantly. "Did you only come here to tell us that you are dating?"

Shuang asked, "What else did you want?"

He sheepishly grinned. "I thought you might have another good news with you~"


An Yueqin facepalmed. "Guoting…"

"Hey! It's not like I am particularly waiting for my grandchild with bluish-grey eyes, okay? I just think that Shuang will be an awesome mother."

"Dad, we have just started dating," her mouth twitched.

"And as if you are gonna sleep after your marriage," he snorted. "You two are not that innocent! Why can I not have expectations then!?"

Shuang complained. "You love your grandchild more than me! I can already see the bias!"

"Of course not! You will always be my coolest daughter, Shuang!" He indignantly said.

An Yueqin left the father-daughter pair to their own conversation.

She glanced at Jack and smiled. "As you can see, we don't have any problems with your relationship. Guoting has gone even a step ahead," she sighed.

Jack chuckled. "Thanks, Aunt. You two are the sweetest."

She helplessly shook her head. "We are happy, but what about your parents?"

Jack slightly stiffened. His gaze flickered with a complicated emotion, but he ignored it and smiled at her. "No issues with them. They will be fine with us too."

"Do they know about Shuang?" She beamed and expectantly asked.

"...Not yet. I will tell them soon," he uncomfortably cleared his throat.

An Yueqin nodded. "It would be wonderful if they accept your relationship too."

His smile slightly faltered.

At the end of the day, An Guoting immediately asked, "So when are you moving back?"

An Yueqin agreed. "Yes. Now there is no reason for us to stay apart."

Shuang smiled. "I will move back tomorrow, I promise. Then I will keep annoying you for the whole day! And you have to play games with me too! No running away!"

He solemnly agreed. "As my daughter wishes!"

As they walked out of the residence, Shuang observed Jack and asked, "What were you and Aunt talking about?"

He smiled. "She was asking if my parents know about us or not."

"Oh…I see."

From Michael, Shuang knew that Jack's relationship with his parents was a little complicated. He seemed slightly uneasy, so she left it at that.

At least for now.

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