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Chapter: 538

From New York to Beijing

Chapter 538 From New York to Beijing  At Beijing Central Airport, a middle-aged couple stepped out but they didn't seem to be their age at all. The young women swooned over the blue-eyed blond man who exuded charm as he walked by.

The woman besides him wore a light knee-length dress, stepping out with sunglasses covering her eyes. Her hair was tied into a neat bun, and her face didn't have any trace of wrinkles.

Si Min glanced at her husband, who despite having a gorgeous face, didn't match the expression with how beautiful his face looked.

Daniel Walker looked at his wife. "What is his address? Let's go," he spoke with fluent Mandarin without touch of any accent.

Si Min pursed her lips. "He is not gonna like us coming unannounced like this."

"We are his parents. Now, we cannot even meet him anymore?" His expression twisted.

"Not after how our relationship went so sour. He has not called us even once in all these years. Even though I tried reaching him…He wants to be left alone. Now you will impose on him like this. It's gonna be even more complicated," her eyes traced a flash of sadness and longing.

She missed her son dearly but at the same time, she didn't want to do anything that would further provoke the relationship between them in a bad direction.

Daniel gritted his teeth. "And how long do you wish to wait? That brat has the nerve not to come home for ten years!"

She glared at him. "Isn't it because of you!? If you hadn't thrown him out of the house, then Jack wouldn't have left!" her eyes were filled with tears, and she sniffled. "It's all your fault!"

Daniel fumed but in the end, he pulled his wife into his embrace and said with a displeased tone, "Stop crying for God's sake. You and Jack always make me look like a villain!"

"That's because you are! A big, bad villain who threw my poor son out of the house and then blamed him for not returning in these years!"

Daniel scowled at her but seeing the tears on her face, he toned down. "Let's just visit him, okay? You have been nagging me not to suddenly come to China like this but you are the one who was hopping all the way from New York to China even more than me!"

"And now you're gonna blame me?" She rubbed the tip of her nose.

"Why do you always take out the wrong meaning!?" He expressed dissatisfaction. "Enough chitter chatter now. Let's go."

Shuang yawned and opened her eyes. On her side she found Jack sleeping, hugging her by his arm over her waist. They hadn't slept together in the sexual sense yet, but they had started to spend the evenings together and share the same bed to sleep during the nighttime ever since they started dating. This time, she was at Jack's home. 

They used to alternate between her apartment and his house but since she moved back to the An residence, they had been mostly spending time in his house.

She smiled and pinched his cheek and brushed her fingers along his blond hair. She had to admit his Chinese American features were worth drooling over, especially once he opened his beautiful bluish-grey eyes.

Shuang freshened up and headed to make a light breakfast in the kitchen. As she cooked, she heard the sound of a car stopping outside.

Furrowing her brows, she peeked from the kitchen and saw a cab stopping in front of Jack's house.

A cab?

She smelled her breakfast burning.


She rushed back to turn down the stove and salvage her breakfast when the doorbell rang.

Shuang paused.

Who would come to meet so early in the morning? Jack didn't tell me he was expecting guests today.

She shrugged and stepped out of the kitchen to open the main entrance. As soon as she did, she felt she went completely blind.

Two most beautiful and breathtaking people - one man and a woman stood in front of her as if throwing gold glitter at her.

She didn't even have to guess.

A blond haired and blue eyed middle-aged American man.

A dark haired and grey eyed middle-aged Chinese woman.

If you combine their genes together, the result would definitely be a certain Jack Si, Shuang thought to herself.

Shuang could practically see the genes fitting like a puzzle to produce a beautiful and handsome mixed race Chinese American man with blond hair and bluish-grey eyes.

The trio stood in silence for a long time because Daniel Walker and Si Min also realized who the woman in front of them could be.

Shuang tapped her finger on the door with a smile plastered on her face but inwardly cursing her boyfriend.

You didn't bother to tell me that the guests were your parents?

Now she wished to go inside and strangle him.

She hadn't expected to meet his parents like this…Nevertheless, she seemed calm and greeted them. "Good morning. It's a pleasant surprise. Please come inside."

Si Min snapped out of her daze and asked, "You…know us?"

Her eyes beamed with hope that Jack actually talked about his parents to his girlfriend.

Shuang stared at her. "Not really. But I can guess. It's…hard not to."

Si Min coughed. "Well…"

They stepped in with Daniel staring blankly at Shuang for the whole time. He then looked at his wife and whispered, "Jack…has a girlfriend?"

She brightened. "Isn't it great! I am so excited to meet her!"

His mouth twitched. "I mean…GIRLfriend. Please understand my emphasis on 'girl.'"

Si Min pinched his waist hard, making him yelp.

Shuang turned and blinked. "What? I heard a whimper."

Si Min smiled. "Nothing. Daniel keeps having painful episodes once in a while."

"Oh. Is he alright? I will bring some medicine-"

"No, no," she quickly smiled it off. "No need. It will disappear on its own."

Daniel gasped.

Shuang cleared her throat. "Please have a seat. Jack is still sleeping. I will wake him up."

"Oh no, no. Don't take the trouble. Let him sleep."

Shuang smiled dangerously. "No, Mrs. Walker. I want to take this trouble and INFORM him about your arrival. How could he be sleeping when his parents are here?"

She looked towards the bedroom and alarmingly squinted her eyes. "Jaaaaaaaack."

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