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Chapter: 119

"Alright, let’s go."

Muyang casually put away his Zanpakuto and no longer looked back at Barragan on the ground. He only nodded at Harribel and the others before taking the lead and leaving.

"You won’t come with me?"

Hearing Muyang’s words, Mila Rose was slightly startled.

"What else? What else do you plan to do?"

"But Barragan…"

"Mila Rose!"

"Yes, Lord Harribel."

Mila Rose respectfully looked at Harribel as she walked toward her.

"Let’s go."


Although there were still some doubts in her heart, she still obediently closed her mouth and followed behind Muyang. Sung-Sun and Apacci did not speak and quietly followed behind Muyang.

Seeing the group of five people walking over, Barragan’s subordinates all fearfully opened up a path. Although they were filled with resentment towards this Shinigami who dared to offend Barragan, they were not brave enough to challenge the person who easily defeated their king.

Seeing these proud virtual figures obediently opening up a path for them, the three of them felt a bit complicated. They never thought that those high and mighty people would be like this now. Although this was only because they borrowed Muyang’s prestige, at this moment, the sense of superiority that they felt was evident.

Only when Muyang left with Harribel and the others did Barragan, who had been submerged by the smoke caused by the attacks of the Kido, reveal his figure from the smoke.

"Lord Barragan!!"

When they saw Barragan, many of their subordinates immediately went up to him. Barragan’s subordinate bowed on the ground with a respectful expression. Although Barragan did not have much strength to resist Shinigami’s subordinates, he was still far from being able to catch up with them. At least here, he was still the king of Hueco Mundo.

"Damn it, Shinigami!!"

Barragan looked at the group of hollow kneeling on the ground.

He no longer felt the pride and self-satisfaction he had in the past. The strength he was proud of was actually not worth mentioning in front of that Shinigami, and these so-called subordinates were useless in this situation.


At this moment, a thirst for power suddenly arose in Barragan’s heart. Ever since he grew up to the Vasto Lorde, and since he became the king of Hueco Mundo, Barragan had never been so eager for power.

Originally, he was the strongest king of Hueco Mundo, but now, when he found that his power was no longer so powerful in front of others, Barragan’s heart once again aroused the desire for power. That desire was even deeper than when he was eager to grow to the Vasto Lorde level.

Shinigami, next time we meet, I will kill you!

Previously, when he felt that Muyang had left. Barragan did not rush out to fight with Muyang again. Instead, he chose to hide in the air in humiliation and let Muyang leave. This kind of humiliating behavior was unforgivable to the king of Hueco Mundo. At the same time, he was extremely eager for power. Barragan also secretly vowed in his heart that the next time they met, he would kill that Shinigami to wash away the humiliation he suffered during this fight.


In the endless sand and dust, Muyang slowly walked with the four of them.

"Where are we going?"

Behind Muyang, Mila Rose couldn’t help but whisper. After leaving Barragan, the three of them followed closely behind Muyang and Harribel, walking aimlessly in the desert for who knows how long.

"Hmph, Mila Rose, you stupid lion, you still want to know what Lord Kimura and Lord Harribel are thinking?"

"What did you say, Ap! Be careful. I’ll kill you!"

"Oh? You really know how to talk big. I wonder who will kill who. You stupid lion?"

"Damn it, you bastard!"

"Aiya, you two should stop arguing. I’ve already gotten used to your clearly weak remarks."

"What did you say? Sung-Sun!"


"Your three companions are really interesting."

"I am ashamed, Kimura-Sama."

"You shouldn’t." Muyang turned to look at Harribel, who was walking beside him. All this time, she looked respectful.

"In fact, I still feel that it is better to maintain the feeling of equality between friends."

Harribel lowered his head slightly and remained silent.

"By the way, Harribel, do you have anywhere to go?"

"Ah"Harribel raised his head and looked at Muyang in surprise. He saw that Muyang was heading straight in a direction. He thought that Muyang had his own plans. Why…

"I’m not hollow. I’m not familiar with Hueco Mundo at all. Of course, I don’t know where to go." Muyang saw the expression on Harribel’s face and explained, "As for you, don’t you have any other bases?"

"No, we have always been in that place." Harribel shook his head.

"Alright then, let’s just find a random place." Muyang casually looked around and then looked at a slightly taller mountain in the distance. "Let’s go there and take a look."


Looking at the direction Muyang pointed at, Harribel nodded and silently followed behind Muyang.


A few days later

Muyang sat cross-legged on the top of a mountain peak. His Zanpakuto was resting on his knees. Not far from him, Harribel was leaning against a stone. His eyes were closed, but his mind was on guard as he paid attention to the movements around him.

Inner world.

Muyang and Kaze no Sora sat facing each other.

"How do you feel about the new power?" Kaze no Sora waved the paper fan in his hand, still looking calm and confident.

"Powerful," Muyang recalled the ability he had displayed in the Sōkyoku Hill and spat out these two words.

"Hehe." Kaze no Sora laughed softly. He had absolute confidence in his own abilities.

"When you first released Zanpakuto, your Reiryoku was still too weak. You weren’t strong enough to use Shikai, and your Zanpakuto could only use half of his Shikai, so the power you can control is only a little bit of lightning power derived from your Zanpakuto."

"However, Kaze no Sora is essentially a wind-type Zanpakuto. The lightning ability is only derived from extremely powerful wind-type power, and this derived thunder-type ability can only play an auxiliary role. It can’t take any damage."

"But after your Reiryoku reaches the standard, you can fully display Zanpakuto’s real ability, the strongest wind element Zanpakuto!"

"Soul Society’s strongest wind element Zanpakuto, not only has the wind element ability, but also the thunder and lightning ability derived from Zanpakuto’s wind element ability. With the derived thunder ability, whether it is the strength of the body, speed, explosive power, reaction… These will all be greatly improved, and the wind ability also makes your Zanpakuto have strong destructive power, whether in close combat or long-range attack."

"As for Bankai, it does not bring you any other Ability, just let the wind ability further strengthen. I think you must be very disappointed at that time."

Muyang smiled faintly. At that time, his heart was indeed a little disappointed. The long-awaited Bankai actually did not bring him any additional surprise ability, but…

"Indeed, I did not think of it. I thought that Bankai was really just a more powerful wind and thunder force."

"It is indeed just a more powerful wind and thunder force." "Otherwise, what do you think? Do you think that the power to touch space now is Zanpakuto’s new ability?"

"You are wrong. In the end, this is only Zanpakuto’s original power – the wind ability."

"In fact, there was no strict distinction of superiority or inferiority in Zanpakuto. Each of Zanpakuto’s abilities was unique. After all, Zanpakuto was born from Shinigami’s soul. It was as if there was no same person, nor was there the same Zanpakuto. Each of Zanpakuto’s abilities was unique. It was just to see how many people could develop their own Zanpakuto’s ability."

"How is this possible? How can there be no difference between Zanpakuto and himself?" Muyang couldn’t help but retort, "Just like Old Master’s Ryujin Jakka, isn’t he still known as the strongest flame type Zanpakuto? And didn’t you also say that you are the strongest wind type, Zanpakuto?"

"Er… you can also say that…" Kaze no Sora waved his hand, "Don’t care about such a small matter."

"This is not a small matter…" Muyang turned his head and whispered.

"But how much strength can Shinigami’s Zanpakuto play? In the end, it still depends on how far Shinigami developed his own Zanpakuto. Just like Yamamoto Genryuusai, he can develop Zanpakuto to that extent, but if it is another person, even with the strongest fire element, Zanpakuto may not be able to push the Zanpakuto in his hand to that extent."

"And what you have to do now is to continue to develop Zanpakuto’s ability. Kaze no Sora himself is an extremely powerful Zanpakuto, with infinite possibilities waiting for you to develop."

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