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Chapter: 120

"What? Developing Zanpakuto?"

After hearing Kaze no Sora’s words, Muyang no longer bothered about what he had said about Zanpakuto. He wasn’t paying attention to that sort of thing.

"Yes. What do you think the power you just grasped should be?"

Kaze no Sora suddenly asked, looking at Muyang.

"The power that I just mastered?" Muyang was stunned. Then, he said with a bit of embarrassment, "Don’t say that. Actually, I’m just a guy who can only use brute force, not a master."

Seeing the shy and reserved look on Muyang’s face, Skywind silently turned his head, not looking at his pretentious appearance.

Seeing Kaze no Sora’s reaction, Muyang put away his joking manner. The expression on his face was slightly solemn. "That ability is obviously the ability of space."

"It is indeed the ability of space." Kaze no Sora nodded and affirmed Muyang’s words. Then his voice changed, "Shinigami’s Zanpakuto. Generally speaking, the ability of Bankai is a further improvement of Shikai. You should know this."

"Soi Fon’s 2 hits kill ‘Suzumebachi is further strengthened with her Bankai, Jakuho Raikoben. In a sense, her 2 hit Shikai now becomes 1 hit after her Bankai. Ichimaru Gin’s Shinsō and Kamishini no Yari, Senbonzakura and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, everyone’s Bankai is, without exception, an upgrade of Shikai Ability, or a supplement to Shikai Ability."

"So, what do you think the ability of space has to do with your previous Wind Ability or Thunder Ability?"

"Its connection?"

Hearing Skywind’s question, Muyang was slightly stunned. Then he began to think about it. It was true that his space ability did not have much to do with the power of his Shikai, which were wind and thunder elements. But the ability of Bankai should indeed have something to do with Shikai. Just like before, after Bankai, the ability of wind and thunder was strengthened.

Suddenly Muyang’s heart moved, his eyebrows raised, and his eyes showed a trace of enlightenment, could it be…

"It seems that you realized."

Seeing Muyang’s demeanor, Kaze no Sora said with a smile. He appeared with a bit of joy, apparently satisfied with Muyang’s performance.

Then the new ability to control space was only because the power of the Wind and Thunder element was extremely strong.

"That’s why you can break through space?" Muyang said with a bit of speculation.

"Smart, completely correct."

Kaze no Sora nodded, facing Muyang with a somewhat expectant expression. He said, "What do you think wind power is? Is it just an attack method?"

"The wind ability is not only a long-range attack method. The wind represents sharpness. It represents destructive power and speed. And the thunder power derived from your wind ability represents powerful penetration and destructive power."

"After Bankai, your Zanpakuto has more powerful wind and thunder power, and the powerful power that these two powers can achieve is to make you finally powerful enough to break through space, so you have the current space ability."

Hearing his own guess was confirmed by Kaze no Sora, Muyang’s heart could not help but have a trace of fluctuation. He did not expect that the power brought by the wind and thunder abilities could reach the point of breaking the space.

Suddenly, a glimmer of light flashed in Muyang’s heart. When strength reached the extreme, it was enough to break through space. And the two abilities of wind and thunder could not only achieve strength. In addition to strength, there was also the factor of speed. When strength reached the extreme, it could break through space and grasp the ability of space. Then what if speed reached the extreme? Was it time???

Thinking that his ability could even touch the ability of time after it was developed to the extreme, Muyang’s heart could not help but beat faster. The ultimate technique, that was the ability of time!


Raising his head, he looked at Kaze no Sora, who was sitting opposite him, with questioning and somewhat excited gaze. Muyang was a bit nervous.

In Muyang’s nervous eyes, Kaze no Sora nodded slightly. Seeing Kaze no Sora nod, Muyang’s heart was filled with a burst of ecstasy.

"But don’t get too excited. The ability of time and space is a forbidden area, after all. Even if you can really develop Zanpakuto’s ability, you can only touch the power of time and space slightly. It is almost impossible to completely grasp it."

"That is enough."

Kaze no Sora nodded slightly. The power of time was extremely powerful. Even if it was just a slight touch, the power that could be exerted was also extremely terrifying.

The two of them looked at each other. Kaze no Sora was still calm and confident. The paper fan in his hand shook slightly as if nothing could disturb his mood. Muyang sat there, his excitement slowly calming down. The expression on his face gradually became calm, but his eyes became brighter and brighter.

"Now you have found your way forward!"

Seeing that Muyang’s expression had calmed down and his eyes were shining brightly, Kaze no Sora said with a gratified expression.


Muyang nodded. After chatting with Kaze no Sora for a while, the confusion and hesitation in his heart were swept away. His thoughts raced, and the light in Muyang’s eyes grew brighter.

In terms of swordsmanship, Muyang’s attainments in swordsmanship reached the level where even Yamamoto Genryuusai did not dare to underestimate. The level of Kido is also extremely high, and the hand-to-hand fighting, after so many years of training for his own spirit body, Muyang’s physical fitness has reached a height that ordinary Shinigami can’t reach, and the Shunpo is naturally needless to say.

What’s more, with Yoruichi as the commander-in-chief, a friend who is extremely good at Shunpo and hand-to-hand fighting, Muyang’s level in those two aspects will not be low.


The most terrible thing for a person is to lose the goal of advancing. When the strength in all aspects has reached this extremely powerful point, Muyang has almost lost the direction to move forward.

Everyone is walking on the road to make themselves stronger. Aizen and Kisuke were also like this. It is because everyone is exploring how to become stronger than Aizen and Kisuki researched the magical thing like Hōgyoku, each person is constantly pursuing forward.

Muyang is also like this, but he is not like Aizen and Kisuke. He does not have that kind of research talent. He can enhance his strength through research, so he can only start from himself to hone his skills and temper his spirit body, but these two aspects are almost at their limit.

But now, after this conversation with Kaze no Sora, Muyang finally knows the direction of his continue to be strong.

Developing his Zanpakuto!

Zanpakuto’s ability has infinite possibilities, at least this Zanpakuto Kaze no Sora of his own. With the power of wind and thunder as the foundation, the power of wind and thunder could burst out with great speed and strength. Since his strength had been strengthened to the extreme and he could touch the power of space, then as long as he developed Zanpakuto’s ability, when his speed reached the extreme, he would definitely be able to touch the power of time.

Moreover, Skywind had indeed confirmed his conjecture before.

Thinking of this, Muyang couldn’t help but smile. This was really great.

"It seems that you have an idea. I am only giving you a hint. And at most, you can only do this. The extent of what you can do depends on yourself."

"I know, but your hint is already very important. At the very least, you have shown me the direction to move forward. I already have a lot of thoughts in my mind. All kinds of wonderful thoughts are colliding in my mind."

"That’s good. I knew that as long as you gave you a direction to move forward, you would be able to create infinite possibilities."

"Of course!" A proud expression appeared on the corners of Muyang’s mouth.


"However, if it is a new ability, many of the previous fighting methods can no longer be used."

"There is no need for that." Muyang shook his head and denied Skywind’s words. "The previous fighting skills are still very useful. Some moves can still be used."


"After all, this new ability is my trump card. There are not many people who can make me use this new ability." When Muyang said this, the expression on his face was very proud. There were not many people who could make him go all out.

"But if you want to grasp the profound meaning of time…"

Muyang turned his hand, and a sword appeared in his hand.

"I think fighting is the most direct way."

Dang —

The two Zanpakuto swords clashed in an instant. A moment ago, they were still chatting amiably. In the next moment, Muyang had already started fighting with Kaze no Sora. Fighting was still the best way to improve one’s strength. This was because all sorts of inspiration could burst forth in battle.

"This is not enough." Kaze no Sora had a smile on his face.

"I think so too." Muyang smiled slightly, his body retreated a few steps, and Zanpakuto waved in his hand.

"Bankai, Hakaze no Kiru."


Looking at the opposite side of Kaze no Sora, who also has Bankai, and then look at the same Zanpakuto in the hands of the two people. After Bankai, there was basically no change in Kaze no Sora’s appearance because he was already at the Bankai form all along.

"I think I now know why Bankai is called Hakaze no Kiru." Muyang suddenly opened his mouth and said.

"Oh? Why?" Skywind looked at Muyang with interest.

"It should be said that although the ability after Bankai is still Wind, it has already broken through the limit of Wind Ability." Muyang played with Zanpakuto in his hand, "The power of breaking through the limit of wind is necessary to reach Zanpakuto’s space element; And the speed of breaking the limit of the wind is necessary to reach Zanpakuto’s ultimate time element.."

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