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Chapter: 121

"Hey, Apacci, what do you think that Kimura-Sama is doing? He has been sitting on the mountain since that day, and it has been a few days."

"Tsk, Kimura-Sama’s thoughts are not something a stupid lion like you can guess!" The deer-shaped Apacci turned to look at the golden lion rubbing against her and said with a mocking tone.

"What" Hearing the mocking tone from Apacci, the expression on the face of Mila Rose suddenly changed. All the hair on his body stood up as she fiercely looked at Apacci, "You silly deer, don’t be too proud. You’re lucky l that I don’t kill you!"


Seeing the reaction of Mila Rose, Apacci only arrogantly turned her head, looking as if he didn’t care at all.


Seeing the reaction of Apacci, the veins on the forehead of Mila Rose popped out, and her eyes burned with anger.

"Alright, you two, stop arguing."

Sung-Sun came over and looked down at the two of them. Then her eyes turned to Muyang, who was sitting on the mountain peak, and Harribel, leaning against the mountain peak.

"Do not disturb Harribel-Sama and Kimura-Sama."

When they heard Sung-Sun reminding them of Muyang and Harribel, Apacci and Mila Rose stopped. Although they did not know what Muyang was doing sitting on the mountain peak, they knew it must be a very important matter. Otherwise, Harribel would not be standing guard at the side all the time.

"But Kimura-Sama is really powerful. Even Barragan is not a match for him."

Apacci looked at Muyang, who was sitting on the mountain peak, and could not help but recall the situation when Muyang easily dealt with Barragan that day.

"Tsk, of course, Kimura-Sama is very strong. We all already know about this."

"Mila Rose, do you have to make things difficult for me?"

"Not at all."

"I just can’t bear to see you like this. You are clearly just a newcomer."



Just as the three of them were about to start a meaningless round of argument, an extremely powerful Reiryoku erupted without warning, instantly causing the three of them to prostrate on the ground powerlessly. Even the words they spoke were forcefully suppressed in their throats, unable to be uttered.

How terrifying!

At that instant, the three of them only had this thought in their hearts. It was just that Reiryoku had caused the three of them to be like this. Not only did they not have the strength to counterattack, but even they did not have the slightest will to resist. The difference in strength had actually reached such a degree that they were unable to even think of resisting.

Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that this Reiryoku was not targeted at the three of them, but this casual Reiryoku actually made them like this. If it was deliberately targeted, what kind of power would it have?

The three of them looked at each other and saw a touch of horror in each other’s eyes.


Just as that Reiryoku suddenly exploded, and the three of them lay on the ground, Harribel, who was originally leaning against a stone at the side of the mountain with her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes. She looked at Muyang, who was sitting on the mountain peak with some joy in his eyes.

Muyang, who was originally sitting on the mountain peak with his eyes closed, was now opening his eyes. After a few days of meditating, Muyang’s eyes showed a hint of tiredness, but even though he looked tired, it could not hide the joy in the depths of Muyang’s eyes.

Hearing Harribel’s cry, Muyang came back from his memories and looked at Harribel in front of him. The corners of his mouth could not help but reveal a smile.

It had to be said that Harribel was really a loyal subordinate, even though he had no intention of letting her be his subordinate.

Just like at this time, the respect and joy on Harribel’s face and eyes were definitely not acting, but really respectful to him, and also sincerely happy that he had woken up from his meditation.

Thinking back, Muyang restrained Reiryoku, who had exploded because he hadn’t been paying attention. He had gained a lot in the past few days. In the end, he didn’t restrain himself and caused some trouble for Harribel and Apacci.

As Muyang retracted his Reiryoku, Harribel felt that the heavy feeling that had been pressing down on him suddenly disappeared. He looked at Muyang again. Harribel only felt that a few days had passed, and Muyang seemed to have undergone a great change. However, when she carefully felt it, she couldn’t tell where it had changed.

Although Harribel couldn’t sense what exactly had happened to Muyang, she had a faint feeling that the Kimura-Sama in front of her was even more terrifying than when she had just met him a few days ago.

Although Harribel didn’t say anything, Muyang could roughly tell what she was thinking from her eyes. He had indeed gained a lot in the past few days.

From the inner world, he truly understood what kind of terrifying Zanpakuto Kaze no Sora was. He had a clear understanding of the direction in which he would become stronger in the future. To surpass the limits of space with absolute power, to surpass time with absolute speed. This was the direction he would continue to strive for in the future.


Muyang recalled the battle with Kaze no Sora in his inner world. Although Kaze no Sora had said that he wouldn’t give Muyang any specific guidance and would only give him some hints, as Zanpakuto himself, Kaze no Sora’s application of Zanpakuto’s abilities was clearly not something that Muyang could compare to.

Just by fighting with Kaze no Sora, Muyang already had a lot of inspiration in his heart. He felt as if there were thousands of thoughts in his heart, waiting for him to slowly test them out and see if he could improve further."Kimura-Sama, Harribel-Sama."

Just as Muyang recalled his gains from the past few days, the three people who were originally below had already recovered from their previous shock. They ran to the mountain peak and came in front of Muyang and Harribel, respectfully calling out.

Muyang nodded slightly at the three people. There was still a smile on the corners of his mouth. Although he did not have many feelings for these three people, when it came to good feelings, they were far from being comparable to Harribel.

After all, although Harribel was also hollow, she did not look much different from humans. However, these three people all had the appearance of wild beasts. There was always a strange feeling when they talked normally.

Seeing the smile on the corner of Muyang’s mouth, the three of them were secretly surprised. After all, they had not seen Muyang act so kindly to the three of them before. He had always been indifferent to them. It seemed that he was in a very good mood now.

Indifference to what the three of them were thinking, Muyang only swept his eyes over them. Among these people, the only one he was really interested in was Harribel.

The image of a decadent uncle and a proud loli suddenly flashed through his mind. Muyang raised his eyes and asked Harribel, "Have you seen a group of decadent uncles and an ignorant loli in Hueco Mundo for so long?"

"Decadent uncle? Ignorant loli?"

Hearing Muyang’s question, Harribel was slightly stunned.

"Oh, right, they are very strong. There is no mask on their faces. One of them is called Stark, and the other is called Lilynette."

"No mask! They are not hollow?"

Hearing Muyang’s words, Harribel asked.

"No, they are hollow. They just took off the mask on their faces."

"Just like you, the mask on your face has a little bit of damage. Isn’t there no fake mask around your eyes? However, the level of their masks is much higher than yours. They basically don’t have many masks on their faces. At least we can see their faces clearly."

Harribel was shocked. There was actually a hollow that could completely take off the mask on their faces. Then he…

Such an idea suddenly emerged in his mind. Harribel thought for a moment. Since there were other hollows that could completely remove the mask on his face, then could she also do it?

Seeing Harribel’s shocked expression, Muyang already knew in his heart. It seemed that Harribel had never seen the two of them. Not only that, but he was afraid that he had never heard of them.

Although he was slightly disappointed in his heart, Muyang then felt relieved. After all, when he watched anime in his previous life, he did not see that they had a friendship before. Harribel had not heard of Stark, but it was not beyond his expectations.

"Are you looking for them for something? Do you want me to find information about these two people for you?"

Harribel keenly saw a flash of disappointment on Muyang’s face. She suppressed the various thoughts in his heart and said to Muyang.

"No need. I will look for them myself after a while."

Muyang shook his head and refused Harribel’s suggestion. He should wait until he had time to look for them.

Thinking of what happened to him during this period of time, Muyang himself felt a little funny. Originally, he planned to go to the modern world, but he did not expect to come to Hueco Mundo by accident. Originally, he planned to follow the clues he found to find Stark, but in the end, he met Harribel.

And now he has to stay with Harribel for a longer time. After all, he has found a way to continue to become stronger. For a while, he does not want to move again. He has to cultivate for a period of time.

Although Muyang refused Harribel’s suggestion, the three people listening on the side firmly remembered the image of the two people that Muyang depicted. As Hollow, he could take off the mask on his face. This made them very curious.

The three people quietly exchanged glances. In their hearts, they secretly decided to inquire about the two people that Muyang said when they had time. They were very interested in taking off their own mask.

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