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Chapter: 123

"You are…"

Looking at the three hollows in front of him, Stark hesitated for a moment, but he still opened his mouth and asked, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the lion-shaped Hollow opposite him.

"I am Mila Rose."

The golden lion interrupted Stark’s words and then turned his head to the snake-shaped Hollow on the side.

"She’s Sung-Sun."

"As for that one, her name is Apacci."

"Mila Rose, what do you mean ‘That one’?!"

Feeling the contempt that Mila Rose had for her, a ball of anger burned in Apacci’s eyes as she turned around and shouted at her indignantly.

"You are very strong."

Looking at the three noisy people in front of him, Stark did not feel the slightest anger, but his eyes showed a trace of envy. Having companions like this can be noisy with companions, get along with them, it is really a happy thing.


Hearing Stark’s words, the noisy Mila Rose and Apacci suddenly stopped. The three turned to look at Stark and Lilynette standing opposite them. Seeing the trace of envy in the eyes of these two people, the three people were puzzled as to why they felt the feeling of envy in their eyes.

Although he was puzzled by the envy shown by Stark and Lilynette, what he paid more attention to was what Stark said before.

"Pretty strong?"

Mila Rose looked at Stark and did not know what the other person meant by "strong."

"At least you are not like other Hollow, just being close to us kills them. If it is you, even if you live with us, you will not die easily."


Hearing Stark’s words, Mila Rose only felt the corner of her eyes jump. Everyone who was familiar with her knew that this was a reaction she would only have when she was very angry.

"What do you mean ‘won’t die just because you are close to you ‘? You really dare to say it?!"

Mila Rose had never suffered such contempt.

Although this Hollow without a mask in front of him is really strong, he actually dared to say ‘herself and others did not die because they just got close to him, so the three of them are still quite strong’ these kind of arrogant words, made her furious.

"What happened?"

Stark looked puzzled. What he said is indeed the truth. And because he has no experience of communicating with others, Stark does not know why this Hollow in front of him suddenly became so angry. He is just telling the truth.

"Are you serious!"

Seeing Stark’s blank look, the anger in the heart of Mila Rose almost could not be suppressed. This guy dared to look down on the three of them!

"Wait, Mila Rose."

Just as Mila Rose was about to go berserk, Sun Sun suddenly opened his mouth and called her and then motioned to the large pile of empty corpses not far away in her angry eyes.

Seeing Sung-Sun’s eyes signal, Mila Rose looked into the distance, and then there was a touch of horror in her eyes.

Her eyes withdrew from the pile of hollow bodies in the distance. The horror in the heart of Mila Rose could not calm down. In the beginning, her attention was occupied by Stark and Lilynette in front of her. She did not care about the hill behind them, which was consist of piled up countless hollow bodies.

In her heart, she suddenly recalled the horror of Stark that she felt at the beginning. There was a sudden thought in her heart. Perhaps this Hollow did not lie, nor did it mean to look down on herself and others. It was just that the truth was true, as he said. The other Hollow just approached them and died because they could not bear it.

The thought flashed through her mind. The eyes of Mila Rose that looked at Stark immediately changed. Hueco Mundo was, after all, a place where the strong prey on the weak. It was Hollow nature to respect the strong, and this Hollow in front of her was obviously strong among the strong.

Stark was keenly aware of the three Hollows in front of him. Although he did not know what they represented, Stark still felt a kind of respect from them.

"You -"

Stark’s lips moved slightly. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed. His eyes revealed a hint of caution. His line of sight turned to the right. He felt a great sense of threat from there. It was a sense of threat that he had never felt before.

Seeing Stark’s demeanor, the three people were slightly stunned and then looked along onto Stark’s line of sight.

"Harribel-Sama! Kimura-Sama!"


Seeing the two figures that appeared from a distance, the three people called out.


Hearing the shout of the three people, Stark suddenly realized. The three hollows here are the subordinates of those two?

Phew —

A gust of wind blew, raising the sand on the ground. The two figures in the distance gradually became blurred, but only for a moment, the two figures seemed to have passed through space and instantly appeared beside them.

"So fast!"

Seeing the two figures appear in front of him in an instant, Stark’s eyes shrank, and his eyes fell on the man in front of him. Feeling the aura emitted from him, Stark’s pupils shrank again.

"So strong!"

"You are also very strong."

Feeling the strong Reiryoku on Stark, Muyang’s eyes slightly turned up. Sure enough, it is worthy of the title of ‘Primera’, the #1 Espada, Stark. The only independent Arrancar existence in Espada.

"Kimura-Sama, Harribel-Sama."

Seeing Muyang in front of him and Harribel standing behind Muyang, the three of them called out again.

"Mm." Muyang casually glanced at the three people standing at the side. "You guys did well this time. Originally, I didn’t have much hope, but you actually managed to find out."

"You flatter me."

Seeing the performance of these three people, Muyang smiled slightly and no longer said anything.

Turning to look at Stark standing in front of him, Muyang once again showed a smile on the corner of his mouth, and he’s glad that he really found Stark.

Muyang looked at Stark with a little sincerity in his eyes: "I am looking for companions. Are you interested in joining?"

Hearing Muyang’s words, Stark and Lilynette’s eyes showed a trace of excitement at the same time. As two people who have been alone for a long time, the word companions is a luxury for them. And after all this time, suddenly hearing Muyang’s invitation was like throwing a stone on the calm lake, and the heart of the two people who have been silent for a long time suddenly has a ripple.

Looking up at Stark, Lilynette’s eyes showed a trace of longing. The days of two people alone, she did not want to live anymore, how much she wanted to have a group of companions!

"You are very strong!"

Stark glanced at Lilynette’s expectant eyes and then looked at Muyang.

"In this way, even if you are with us, you won’t die easily."

"As you can see."

"Is your companion also very strong?"

"Of course!"

Hearing Stark’s question, Muyang answered without hesitation. There were really few weak people among his companions.

"This is also one of my companions."

Muyang moved away, revealing Harribel, who had been hiding half of his body behind him.


Seeing Harribel behind Muyang, Stark showed a strange look in his eyes, and even the eyes of Lilynette on the side showed a trace of curiosity.

At this time, Harribel’s image has changed a little. Although he still has a coat of blue and white like armor, the mask on his face is much less than before.

The strip of a mask on his forehead had disappeared, and the thing that was connected to the mask and dragged behind his head like a fishtail had disappeared. Now Harribel only had a large mask from the lower part of the nose, and the shape of the mask was very different from the original. The interlaced teeth made the mask look a little ferocious.

Although there was some difference between the appearance of the two of them, Harribel was obviously very similar to the appearance of the two of them. They were the same species – the Hollow without their mask. Although Harribel was still far from the level of the two of them.

Staring at Harribel for a while and then turned his eyes to Muyang. Stark’s eyes were slightly gentle, and there was a strange emotion in his heart suddenly flowing as if he suddenly found something very important to himself.

"I know."

A smile suddenly bloomed on Stark’s face, and then the whole person seemed to suddenly come to life. The sense of loneliness that was suppressed in his heart suddenly dissipated. He only felt that his life seemed to suddenly give out a vigorous life, and everything became different.

"Stark, Coyote Stark."

Looking at Stark reached out and put his hand in front of himself. The smile of Muyang’s mouth gradually spread, and his face rippled with a smile, reaching out to hold the hand that Stark stretched out.


The two looked at each other, and there seemed to be an unusual emotion brewing between the two.

Since seeing Stark for the first time and feeling the loneliness emitted by Stark, Muyang was touched in his heart. It was not the touch of emotions between men and women, nor was it the touch of emotions between gay friends. It was more like the resonance between two lonely hearts.

Stark has always been lonely. Only Lily is with him, but even the two people can not eliminate that loneliness. Stark is lonely, and Muyang too. Although he has a group of good friends, in essence, he is still not a person of this world. His loneliness is even deeper than Stark’s.

The two clasped hands, the two hearts that resonate with each other, thus the two lonely people finally met.

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