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Chapter: 775

Blood Emperor Bai Zemin vs. Climate Queen Shangguan Xinyue Part 2

Chapter 775 - Blood Emperor Bai Zemin vs. Climate Queen Shangguan Xinyue (Part 2)

Shangguan Xinyue did not give too much time for Bai Zemin to understand the core of her skill as after soaring 700 meters off the ground she pointed to the sky and called out loudly.

"Lightning Dragon!"

The lightning in the sky quickly gathered, and within seconds a purple-colored vortex was formed.

Bai Zemin narrowed his eyes and without daring to be too bold pulled out his main weapon from his spatial storage ring. At the same time as he held onto Crimson Thunder Dragon's Last Words with his right hand, Bai Zemin summoned Annihilation of the Falling Sky and turned it into a golden-colored greatsword in his left hand.


The skies rumbled as a huge monster similar to the mythological eastern dragon broke from within the lightning vortex and with the thunder thundering shattered the atmosphere and charged towards Bai Zemin.

"Crimson Flame!"

"Little fire!"

With blood-red flames burning alongside the crimson lightning on the greatsword in his right hand and blue flames burning on the greatsword in his left hand, Bai Zemin growled and at the same time as he took a step forward he swung both arms skyward without holding back at all.


Two huge explosions were followed by a huge crimson crescent moon and another giant deep blue crescent moon soaring into the sky, the freezing temperature melted as the fire burned and illuminated everything over 700 meters around.

The two crescents of fire roared and at over 2500 meters high met the lightning dragon that shook the skies with its descent.



The lightning dragon exploded as the two giant fire crescents did. The skies rumbled and the earth shook despite the height at which the explosion had occurred. From a distance, the troops of the Transcendent faction watched in awe and horror as the skies lit up with purple lightning and deep red and deep blue flames spreading across the entire heavenly vault.

Despite the fierce storm that refused the meager light of day, Bai Zemin's face lit up brightly as he looked up. His night-black eyes met Shangguan Xinyue's blood-colored eyes and her voice reached him from above.

"Hehe, I knew you were powerful but this really is a surprise!"

Bai Zemin did not respond and instead stomped hard on the vibrant ground beneath his feet. His body soared skyward like a rocket and within seconds he found himself close to Shangguan Bing Xue's mother.

Just as he was about to attack, Shangguan Xinyue waved her left hand backward and her right hand forward as she chanted in a clear voice.

"Raging Winds!"

Bai Zemin was pushed back and with a look of frustration could only watch as Shangguan Xinyue was pushed away in the opposite direction by the winds she controlled.

Fighting against existences that could fly or stay in the sky using some skill was really annoying. Although Bai Zemin had a way to bring Shangguan Xinyue to the ground and not let her return there for quite a while, first he needed to make sure he understood her power or else he wouldn't be able to stop her if she tried to flee afterwards.

As Bai Zemin was falling towards the ground, Shangguan Xinyue pointed her little finger down and muttered, "Freezing Whirlwind."

Bai Zemin's expression changed slightly as he noticed all the surrounding snow swirling around him and in just a few seconds he was engulfed by thick walls of wind that after spinning at high speeds soon turned white.

The icy snow began to stick to his body and with each passing second it was not difficult to notice that both his movement speed and attack speed began to drop. However, thanks to his cloak containing large volumes of fire-like energy from a Third Order flame, the descent was much, much slower than it should be.

"Little fire!"

The Endless Blue Lotus Flame responded to Bai Zemin's call, covering his body in an instant and then burning without holding back at all.

Shangguan Xinyue had been taking advantage of those seconds to prepare a more powerful attack than before. She had her eyes closed and her two slender arms were pointing towards the sky, the mana inside her body roaring in her veins and moving towards her fingertips before heading towards the clouds and entering the lightning that soon fell under her control.

After around 30 seconds, she suddenly felt the temperature rise and as she slowly opened her eyes noticed that the snow whirlwind on which she had spent much of her total mana was slowly overheating. The white was quickly being replaced by a deep blue color.

Shangguan Xinyue's lips curved upward and a strange glint shone in her red eyes.


A few seconds later, Bai Zemin finally managed to shatter the snow whirlwind. However, it was just at that moment that Shangguan Xinyue's voice echoed in the sky.

"Purple Hell!"

Bai Zemin raised his head just in time to see a huge torrent of lightning covering an area of at least 3000 meters around. His expression turned dark as he realized that Shangguan Bing Xue's mother really was out of all sense and that despite being able to have a conversation she was a zombie at the end of the day.

With this attack that Shangguan Xinyue was launching even the troops that were in the distance would definitely be caught by the resulting aftershocks once the giant lightning torrent hit the ground!

"I have no choice."

Still falling, Bai Zemin narrowed his eyes and carefully watched the huge lightning strike falling towards him. A moment later, his gaze focused on a single point and with a sudden twist of his body and a fierce growl, Annihilation of the Falling Sky turned into a spear that soon shot out of his hand like a golden lightning flash into the sky.

From a distance, the human troops could see a purple giant and a golden ant about to meet at a midpoint.

To anyone's eyes, there was no comparison and the victor was decided even before the clash occurred. However, there were many things that could not be measured with the naked eye.


Like a hot knife cutting butter, the golden spear broke past the purple giant lightning. The purple giant lightning broke out and the sky over 5 kilometers around was soon dyed purple all over, illuminating the earth with purple lights flashing intermittently.

"Eh?" Shangguan Xinyue's eyes widened in disbelief, for the first time her expression broke as she watched in shock as one of her most powerful magic attacks was shattered so easily.

That attack contained 50% of her Mana and she had once used it to wipe out an enemy zombie army and wipe out the leader at the same time. Shangguan Xinyue was fully aware of how terrifying that attack was... but it had failed?

"How could this be possible?"

Shangguan Bing Xue's mother looked at Bai Zemin in shock, to which he responded with an attack of his own.

Two hundred of blood-red spears formed behind his back, and with a wave of his free left hand, he shouted, "Crimson Blood Judgment!"

The mana within Bai Zemin's body quickly drained tremendously as the magic power within the approximately 200 blood-red spears increased explosively. At the same time, each and every one of the spears was soon dyed deep blue as the Endless Blue Lotus Flame burned around them and the power quickly reached a disastrous level.


The skies and earth began to rumble with much more pressure compared to when Shangguan Xinyue cast her Purple Hell skill. It was as if the pressure the world was enduring was too much and was about to collapse, a warning of what would happen at this rate.

Shangguan Bing Xue's pupils shrank and she subconsciously opened her mouth to say something. However, when she looked at Bai Zemin's back again, she took a step back and closed her lips tightly again.

She did not believe that he really wanted to kill her mother.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Wentian had finally managed to free himself from the almost infinite number of lightning snakes that lashed his body from all sides, that had been one of Shangguan Xinyue's most annoying magical skills.

When Xuanyuan Wentian felt the terrifying trembling of the atmosphere and noticed the blood spears surrounded by flames, his pupils sank to the maximum as a feeling of dread flooded him like never before.

Each of those little spears possessed the power of a nuclear bomb like the one that exploded in Hiroshima and ended World War II! Even if it was not a power comparable to that of the strongest nuclear bombs, two hundred of them exploding at the same time was definitely not something a living being would want to see!

Seizing the opportunity, Xuanyuan Wentian silently activated a skill. The space around him trembled and he unhesitatingly took a step back. Things had gotten out of control and he needed to do something to put this right... even if the price to pay was one that would hurt.

"... You're really going to use that to attack me?" Shangguan Xinyue frowned, and for the first time, her sweet and loving voice was nowhere to be heard as she looked at Bai Zemin with a serious expression.

Shangguan Xinyue possessed many skills to save her life, especially in this kind of snowstorm. It was practically impossible to kill or capture her, and if she wanted to run away no one could stop her. However, even the most powerful escape technique or skill of all such as teleportation skills needed at least an instant to be activated.

If Bai Zemin really attacked with all those flaming spears.... Shangguan Xinyue had no way of escaping the range affected by so many magical skills whose destructive power definitely exceeded what her current ability would allow her to withstand.

"Auntie, you really won't let me turn you into a human for the sake of all?" Bai Zemin asked in a deep voice.

In reality, while the blood spears behind him were full of magical power, they were not as destructive as they appeared to be. Bai Zemin was not stupid enough to activate Crimson Blood Judgment 200 times since even he himself would not be able to survive something like that and probably did not have enough Mana for such a thing.

The reason he had shouted out the name of the skill had been to divert Shangguan Xinyue's attention. He had done something different with these blood spears, and precisely why he consumed so much mana and charged them with magic power, this was something that would give him victory.

"Dream on, boy." Shangguan Xinyue replied and without hesitation waved her hand while chanting softly, "Illusory Snow."

Her body soon began to disappear, turning into snowflakes that slowly began to form in the distance. However, Bai Zemin was waiting for that moment.

"Little fire!"

Shangguan Xinyue's pupils trembled as she hurriedly raised her head. There, only 200 meters above her, the golden spear that Bai Zemin had used to shatter her magic attack before was floating, surrounded by blue flames.

She didn't have time to do much as the blue flames swelled up and in less than a second exploded with great power.


The blue flames surrounding the golden spear were the ones that had absorbed 60% of Bai Zemin's total Mana, not the spears behind him! When the blue flames broke out, the surrounding wind and snow were incinerated and both elements were erased for several seconds from the area leaving behind nothing but flames and heat. At the same time, Shangguan Xinyue's almost completely illusory body broke apart and returned to its natural form.


Shangguan Xinyue cursed and a panicked expression crossed her face as she finally realized what was happening. She looked down and glared at Bai Zemin in anger as she shouted out loud, "Damn human, you played me right!"

"Your calm attitude is disappearing and your real personality is showing now, zombie." Bai Zemin muttered as he looked at the mother of... No, she was not the mother of Shangguan Bing Xue, at this moment she was nothing but a zombie.

Shangguan Xinyue tried to stay in the sky but could do nothing as gravity brought her back to earth. It was then that her body was suddenly surrounded by a strange golden light, and when she looked forward suddenly saw the bracelet on Bai Zemin's right hand glowing with the same color.

"Your skill is not equal to my manipulation skill, I noticed it thanks to the fact that every time you manipulated an element you consumed too much Mana other than the Mana needed to strengthen it." Bai Zemin revealed as he sighed in relief.

With his Binding Bracelet activated, Shangguan Xinyue could forget about teleporting or flying into the sky until he runs out of Mana!

(A/N: Binding Bracelet, chapter 343)

"You weren't creating lightning or wind or snow, you weren't manipulating them either.... Then, I remembered Wu Yijun's skill, Hydrokinesis. Your skill is just like hers, only much more powerful since you are controlling several elements at the same time." Bai Zemin smiled and his eyes flashed with pride as he said confidently, "Your main skill must be one that allows you to control the climate, isn't it?"

Shangguan Xinyue said nothing and simply looked at the two hundred fire spears with a dark expression on her face.

Bai Zemin had been watching every movement of the woman in front of him. Every time she controlled lightning, winds, or snow, the flow of her mana was the same which meant that with the other skills she was always using a skill; this took Bai Zemin a while to figure out, and it was then that he concluded that to defeat her he first needed to eliminate the elements she was controlling.

Without wind, she could not fly.

Without snow, she could not become nearly immortal and able to travel long distances unnoticed.

To top it off, Shangguan Xinyue could not control the surrounding temperature to her advantage because that was the domain of his Endless Blue Lotus Flame.

All she had now was lightning, but Bai Zemin was not afraid of lightning from the sky.

Bai Zemin waved his hand and the two hundred blood spears descended from the sky, encircling Shangguan Xinyue inside.

"Zombie, you are a pure mage and your physical prowess is nothing out of this world, I noticed it when you barely managed to pierce my flesh earlier." Bai Zemin sneered as the two hundred blood spears disarmed under the control of his Blood Manipulation skill, revealing the real attack.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!...

With great amounts of magical power, thousands of blood threads shot out at speeds that broke the sound barrier and coiled around Shangguan Xinyue's body, sealing her inside like a cocoon sealing a caterpillar. However, she did not stand still waiting for the end and despite being sealed she controlled the lightning in the sky to strike the blood cocoon when she realized that she could not break free so easily.

BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!....

Bai Zemin shook his head and watched for more than 1 minute as purple lightning rained down from the clouds and hit the blood cocoon, turning everything within 1000 meters into an electric purple sea.

He had created those blood threads when he was inside the snow whirlwind, and to craft them he had used Overlap Regeneration. Those threads were so tough and had so much mana, as well as magic power, that even if Shangguan Xinyue whipped them with lightning for 2 whole hours she definitely wouldn't be able to burn them.

* * * * * * *

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