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Chapter: 777

Nuclear Missile Number 4

Chapter 777 - Nuclear Missile Number 4

While Bai Zemin looked at the pagoda with a frown growing stronger and stronger on his face, Shangguan Bing Xue took it upon herself to protect the pagoda from the lightning that was falling more fiercely from the sky.

It was clear that Shangguan Xinyue was still battling inside the pagoda, trying to free herself from her bonds. Especially after about 2 minutes had passed, it was too obvious now and she knew what would happen soon, and while she had not yet fallen unconscious, she was trying to gain her freedom.

At the same time as Bai Zemin made a mental note to never throw a powerful enemy inside the pagoda to avoid problems, the feeling of discomfort grew. But the strangest thing of all was that he felt discomfort about two things, but he could not identify either of them.

Out of sheer caution, Bai Zemin looked into the distance and shouted, "Chen He! Make the troops retreat at full speed in a northerly direction!"

From afar, Chen He's reply came a moment later.

"Did something happen?!"

"It's nothing, just do as I say!"

"All right!"

Bai Zemin only sighed a little calmer when he saw the troops starting to back off. Even if they could only retreat 2-3 more kilometers it was better than nothing.

"Is something wrong?" Shangguan Bing Xue asked, finally noticing Bai Zemin's strange behavior.

Bai Zemin hesitated for a moment as even he was not sure of anything. However, for every second that passed the uneasiness kept growing, therefore, he finally looked at her and said in a serious voice, "Bing Xue, I'll go see if I can find Xuanyuan Wentian around."

"Okay." She nodded without much thought. Then, as if realizing something, she said in a voice full of regret, "I'm sorry.... If only I had been more alert..."

However, Bai Zemin shook his head and pointed out the obvious: "Not only did you fight against the cause of your suffering for most of your life, but you also met your mother, who turned into a zombie and tried to harm you. I don't think a living, sentient being could stay alert after suffering so many ups and downs, Bing Xue. You did well, don't worry."

Bai Zemin was not saying those words just to make her feel better but really thought that way, and Shangguan Bing Xue noticed it. She sighed in relief and with a small smile that was somewhat forced but full of gratitude, she nodded.

Bai Zemin made sure not to lose contact with the blood cocoon even if he moved far away, it probably needed another 2 minutes before the record re-modification process was over.

He had only taken a few steps when he stopped, and without looking back said in a somewhat hesitant voice, "Bing Xue, in case it takes me too long... make sure to take care of the wooden pagoda for me, can you do that?"

"Eh? Yes, of course I can..."

Shangguan Bing Xue's reply sounded as if she was confused, but Bai Zemin couldn't be too sure as immediately after hearing it he dashed off into the distance heading south.

At that time, neither he nor she knew that depending on a person's decision, the next time they would see each other would be several months later.

* * *

Approximately 5 minutes ago, Xicheng District.

In the past, before the world changed with the arrival of the Soul Record on Earth, the Xicheng District could be considered the polycultural and commercial center of the entire capital of China, Beijing.

Not only were there many companies with the capacity to affect the entire world that had at least one branch there, but there were also several important political headquarters stationed in this small but undoubtedly crucial district. Even the Bank of China was located there.

In short, Xicheng District was undoubtedly one of the key points in all of China despite its small size.

However, what only a limited number of people knew was that in the Yuetan Subdistrict within Xicheng District was one of the most important strategic points not only of China but of the whole world.

Yuetan Subdistrict, a missile base of the Chinese army located more than 200 meters underground and with walls reinforced with at least 50 meters thick.

Why so much security for a missile base? This was because this missile base was not just any missile base; it was a nuclear missile base!

At the Xicheng missile base, name it clearly received due to the district it was located in, the number of personnel working and operating there was very limited and there were not even soldiers in the vicinity as that would attract unwanted attention from other people. Only a small group but composed of powerful soul evolvers armed to the teeth and equipped with the best technology guarded the area, making sure that not even a mutant beast entered this part of the forest.

Xuanyuan Wentian had managed to take control of this base again approximately three months ago. By the time he and his troops arrived in front of the hidden gate in the mountain, the first thing they noticed was the security cameras moving, which meant that there was life inside.

After identifying himself as the highest authority in China and once the surviving operators inside confirmed his identification, Xuanyuan Wentian entered the facility and easily beheaded all the zombies that had mutated.

Except for 6 operators who managed to survive the record mutation and reached the central room in time, all the soldiers inside the subway base and the rest of the team had turned into zombies during day 1 or slowly began to fall as the days passed.

Even those 6 operators were on the verge of death by the time Xuanyuan Wentian found them. They were pure skin and bones and had barely managed to survive by eating packaged nutritional food intended to feed the soldiers on the battlefield quickly and without wasting time.

Of course, those 6 operators made a full recovery after they were fed with mutant beast meat and even overcame their past physiques. Although they could only leave the missile base 1 day a week, the pay was too high and the privileges too exquisite to refuse making the six of them very satisfied with their current conditions.

It wasn't as if they had to do much anyway.

The six of them were chatting casually while paying attention to the computer screens in front of them. Although they had not yet managed to recapture a satellite base, the missile base had its own guidance system and a map that covered the entire world since among the 16 nuclear missiles at the base, 3 of them were intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Just at that moment, space twisted and when the six operators saw the strange black portal appear just inside the closed room they were so frightened that two of them almost choked to death on whatever they were eating.

But that was nothing compared to what they saw next.

With faltering steps, a pale, disheveled face, blood at the corner of his mouth, burns on multiple parts of his body that could not be covered by the shredded robe, with his left arm severed from the shoulder down... When the 6 missile base operators saw the current appearance of the person they respected as the president of China they could not believe it.

However, when they were finally sure that the man before them was undoubtedly the highest authority in the country, Xuanyuan Wentian, their faces turned pale as if they were looking at ghosts in broad daylight.


"Sir... President?"

"My God! Mr. President, are you okay?!"

"A doctor! Quickly we need a doctor!"

The six immediately began to panic, forgetting that a doctor could do little or nothing in this kind of circumstance considering that there was no doctor capable of growing limbs or healing burns that were made using magic and mana.

Xuanyuan Wentian said nothing, but when his cold eyes met the eyes of the six operators all of them immediately fell silent as they felt an invisible hand clutching at their throats.

After that glare that could be a warning or something else, Xuanyuan Wentian went on to ignore the six operators and walked weakly toward the huge desk that was not very different from an airplane cockpit but much larger and more complicated. He sat down right next to the main chair, and without looking back, he ordered in an indifferent voice, "Lin Tao, commence the process of launching missile No. 4."


The eyes of Lin Tao, a man of about 48 years of age with a lot of experience and the leader of the six operators, opened in shock when he heard the president's order.

Launch a nuclear bomb? Missile number 4 was a "normal" missile and not an intercontinental one, this meant that Xuanyuan Wentian was about to launch a nuclear bomb on Chinese territory!

The problem with nuclear missiles was not only the immediate destruction they could cause after their detonation but most terrifying of all was the radiation that would spread silently for hundreds of miles, destroying the earth and life to the point where no living thing would be able to set foot in that area again for at least 100 years!

Since they presented the devastation they were capable of, all nuclear weapons had been sealed. They had always been used in threats and displays of power, rather than actual firing. No one in their right mind would fire one of those terrifying weapons in their backyard!

"M-Mr. President.... Y-You're sure..."

Lin Tao's face was thick with surprise and his lips were trembling, waiting to hear the refusal to the previous order.

Xuanyuan Wentian looked at him and pointed to his severed arm before saying in a cold voice, "If you believe that in this country there is something or someone other than a nuclear missile is capable of stopping someone capable of leaving me in this condition then I invite you to tell me your solution, Lin Tao."

Xuanyuan Wentian, just like Bai Zemin, was a possessor of the Super Warrior skill. After shattering all the electric snakes and leaving that battlefield, he immediately activated the space portal to teleport to the missile base when he saw the terrifying power of the young leader of the enemy faction.

The power of those 200 blood spears was something that made every hair on Xuanyuan Wentian's body stand up and every cell of his existence screamed danger. With destructive power on such a large scale, if the leader of the other party really wanted to rule then it would be hard to say no. After all, even if Xuanyuan Wentian believed that he was stronger than Bai Zemin in general, the destructive power of the other party was something that Xuanyuan Wentian knew he could not match even with his strongest attack. The leader of the Transcendent faction was literally a walking nuclear bomb base, one that could explode at any moment.

For his own safety, for the safety of China's citizens, and to prevent a calamity.... Xuanyuan Wentian had no choice but to use the last resort. The most powerful weapon of mankind, the only weapon that regardless of the power of the enemy would still be able to destroy everything without a trace.

"I-I understand..." Lin Tao nodded, and with somewhat fearful steps walked towards the main chair, where he sat down and immediately set to work pressing multiple keys quickly.

They didn't know how powerful Xuanyuan Wentian really was, they had only seen how he took down the zombies easily when he rescued them in the past and that to them was already an impressive feat.

However, Lin Tao and the other five missile base operators knew that to reach this forest and clear out all the mutant beasts in the area, one needed to be as powerful as at least a fully armed military battalion.

Even someone who was at least comparable to a military battalion was so severely injured.... It was definitely a matter to consider firing a nuclear missile.

Xuanyuan Wentian said nothing, the other five operators also said nothing. The first one had his eyes closed and seemed to be thinking about something as the frown on his face gave him away, however, the other five were scared to death as they watched the launching process being completed very quickly.

After about 3-4 minutes, several red letters lit up on the giant screen on the wall.

"M-Mr. President." Lin Tao turned to look at Xuanyuan Wentian, and after adjusting his glasses, said with a serious expression on his face, "Coordinates, please."

Xuanyuan Wentian slowly opened his eyes and said weakly, "X00243, Y00576."

"Firing missile Number 4 to target coordinates X00243, Y00576." Lin Tao looked at Xuanyuan Wentian again and said in a deep voice, "Confirm if you wish to proceed with the decision, Mr. President."

Xuanyuan Wentian did not respond immediately, instead, he stared at the screen bright with red lights in front of him with an extremely complicated expression on his face.

* * * * * * *

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