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Chapter: 781

Eventide world Gales Earring

Chapter 781 - Eventide world & Gales Earring

Bai Zemin had no idea where this unknown girl was taking him, however, it was clear that she had no ill intent toward him. In fact, Bai Zemin noticed that she was secretly looking at him curiously as he surveyed the surroundings, and when the girl realized that he had noticed her stare she immediately looked away and snorted.

It was as if she was annoyed by his presence but at the same time curious about him. Really strange.

Be that as it may, Bai Zemin finally confirmed that this world was different from Earth in many ways other than language.

The girl whose name was still unknown to Bai Zemin led him down a long corridor with high white stone walls rising at least 10 meters high. To the right of the corridor were huge, luxurious golden windows that extended from the floor to halfway up the wall, offering a beautiful view of green grasslands in the distance and what seemed to be smaller buildings.

'It looks like this place is built in a favored location.' Bai Zemin judged silently as he realized that this castle was located on top of a small mountain in the middle of the city.

That's right, this place was a castle.

Even though Bai Zemin had not walked through it completely and had only walked part of a corridor, the appearance of the previous room, the decorations and the constructions he had seen so far were more than enough for Bai Zemin to understand that this was a castle similar to what could be seen in picture books, story books, or even as was Buckingham Palace or various other palaces that were still existing on Earth.

Bai Zemin couldn't help but look at the girl's attire in front of him, as well as the aura of elegance around her, and subconsciously muttered under his breath, "Cool, a human princess."

Although his voice was low, it was actually very clear amidst the silence as the only sound in the entire corridor was that of Bai Zemin's footsteps and the girl walking one or two steps ahead of him.

Therefore, she looked back when she heard him speak and with a frown she began to say several things, "$#)%&=(()@...."

"Eh?" Bai Zemin blinked, to which she replied with more mysterious words that to Bai Zemin's hearing sounded as if someone was reading Russian or German to him.

She only paused after remembering that they could not communicate and with a snort looked ahead again.

However, Bai Zemin wasn't going to stand idly by so he immediately said in a cheerful voice, "I don't know what you're telling me but just in case let me tell you that whatever you say to me I hope it will be multiplied to you tenfold."

The girl glared at him as if she was asking him not to speak anymore because she didn't understand him, to which Bai Zemin responded with a kind smile and nodded weakly, much to the dismay of the girl who stomped on the floor and continued walking this time with more hurried steps.

'Well, if she was blessing me I've wished her blessings for ten... and if she was cursing me then good luck with that.' Bai Zemin shrugged and followed her silently.

Approximately 5 minutes later and just as Bai Zemin was beginning to tire of the exaggeratedly large scale of this castle, the girl he identified as a possible princess led him to a double wooden door that was locked.

Two guards who looked 35-40 years old dressed in silver armor and holding shining spears guarded the entrance but did not stop the girl who politely said something to them with a smile on her face, to which the guards responded respectfully but also with admiration.

Bai Zemin naturally noticed that they were looking at him with careful eyes as if silently telling him not to do anything foolish inside the room, but he ignored the silent warning. Even so, he was a little surprised that these guards were actually peak First Order existences and they were clearly not weak at all as the posture they were standing in revealed that both of them had a lot of combat experience.

These soldiers were so powerful that probably based on their rich combat experience they would probably be able to jump 4-5 levels without a problem even if their Soul Power wasn't particularly pure.

'They are probably old men over 100 years old.' Bai Zemin thought silently as he followed the girl into the room once the guards opened the door for her.

The first thing that entered Bai Zemin's eyes was a spacious room, at least four or five times larger than the place he had stayed in before. At the end of a long red carpet with golden borders, there was a staircase of about 5 or 6 steps and at the top was a stone throne with two bear statues carrying an axe each on its two sides.

However, completely ignoring the luxurious decoration of what was definitely the throne room of this castle, Bai Zemin's eyes immediately focused on the man sitting on the throne and the muscles in his body automatically hardened as if preparing to face a powerful enemy.

This was a man wearing a dark green robe with golden thread embroidery, he looked to be about 40 years old even though he had definitely lived at least two centuries. There was a trace of beard on his elegant and friendly face, but his emerald eyes flashed like lightning in the middle of the night sky. His light brown hair was neatly combed back, but instead of making him look like a scholar or an idiot, it gave the man a neat and tidy appearance that perfectly matched the golden crown on his head.

'This man... He is very powerful!' Bai Zemin thought silently and immediately made a mental note to avoid major conflicts with these people at least until his full recovery. The current him could not defeat the man sitting on the throne, and something told him that even if he launched his strongest attack it was highly probable that it would still not be enough.

Of course, it was not as if Bai Zemin wanted to come into conflict with people who had at least so far treated him well and even helped him.

The man who was clearly the king of this place immediately focused on Bai Zemin and his eyes flashed peculiarly. However, he smiled kindly and said in a soft but dignified voice, "#$/(%@#)%$!"

"..." Bai Zemin subconsciously looked at the girl who had brought him here.

She looked at him and raised both eyebrows as if she was telling him that she was his only choice after all. This left Bai Zemin a bit speechless and somehow he couldn't help but wonder if he had offended this little princess.

The king was clearly confused when he saw Bai Zemin not saying anything as after a few seconds of no reply his curious eyes landed on the girl who brought Bai Zemin, probably his daughter.

"@#%$?" The king spoke.

The girl stepped forward and turned sideways so that now Bai Zemin could see her outline and the same was true for the king. She looked at Bai Zemin out of the corner of her eye before looking at the king and began to say a few words to him.

Bai Zemin felt a little uncomfortable not understanding anything these people were saying, it was at that moment that he finally discovered that in the throne room there was another person. In fact, due to his wariness towards the king, Bai Zemin had neglected to notice that right next to the throne was another throne of equal size, and there was a beautiful mature woman sitting on it and looking at him with a faint smile, and when their eyes met she nodded towards him.

Bai Zemin quickly nodded in greeting, getting a friendlier smile from the woman. Just like the king, she too had a crown on her head but it was smaller and more delicate, her hair was long and golden while her eyes were a charming deep violet. Bai Zemin noticed that except for the clearly much more grown up body and the more mature face, the woman who was surely the queen of this castle had at least a 70% resemblance to the girl with the ponytails.

'Kingdom. King. Queen. Princess.' Bai Zemin muttered those four words in his heart, and based on everything he had seen so far he managed to draw some conclusions.

First, this world had been evolving longer than Earth. This was obvious for two reasons, one of which was the fact that this castle was definitely at least a few centuries old and was built with materials that contained mana.

Second, probably even the most ordinary soldier of this world was comparable to an elite soul evolver of the Blood Spear Legion led by Bai Zemin. This was because although the Soul Power of these soldiers was not too pure compared to that of his subordinates, the amount of experience accumulated over the years on blood-soaked battlefields gave them qualities that his troops still lacked.

Third... Bai Zemin looked at the queen's dress, the crown on her head, the king's robe, the crown on his head, the dress of the princess with ponytails, the small silver crown on her head....

'They are all rune equipment. These people are dressed in treasures from head to toe.'

This world definitely had talents in multiple fields, and treasures were more plentiful than on Earth.

'Looks like I made the right decision by crossing the portal and not leaving right away.' Bai Zemin inwardly celebrated.

It was just then that the king clapped his hands, causing Bai Zemin to blink in surprise and immediately focus his attention after realizing that he might have been staring at the three people for too long.

However, he soon realized that this was not the case.

The king looked at him more curiously than before but his gentle smile was the same. He made a gesture to him but Bai Zemin did not understand it at all, therefore, he subconsciously looked at the ponytailed princess.

She rolled her eyes and extended her open right hand towards him, moving it slightly back and forth.

'Oh, she wants me to wait a bit.' Bai Zemin nodded twice towards her to indicate his understanding.

'Hahahaha! @&(#!/$..." The king laughed as he looked at his daughter and then said something that Bai Zemin didn't understand, however, judging by the overreaction and red face of the ponytailed princess he was probably teasing her about something and even the queen covered her mouth and laughed not so slyly.

Bai Zemin secretly shook his head. It was not necessary to understand the language of these people to have a more or less clear idea of what the king had said to his daughter.

At that moment, one of the guards from before entered and knelt on his right knee, standing up only after the king waved his hand and sighed.

After the king said something to him, the soldier looked at Bai Zemin for a moment before bowing to the king, the queen, and to the princess before retreating again, closing the door after leaving the hall.

Time passed and the atmosphere inside the room was a bit strange as everyone looked at each other in silence.... More specifically, everyone was looking at Bai Zemin as if they were trying to count the hairs on his body. If not for the fact that Bai Zemin was an existence that had been through a lot and the leader of hundreds of thousands of humans on Earth he would definitely have cowered in the face of the three stares.

His calm attitude clearly surprised the king and queen as the two could not help but nod with kind smiles. Unfortunately, the princess with the ponytails snorted in annoyance for some reason.

Approximately ten minutes later, a maid neatly dressed in a dress very similar to that of French maids entered the throne room carrying a silver plate.

The king looked at Bai Zemin before looking at his daughter, he said something to which she nodded and turned to look at Bai Zemin before pointing to the object on the silver plate.

Bai Zemin followed the finger of the ponytailed princess and saw that what she was pointing to was a small silver earring covered in pure white runes. He looked back at the princess just to make sure, and as he saw her stomping on the floor and repeatedly pointing at the earring he finally understood what she meant.

Bai Zemin picked up the earring, and seeing the princess nod with a satisfied expression he knew what to do next. He temporarily removed the Mystic Earring from his right ear and replaced it with the silver earring.

It was then that the records of the small silver earring shone in Bai Zemin's pupils.

[Gales Earring - }


[Rank: 2]

[Magic Defense: 1]

[Physical defense: 1]

[Magical attack power: 1]

[Durability: 2000 / 2000]

[Special Options - }

[1) Allows the user to perfectly understand the Gales language of Eventide World.]

[Description: A very simple earring, technically unworthy of Rank 2. However, its special feature of allowing anyone who wears it to understand a language makes it a great treasure depending on the circumstances and location. Applause for the rune-encryptor and boos for the blacksmith!]


"Ah..." Bai Zemin blinked and a small but distinct sound of surprise fled from his mouth as he finally realized what was going on.

It seemed to be... It seemed to be that the language problem was no longer a problem.

* * * * * * *

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