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Chapter: 795

Demon Race Attack Part 4

Chapter 795 - Demon Race Attack (Part 4)

Wearing golden-colored armor with silver edges, the King of Gales, Philip Di Gales, stood at the front along with several other warriors of mankind. The tension was tangible in the air as the mana churned in the rear of the human army made up of a total of 50,000 men.

The mages raised their magic staffs in readiness for an immediate activation of skills at the slightest sighting of demonic beings and the archers aimed their bows skyward with energy arrows or arrows that had been forged using bones of mutant beasts of First Order and Second Order.

Wearing an imperial blue magic robe, the Queen of Gales, Helena Milbourne, stood at the front of the army of over 5000 mages, most of them were First Order powerhouses with over 900 having already reached the Second Order of evolution. Queen Helena was a proud level 114 mage and her skills were so destructive that as long as she had a warrior protecting her at the front, even a level 140 soul evolver would eventually succumb to her bombardment.

The Gales Kingdom was located in a privileged, area and many kingdoms in the past tried to conquer it; this applied especially in the case of Bearcrest City, the capital of the kingdom.

Bearcrest City was located right next to a cliff. The royal castle had been built very close to the edge of the cliff on the mountain peak while the sides of the city were partially covered by a series of mountain ranges that made the advance of enemy armies very difficult, not to mention the passage of large machinery.

Leaving the north mostly uncovered, Bearcrest City was an easy place to defend but very difficult to harass.

King Philip was giving the final orders while holding a small circular device in his hand. The device had a simple shape, but there were many strange runes covering it and those runes were like spider webs that joined at the center where a First Order Soul Stone had been embedded.

Just then, an aura that suppressed even some Second Order soul evolvers quickly approached from behind.

Looking up into the sky, everyone saw a figure leaping over their heads and stopping just a few steps from King Philip.

"Liam Anworth!"

"He really came to fight!"

The soldiers of the army of Gales immediately began to exclaim in surprise as they looked at the young man with a giant sword in his hands.

The Gales Kingdom had a small but important rule, and that was that only soldiers were allowed to go to war in case one broke out. This was because if any soul evolver was allowed to participate in war, no one would know when they would be stabbed in the back not to mention the lack of coordination and inability to follow orders from someone without training.

However, in this type of circumstance, none of that mattered. They had all witnessed the power of Liam Anworth over the past five days and knew that this 18 year old had not been given the title of future hero of Gales for nothing.

"Liam, you came." King Philip nodded without saying much about it.

Liam knelt for a moment before getting back to his feet. He looked off into the distance and as he smelled the murderous intent and the scent of blood approaching he said in a voice full of hatred, "Your Majesty, you have known me since I was a little kid.... I'm sure you know my blood feud against demons."

Philip nodded silently.

Liam had been outcast and despised for many years in Gales because of his blood, it was not until much later that he by his own efforts managed to gain the appreciation and admiration of the people. However, the person who suffered the most was undoubtedly his deceased mother.

"I will kill all the demons even if it costs me my life." Liam said through gritted teeth, and under the king's curious eyes, he unwound a mutant beast hamstring that he wore wrapped around his waist with several twists.

Liam wrapped the end of the hamstring around the hilt of his weapon and then tied a tight knot as he said hatefully, "My mom was raped by those filthy beasts and after suffering over 9 years of discrimination she ended up being killed by a demon. They took the smile off her face..... I think it is only fair that I, her son, take the life of those who took her smile away from her."

Under the confused eyes of the human army, Liam threw his greatsword into the sky with great might as he clutched at the mutant beast hamstring with his right hand. The hamstring stretched like a rubber band, and just as it reached its limit, Liam began to move his right arm pointing skyward in circular motions.

Bang! Bang!Bang! BANG! BANG! BANG! BOOM! BOOM!...

The greatsword was whirling faster and faster in the sky. The wind swirled and powerful explosions began to shake the sky each time with greater power than the last.

It was just then that the demons finally made their appearance.

In the distance, a dense black cloud covering the green grasslands moved closer and closer, and seconds later, the blood-red eyes of the demons appeared for all to see distinctly.

King Philip had a calm expression on his face as he used his Mana to stimulate the power of the runes on the device in his hand; runes that soon began to absorb some of the energy contained in the Soul Stone embedded in the center. Within moments, the runes were fully illuminated and it was then that the king spoke.

"Activate the sacred towers."

From five different points, the towers of the five churches of Gales seemed to come to life as they began to radiate brightly. Radiances of green, silver, red, light blue, and white light soon covered the entire city but did not stop there as they continued to spread out to cover over 200 kilometers in less than 30 seconds.

All soul evolvers regardless of whether warrior, assassin, mage, or archer, immediately received a series of flashing messages in their retinas.

[You have received the blessing of 'Sacred Tower Intermediate Defense'. Within the area of effect and for the next 3 hours, physical defense and magic defense +2900.]

[You have received the blessing of 'Sacred Tower Intermediate Attack'. Within the area of effect and for the next 3 hours, physical attack and magic attack +2500.]

[You have received the blessing of 'Sacred Tower Intermediate Mana'. Within the area of effect and for the next 3 hours, Mana consumption during skill activation is reduced by 25%.]

[You have received the blessing of 'Sacred Tower Intermediate Regeneration'. Within the area of effect and for the next 3 hours, the user's natural regeneration is increased by 30%.]

[You have received the blessing of 'Sacred Tower Intermediate Speed'. Within the area of effect and for the next 3 hours, attack speed and movement speed +315.]

The morale was slightly low, but soon it shot skyward when everyone felt the power inside their bodies increasing exponentially to the point where they didn't even recognize themselves. They doubted that all the energy they felt was actually inside their bodies as the difference from their previous selves of 1 second ago was simply colossal.

"Husband, is it okay to activate all five towers at the same time?"

Queen Helena's voice transmitted from the small object in King Philip's hands.

The king sighed and said in a low voice, "Helena, I'm afraid this time we have no choice but to give it our all.... Even if it costs us all the energy of the kingdom."

Before Queen Helena could ask more, several chilling auras rose from the distance.

"... 7 Third Order demons." King Philip muttered with a bitter smile on his face. However, as he looked back and saw the faces of his men, as well as the city walls behind them, his expression turned fierce.

The light green ring on the ring finger of his right hand glowed slightly, and then, a golden spear appeared in the king's hands. This spear was one of the most important treasures of the kingdom, the king's weapon of every generation, a weapon that was over 1000 years old since its appearance but was still among the most powerful weapons in Eventide World.

"Get ready to fight!"

The king's voice thundered and the soldiers responded fearlessly.

Swords were drawn, shields raised, bowstrings pulled back, and glowing magic circles shone in the sky.

Huge amounts of mana lightly shook the atmosphere as thousands of active skills to boost stats temporarily or strengthen an attack were activated at the same time.

However, the demons did not simply charge in as they also began their own attacks. In fact, the visual display was much more striking due to their vastly superior numbers.

As the warriors continued to advance with fierce expressions on their faces, the demon race mages stopped and raised their bone staffs, the mana inside their bodies trembled as tens of thousands of active skills surged onto the scene.

Tens of thousands of all kinds of magic attacks flew towards the human army at the same time as thousands of magic attacks and arrows flew towards the demon army.

It was just at that moment that a voice full of anger and murderous intent shook the demons' hearts for a moment.

"Demon Vanquiser!!!"

That young man standing at the front of the human army who was being treated like any normal human warrior by the demons despite his appearance suddenly spun around and with a swift movement swung his right arm downward.

All the demons participating in this attack were at least First Order soul evolvers, however, a good part of them stopped dead in their tracks as they looked up at the sky and saw a huge purple glow cutting towards them from great heights.

One of the Third Order demons who planned to wait and have some fun listening to the wailing of the humans could not help but have his expression change as he felt the terrifying measure of power contained in that attack. Even before the attack hit the ground, the demon already knew that a good portion of the demonic army would be wiped off the face of the earth, therefore and without hesitation, he rushed forward.

"Blood Force!" the goat-legged demon roared and with a mighty stomp soared skyward in an instant.

"Die!!!" Liam roared with bloodshot eyes as he used every point of Strength in his body to increase to the maximum possible power behind his attack.

Within an area of approximately 2000 meters with Liam's greatsword as the center, all of the demons' magic attacks were crushed and exploded into the sky as they met with a powerful wind pressure that became a natural wall.

However, the human mages' magic attacks were not contained at all, and on the contrary, without the oppressive wind, they flew faster and more fluidly towards the army of demonic warriors.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!!....

Blood and scorched flesh flew everywhere as the earth rumbled and the skies shook from the explosion of thousands of focused magic attacks at a single point. Powerful shockwaves spread everywhere and in less than a second tens of thousands of First Order demons were slaughtered.

It was also at that moment that the blood-red fist of the Third Order demon and Liam's greatsword surrounded by a brilliant purple glow descending from the sky met.

His fist had barely touched the enemy's weapon but the Third Order demon's pupils contracted to the size of a needle as he realized how much he had underestimated this attack despite believing he had given it enough importance by using his third strongest attack to parry it.


The greatsword seemed to find no obstacle at all as the demon was sent flying to the ground and was subsequently buried in a huge crater. Life or death was unknown to the other demons who looked on in disbelief at the scene.

At the same time as the shockwave wiped out more than 5000 demons, and watching from the sky, Lilith looked at Liam with a pale face. More precisely, what she was looking at was his greatsword and the hilt wrapped by the special hamstring.

"Why... Why is this kid... Why is this kid using the same attack style of that person..."

* * * * * * *

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