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Chapter: 796

Title spoiler at the end of thechapter

Chapter 796 - Title spoiler at the end of thechapter

"Continue the charge!" roared a Third Order demon at the same time as she rushed forward at lightning speed and activated more than 5 skills to power up her physique in an instant.

The other five Third Order demons followed closely behind knowing that the other party only had 2 Third Order soul evolvers and 1 Second Order powerhouse with the power to fight against a Third Order enemy.

King Philip looked over his shoulder at his wife and nodded before dashing forward as he activated 3 skills to boost his Agility, Strength, and attack speed.

A white blaze covered the king's spear, and with a seemingly slow motion, he stabbed forward once during his dash.

The demon warriors advancing to meet the human army only saw a flash of white light pass by them followed by a gust of wind. However, when they wanted to take another step forward, they suddenly realized that there was no possibility to move.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!....

The heads of more than 6000 demons exploded and purple blood rained on the ground, coloring the running path of the King of Gales in purple and boosting the morale of the humans who instead of waiting moved forward to face the demons.

The 6 Third Order demons realized that King Philip was powerful and therefore they communicated quickly using their eyes and moved according to the plan. They had collaborated many times in the past so they had good tactical understanding, in most cases a single glance was enough for the other to understand.

While three Third Order demons charged towards King Philip, the other three spread out in an attempt to get away in order to reach the normal troops and the city behind them.


"Looks like you're underestimating me too much, demons."

The voice of the King of Gales did not sound soft and gentle as in the past, quite the opposite as it sounded deep and brave like that of a hero who had experienced thousands of battles and had come out victorious in every one of them.

"Light Speed Stab!"

Four of the six demons were startled when they sensed mortal danger and two of the three who had intentions of continuing advancing were forced to retreat at the same time as they used their own skills to deal with the light-speed stabbing attack aimed at their hearts.


King Philip backed up about a dozen meters, his feet sliding along the ground leaving the mark of his combat boots on the shattered earth. However, with his right hand slashing to the side and using the pressure of the wind to his advantage, his stance soon recovered completely and he stopped moving backwards.

On the other hand, the four demons were surprised as they too were forced to retreat a dozen meters just like the human king before them. They were all demons above level 120 with powerful physiques but a single human managed to push them back even though they all attacked him at the same time!

The four demons exchanged glances before one of them looked at the two who had stopped and were hesitating about continuing with the plan or moving back to help them.

"You two, keep moving on! We'll take care of restraining this little human king in the meantime!"

The two demons looked at each other and nodded before dashing sideways separately and within seconds disappeared beyond everyone's range of vision. They were clearly aiming for the city as they knew that inside the walls there were many more soldiers than outside; they had their own plans.

The human troops and the demons had already engaged in close combat while the mages on both sides kept moving around the battlefield at the same time they were throwing magic skills to the enemy side.

King Philip looked back for a moment and relaxed a bit when he realized that it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

Although the demons outnumbered the human soldiers fighting outside the city by a wide margin, the power of the five sacred towers had increased the power of every soul evolver in the human army tremendously to the point where even the weakest soldier now possessed the ability to fight two or three demons at the same time.

Moreover, not all of the demons were left to face the human troops but approximately 50% of them surrounded the battlefield and charged towards the city without encountering any obstacles on the way.

The demons were simply too many, which is why King Philip did not place all his troops at one point but left most of them inside the city to protect the citizens of the capital.

The total number of soldiers the Gales Kingdom had stationed in the capital was just over 230,000 while the total number of demons exceeded 700,000 by a considerable margin. With such a numerical difference, stationing all the soldiers in a single place would leave the city open for the demons to wreak havoc were it not for the wisdom of King Philip and his advisors.

Soon, the sounds of explosions, roars, as well as curses, reached the battlefield outside the city.

King Philip and the four Third Order demons had once again locked in hand-to-hand combat. The fight involving five Third Order soul evolvers was definitely not something that First Order powerhouses could participate in and only Second Order existences with extremely strong and pure records could perhaps withstand a couple of rounds or stand their ground depending on their skills and combat style.


The explosions resulting from the clash of King Philip's golden spear and the swords of the demons completely shattered the surroundings. Beautiful trees were torn apart and large cracks opened up in the ground as huge craters appeared one after another as the bodies of the five combatants flickered like ghosts and clashed in what looked like a dance of sparks as a result of the constant collision of metal.

At the same time, on another battlefield, Liam was fiercely fighting the Third Order demon that had jumped to parry his initial attack, failing miserably and taking heavy damage in the process.

The Third Order demon was covered in blood from head to toe and his right arm was broken, hanging off the side of his body and with no chance of being used again soon as all the bones had been pulverized. However, he was still a level 119 demon, therefore, despite his miserable wounds, he somehow managed to barely withstand Liam's attacks even though it was clearly visible to anyone that it was only a matter of time before he would be slaughtered.

Liam's expression was bloodthirsty as he used the mutant beast hamstring to swing his greatsword back and forth while constantly activating multiple skills at the same time, clearly wishing to end his enemy's life as soon as possible.

At the same time as he engaged the four Third Order demons, King Philip burst out laughing, "Good job, Liam!"

"Your Majesty, when I'm done with this filthy demon I'll come to help you!"


As long as Liam could contain that demon, King Philip didn't have to worry since eventually, the human troops would definitely win. After all, he was confident that he would be able to finish off the four demons in front of him within two hours at most.

Philip wasn't too worried about the interior of the city or the two Third Order demons that charged in; someone else would be in charge of restraining them both. While it was true that there would be thousands of human deaths, it was already good just avoiding the annihilation taking into account that they were facing an army of demons three times the size of the human army, not to mention the number of Third Order existences.

As for the more than 50,000 Second Order demons that could be the real problem for the human army of Bearcrest City that barely had just over 10,000 soul evolvers who had managed to complete all the evolution requirements entering the Second Order successfully ..... They had something else to worry about.

"Tree of Lightning."

Queen Helena's mature, winsome, and soft voice echoed throughout the battlefield even though she never intended to raise her tone.

A perfect, leafless white tree with blue edges that crackled steadily rose behind her body. Several mages and archers made sure to stop the magic attacks aimed at the queen currently focused on feeding her skill with mana, which was quickly making the lightning tree grow not only in height but also in power.

The sound of lightning thundered louder and louder, alerting the demon army that tried to push the human army back in an attempt to reach the source of danger as quickly as possible but failed miserably.

The tenacity of the humans shocked the demons who had not fought major wars against them for the last four centuries. Far from encountering quivering existences, what the demons were forced to face were savage beasts that used their teeth to bite them the moment their arms were severed and no longer able to wield their weapons.

Approximately 30 seconds after she channeled enough mana, the lightning tree had turned into a small 30-meter tall giant. Its pure white color had not changed at all but the blue that bordered its previously blue outlines was now bright purple.

At that moment, Queen Helena activated a new skill.

"Hypocrisy of Mana." ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

Her words had barely fallen when the pure white color of the tree soon began to change, and in just an instant, it turned into a completely purple tree with millions of tiny lightning snakes constantly flickering around it.

Queen Helena pointed forward with her staff.

Hell descended upon the demonic army.

BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!!...

The lightning tree glowed brightly behind Queen Helena and at the same time discharged huge purple lightning strikes towards the rear of the army, causing the death of the enemy mages and in a matter of seconds, more than 300 mages were killed while a few thousand were disabled without being able to stand up again or activate a new skill.

At the same time, Queen Helena gently tapped the ground before her feet using the bottom of her magic staff and said using her noble voice, "Deception of Mortality."

A small frown involuntarily appeared on Queen Helena's face as an invisible wave shot out from her body in a circular form, rapidly covering over 20 km in a short time. This was because that magic wave, a result of the skill Deception of Mortality, served to show Helena the exact location of her enemies within the range of effect, as well as the Order they were in as long as they did not exceed her level.

The mental pressure of receiving so much information all at once was too heavy, it was already very good for her not to scream out in pain.

However, Queen Helena was fully aware of what she was doing and she did what she did because she had a goal in mind.

"Fury of Logic."

When Queen Helena activated Fury of Logic, the purple lightning suddenly stopped focusing on First Order enemies so much and instead began to move like intelligent dragons, targeting Second Order existences that soon began to despair at being targeted by such a powerful Third Order mage.

The Second Order existences were very powerful, especially the physical body of the demons. However, the magic attack power of Helena was simply colossal even for someone on her level.

BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!...

The battlefield was practically completely dyed purple. No matter what barrier-like skills the enemies used or treasure they activated, a single lightning strike from the lightning tree was enough to kill most of the Second Order existences that were hit, and those especially strong ones that managed to survive with serious injuries after the first strike was finished off after being hit by a second lightning attack seconds later.

The human soldiers cheered loudly and their morale soared even higher while the morale of the demonic army began to plummet. They were not nearly as frightened of the mighty King Philip who had single-handedly stopped four Third Order soul evolvers but were more frightened of the woman who was practically single-handedly annihilating them and sending them on the path of extinction.

Standing before the purple lightning tree, with a serious expression on her beautiful face and charming body, Queen Helena looked like a goddess who had descended into the world to save mankind from danger.

For approximately 40 minutes, Queen Helena did not stop her activation of skill after skill as the lightning tree continued to scourge the demons. She proved to humans and demons that she was not just a beautiful woman who came from an important noble family, she proved that she was not just a woman who luckily married the king of Gales.

Helena demonstrated with pride and nobility that it was not for nothing that she was considered one of the most powerful mages of the entire human race in Eventide World.

During those 40 minutes, Helena had killed over 200,000 demons on her own and the balance now tipped completely towards humanity.

Finally, things seemed to get even brighter when Liam finally managed to finish off the Third Order demon and joined King Philip. When Liam held one of the already wounded demons to restrain him, the king of Gales immediately increased the pressure on the other three by attacking with more ferocity; his golden spear was like a flash before the eyes of the demons who could only do their best to defend themselves as they were forced back constantly.

In the sky, Lilith was no longer looking at Liam. Instead, her eyes were fixed on Queen Helena.

A flash of regret shone in her ruby eyes as she muttered under her breath, "What a pity..."

Just then, Queen Helena's expression abruptly changed and she quickly tried to retreat in a hurry. Unfortunately, she had noticed the danger too late.

An angry but still beautiful and lazy voice sounded from behind her back, "Damn human bitch, you've caused enough trouble and you still want to run?"


The Queen of Gales' expression wrinkled in pain, and at the same time as she looked down, what Helena's beautiful purple eyes saw was a demonic claw that had shattered her heart and pierced her from back to front.

Bel'gos waved his hand covered in blood casually, sending the body of the Queen of Gales rolling to the ground and opening her wound even more. He licked the blood from his claw and said with delight, "At least your taste is good. When I kill everyone here, I will eat your flesh along with that of your family. Generous of me, don't you think?"

Lilith looked into Queen Helena's eyes and couldn't help but sigh in her heart. Even with her indifference to the life and death of other people, she felt that it was a bit unfortunate seeing a powerhouse who clearly had the ability to reach the top of the Fourth Order just dying like this, barely at the initial levels of the Third Order.

There was no lack of talents in the universe, but 99.9% of those talents failed to grow and succumbed in the grip of death.

* * * * * * *

Title of the chapter: Queen Helena's death.

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