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Chapter: 470

Episode 469 Alone

Earth Lagan fanatics the world.

And the Imperial Nation and the rest of the world can only hope for their future, the sons of Fiancée, Rival, and the Seven Heroes of Hoof.

The former legend of Rokkai, who stood up to them alongside the majestics of Cacrétail.....

"I'm supposed to have been killed by the two parents there, the Sword Saint and the Great Mage...... but sometimes it's ridiculously weak for the child to take revenge." That's right, Panai isn't enough ~? "

All together, I was overwhelmed by the endless beating.

The level was no longer the same.

The world is different.

The overwhelming difference in power.

For the younger generation, who only knew what they had fought so far, and especially the younger generation who did not know the war, it was so shocking that their perceptions were overshadowed from the ground.

"I know a lot about you guys... so the first thing I was disappointed with... was that I had no choice but to have a second-rate bloodline that I couldn't help but expect... Well, that's not just me, right?" The Imperial family, the nobles, the warriors, the common pigs... of course... the hyelo and the maam... and now the people next to you. It seems that your evaluation was still spicy while the other two generations were scumming. [M] What a misoccupy! It's just that no one knows how you and the voices around you felt about Earth, and that's why it's so bad. If you had only been aware of it a little bit, if you cared, Earth would not have jumped out of the Imperial City. "

Moreover, the words of Pharipi, who scoffed at the head of the earth, shook the hearts of many.

Of course, the Imperial Nationals were heart-broken again.

I don't know how many times I've had my heart crushed, Hyelo or Maam.

On the other hand.....

"Wuwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nice to meet you oniichan!!"

"Destroy... I won't let you go... anything that ridicules my brother will surely fall out of his mouth! Yulsel monoca!"

Fury Max's Espi and Slayer's rage echoed through the village.

"No, you guys calm down a bit... no, you can blow him up." I'll help you, too. In the first place, why does that bastard play music and change things when he's fighting his appearance? "

That's a lot of editing....

That was indeed an uncomfortable word for Earth, but since it was a long story that had already been settled, there were various reactions from other people who thought that Earth was being said that way in the "current form".

"... it's true... that person... he's terrible... strong and scary, but... terrible people"


"How can you say such a terrible thing to Master Earth?" Master Earth... even though it's amazing! "

For Amix, a big fan of Earth, Earth has longed for Lagerman since he was a child.

It seems that it was mocked, including anger, and that the sorrow was great, and the tears gripped Earth's hand.

Whoa, whoa, calm down, amix, hands, hands

"No matter who or where Earth comes from... I don't know what the Seven Heroes are, but Earth is the coolest hero in the world for me"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Grasping earth's hand on her chest, her tears fluttered... from earth, she took all her nerves to the hand that touched the valley of the bursting milk, but it wasn't enough, but it wasn't just Amix who slipped to earth.

"Damn, that freak is really annoying." Next time you see my son-in-law... I'll stick my sword through your asshole and rip it out of your mouth. "


I jumped from behind the ground and rubbed it against the ground from behind......

"Poor son-in-law." I'm going to console you. ""...... the holes in my ears...... "

"Stop it, ahhhhhhh!"


Beat up the dusty horny horny female fox.

The earth stands up as it hastily corrects the disturbance of the garment.

"Shit, you guys need to calm down." Now that I'm safe, it's pretty much because I didn't lose. "

"" "" "" "" "" I'm not allowed to cum!!!!

"... eh"

Everyone was exploding their emotions, so in order to calm them down, I tried to say, "I won this battle, so I'm safe now." and "Parisi was forced to become my subordinate." But at that moment, the anger rang out from the entire village to Earth.

"Oniichan, what are you thinking!?" It's a good place right now! "

"That's right! I'm trying to see the rebellion that starts at the bottom of your niisan, who has been beaten, scolded and ridiculed!" We'll wait for it! "

"Earth-sama, let's talk about the development first..."

Son-in-law, don't say anything cold!

"You know oniisan won't end up here."

Really. It's cool to end with history while you're watching it.

"Cough, oniisanhan"

We all know the end in the first place.

Besides, because you are enjoying this viewing party, you can transfer your emotions and make various voices.

Not to know the end, but to enjoy the journey to the end.

Therefore, it was a booing, including the village elves, to the earth that spoke of the end.

"Wow, these guys are just enjoying their past on their own..."

"Hey, how do you feel right now?! Why is it so important? How do you feel now? Hihahahaha!

"Shut up, you bastard!... hah, already..."

What an egotistical group, Earth got stuck in words, so the words of Parippi flowed out of the sky at a timing, and I was hung up and a little away from the scene.

"Damn it, palipi bastard...... is he really going to drain it without covering it all up...... or is he going to be my subordinate after this......"

I guess so....

"Seriously! That's... I can't wait..."

That's not good...

I knew it!?

Earth asks Trainer while walking through the forest like a bit of wind at night.

Trayna nodded with a difficult look.

"There are many enemies in Palipi... those who hate him, those who are weak, those who rejoice when they hear he's dead... there must have been many of them." But on the other hand, the more influential people in the world hate them, the more they support them. "

"... what do you mean?"

"Well, I didn't take the statistics, but there are people who are as well-known as him and hate him from all over the world, who are more enthusiastic about supporting him... He looks alone and has surprisingly diverse connections... that is, if the world knows that he has become your subordinate, they too..."

"No... no. I don't want to think about the one who supports such a paribus....."

"And... Parip didn't make a brilliant editorial effort when he went down... even blowing up the Sky King and kicking him in the footsteps... so far, he's just been recognized as a strong and scary poisonous tongue... by those who don't know it..."

Earth's face turned pale at the unexpected impression of Trayna.

And then.....

"Oh, when the woman is soaking up her sentiments by herself, suddenly she shows up and bumps. What's wrong with her?"


At that time, Shinobu was there, sitting alone on a large rock by the river, smiling under the bustling night sky of a creek running near the forest.

"Ah, you're here..."

Speaking of which, I remembered that Shinobu had left his seat since the outbreak of the battle in the Skyworld, and Earth panicked unexpectedly to be here.

"Oh, you're not chasing me with worry... I miss you."

"Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm sorry... by chance..."

"Fufufu, I'm just kidding. I'm glad it's more fateful."

"Ah, oh, oh..."

"Honey, I wonder if you're embarrassed enough to fall asleep?"

"... well... they're getting angry and crying out of their emotions, but don't spoil them..."

"Fufufufu, well, I can't help it." Everyone likes honey... everyone's crazy about you... "

* Giggle * The ground shines on the cinobu who makes fun of it with a smile.

"Nevertheless, it's dangerous, honey."

"Ah? What?"

"Right now, I'm in a lot of trouble too..."

With that said, Ground was unexpectedly happy with the appearance of Shinobu smiling sadly somewhere.

"Ah, by the way, how's the sentimentality..."

Shinobu left his seat because he didn't want to remember being knocked out by Paripi. Traina remembered that she was mumbling, "That doesn't seem to be all."

Is there something wrong?

When Earth tries to ask Shinobu, Shinobu.....

"It's like telling a girl with a weak heart to attack a boy she's in love with by herself." Do you think I'm a safe girl who doesn't turn into a nojazz? "

"Bu, oh, p * ssy!?"

"... fufu, I'm just kidding. Just half of it.♥"


Ah, but you can always attack me.

"I'm not going to attack you! I mean, you're a little worried about people..."

I made Earth wolf again with jokes.

Various stinks of light shone through her head as she tried to scratch her anger at Shinobu.

But Shinobu smiled and looked up at the sky again.....

"Thank you, honey. I've been thinking a lot... but now that I see the face of my favorite boy, I feel a little relieved."

"...... Shi, Shinobu......"

"So... after all, I'm blessed... unlike that girl..."

Earth didn't know what Shinobu was thinking.

However, even though the noisy voice from the sky ruined the air, I felt some kind of fantasy atmosphere when I saw a beautiful girl slumping in a creek flowing gently under the night sky, and I was in love with Earth unexpectedly.

Shinobu then pounded on the boulder he was sitting on.....

How about you come with me?

"... ah... erm..."

"Don't worry, I won't attack you."

W-Whoa, I'm doing it.

As soon as Shinobu invited me, Earth sat next to him.



And even though they sat down, they became silent.

Ground glanced at the side with a throbbing look, and turned away from the side of Shinobu who was smiling and looking up at the sky.

(That's right... have you ever been alone with Shinobu?)

Shinobu has repeatedly appealed to his love.

It's been a long time since we met.

But if you think about it, maybe you've never been alone with the Shinobu before?

Yes, unlike Kron, Sadith, and Fiancée, it may be the first time that Shinobu and I have been alone.

When I realized that, the earth seemed to be getting extra nervous.....


"... ah... yes, it's fine. I haven't forgotten."

...... Kokuri

By the way, next to Earth, who smiled bitterly when she realized that she wasn't alone, Traina nodded silently.

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