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Chapter: 1991

"Top grade spirit weapon!"

"Top quality magic soldiers!"

"Top grade Ruyi magic soldier!"

"Zhongpin Lingbao!"

When they went up to the second floor of the palace, they were stunned by the sight in front of them again.

The second floor of the palace is full of frames, on which some treasures and weapons are placed, and there are a lot of them. When people look at it, even the elders are not calm.

At first glance, there are tens of thousands of top-grade spiritual weapons, thousands of top-grade divine soldiers, hundreds of top-grade Ruyi divine soldiers, and dozens of middle-grade spiritual treasures. Treasures of this scale are enough to equip a super first-class Legion in the lower world.

So many treasures and weapons belong to the eight sects. Even if the eight sects are divided equally, they will benefit immensely. They may not like spirit weapons and magic soldiers, but Lingbao has a fatal temptation for them. When they think of this time, they can master one or two middle-grade Lingbao, and the elders of the eight sects are full of joy.

"Some disciples of each large sect stay to guard, and they and others continue to explore."

After a while, the left bank said to the people.

The leading elder of the eight great sects also nodded. Although all this in front of him was tempting enough, it was not the real "inheritance of green wood saints" in the text in front of the stone gate. There was another layer of the palace. Perhaps the "inheritance of green wood saints" was in this last layer of power.

Thinking of this, everyone is full of expectations.

After all, it is the inheritance of the magic age before the ages. No one knows how powerful the inheritance of the strong man known as the "green wood saint" is. Maybe it can make everyone present jump into an immortal. After all, the magic age before the ancient times is full of mystery. There are few descriptions in ancient books, only a few words, but the magic age is real.

The reason why the era of gods and demons is called the era of gods and demons is that there are "gods and demons" in the era of gods and demons. It is said that it is the existence closest to immortality. It drives together with heaven and earth and is very powerful.

The third city of the palace is relatively empty. There is a hundred steps high platform in the middle and a stone tablet at the top. People stand far away and can't see the content on the stone tablet.

"The prison monument of Shenmo town!"

The inscriptions are not very clear, but the words at the top of the stone tablet can be seen larger. Even if you stand far away, you can still see them clearly.

The inscription was written in the era of gods and demons. It was ancient and profound. Not far from the left bank, Wei Zongming looked at several eye-catching characters on the head of the monument. After being stunned, he pointed to the stone tablet and said, "maybe this is the inheritance of Qingmu saints."

"Thank you, sir!"

On the melting pot, Wang Xiao found a way to crack the psychedelic array and rescued all the disciples of the eight sects in the blood of the melting pot.

All these people who have been freed from the psychedelic array are grateful to Wang Xiao. In fact, if there is no Wang Xiao, they can't break the psychedelic array at all, because the psychedelic array gives them an extremely real feeling. If Wang Xiao doesn't suddenly appear and break all this, maybe they will indulge in the psychedelic array forever and finally turn into a pool of blood.

"Those behind the scenes should be aware that we have broken the psychedelic array!"

At this time, Wang Xiao said that when he broke the array, he could feel that the person who arranged the psychedelic array perceived that the array had been broken.

"Ah, my brother, are they in danger?" Hearing the speech, Chen Jia said with a worried face.

Now she also realized that it was a huge trap, a trap that swallowed up the eight patriarchal gates of Heijian region

"We should still have time. We can't find a way out as soon as possible."

Hearing the speech, Wang smiled and said.

"Be careful!"

At this time, the Chen family, standing in front of Wang Xiao, suddenly changed their face and exclaimed.


Sooner or later, I saw an arrow flying from a distance. In only half a breath, it pierced dozens of friars of the eight sects, and then stormed towards Wang Xiao with a very clear purpose.


Those friars who had been pierced by the eight sects were killed before they had time to respond. Even the Yuanying and Jindan in their bodies were broken.

"Zhongpin Zhibao, what a big hand!"

After all, Wang Xiao's reaction speed was faster than those ordinary monks of the eight sects, so that before the arrow flew to Wang Xiao's face, Wang Xiao turned and faced the arrow directly.

But Wang Xiao didn't dodge, because if he avoided, Chen Jia behind him would bear the brunt.

Looking at the fierce arrow, Wang Xiao reached out and grabbed it. Unexpectedly, he grabbed the arrow. However, the arrow was as powerful as a divine force. After a pause, he cut Wang Xiao's palm, directly pierced Wang Xiao's shoulder and shot at Chen Jia's chest.


But how could Wang Xiao let the arrow achieve his wish, turn around again, still grasp it with his bare hands, and grasp it again. This time, he firmly grasped the arrow.

However, this arrow is the best treasure of the middle grade. It is a weapon refined by immortals. It has infinite power. It itself is a killing weapon beyond the rules. It has power and hegemony. It has the spirit of the weapon. It falls into the hands of Wang Xiao and wants to break free from the shackles of Wang Xiao.

At this time, the talents in the furnace reacted with lingering fear. Many Taoist friends who were just talking turned into a corpse and fell into the furnace and turned into blood.

When I looked at Wang Xiao again, I was even more shocked. The arrow as terrible as death was caught by Wang Xiao. What strength is this.

You know, their martial brothers, those golden elixirs and Yuanying, didn't even have a chance to respond, so they were killed by the arrow.

If the arrow hadn't killed some of their martial brothers and went straight to Wang Xiao, I'm afraid they would be like their dead martial brothers.

I have to say that Wang Xiao saved their lives again.

Many of these people are still impressed by Wang Xiao, including Chen Jia's senior brother Mao an. When they were outside the relics of gods and demons, they thought Wang Xiao was very ordinary and just an ordinary young man. Until now, they realized the youth's fear and were glad that there was no conflict with the young man. If there was a conflict, they would never get any good fruit to eat.

"If you want it, I'll give it back to you!"

Wang Xiao suppressed the powerful force in the arrow and let the owner of the arrow recall the arrow, but he couldn't get away from Wang Xiao's palm. After a standoff for a moment, Wang Xiao directly gathered a golden force, attached to the arrow and shot in a certain direction.

Under the golden power package, the weapon spirit of the arrow was suppressed, so that the arrow had to shoot in the direction of Wang Xiao.

This golden power is to scold the God overlord and suppress everything under absolute power.


In the direction of the arrow flying, there was a sound of something being pierced. Suddenly, on the rock wall that had nothing, a dark shadow fell into the furnace.

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