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Chapter: 1992

"Hell demon chop!"

The shadow fell and soon got up. At this time, people could see clearly that it was not human. It had black skin. There was a sharp corner on the center of the eyebrow. His eyes were red and bloodthirsty. He looked at the concave and convex shape of his body, which was no different from that of a human woman. At this time, looking at Wang Xiao, he did not hesitate to pull out a long black knife. The black magic blade abused him like a whirlwind. In an instant, he flew to Wang Xiao.

"What a strange energy!"

Wang Xiao frowned slightly and hit a sword with his hand to offset the magic blade. He could feel that the energy exerted by the unknown creature was unprecedented and did not even belong to the world.

"Who are you?"

After Wang Xiao blocked the magic blade, the black unidentified creature hesitated. At this time, Wang Xiao asked.

However, what responded to Wang Xiao was a few records of the sword style. The sword style was extremely terrible. When the earthquake came, the blood and water in the furnace were stirred up several feet high.

"This force is not detailed!" Standing behind Wang Xiao, Chen Jia could clearly feel the energy released by the black unidentified creature. The power gave her a feeling of disgust and uncertainty, as if it was a very disgusting thing.


The blood was scattered everywhere. The attack of the black unidentified creature was blocked by Wang Xiao, and the fog turned into blood dispersed. Wang Xiao stood in his place unharmed. On the contrary, the belly of the black unidentified creature was seriously injured by the arrow. He used his strength to make a powerful attack one after another. The wound burst and the blood flowed, but the blood turned out to be green.

"What kind of creature is this?"

Wang Xiao's strength has deeply shocked them. At this time, all the friars of the eight nationalities stood behind Wang Xiao. Only standing behind Wang Xiao is the safest.

However, they didn't stand too close to avoid affecting Wang Xiao's play, because they found that they couldn't get involved in the battle at all.

Looking at the green blood flowing out of the belly of the black unidentified creature with horns on its head, they were shocked and frightened, and their foreboding lingered in their chest. The blood of all creatures on the barren ancient land they had seen was red, and they had never seen or heard that kind of creature's blood was green.

Seeing the green blood, they felt disgusted, disgusted and unknown like Chen Jia, as if something terrible was about to happen.


The black unidentified creature saw that his repeated attacks couldn't get on. Wang Xiao stopped his action. He drank and formed fingerprints in his hands. Suddenly, the blood in the furnace poured into his body.

"Improve your strength?"

Wang smiled and looked at the unidentified creature with a frown, but he didn't stop it. Soon, the black unidentified creature absorbed part of the blood. It seemed to reach the bottleneck, so he stopped absorbing the blood. A powerful force spread around and swept around.

All the monks behind Wang Xiao were overturned out. All of them felt a powerful and incomparable pressure, which made them unable to straighten their bodies at all.

Only Wang Xiao stood in place, facing the overwhelming pressure, like nothing.


Wang Xiao snorted coldly, releasing his own authority and sweeping away the authority of the black unidentified creature.

The people immediately felt that the great force on themselves had disappeared, and they were all relieved.


The black unidentified creature saw that Wang Xiao swept away its authority. He was very angry, turned into a dark shadow and rushed to Wang Xiao.

"Demon double cut!"

The long knife is divided into two. The black unidentified creature incarnates like a demon God, and the magic power is towering.

"This level is far from enough!"

Looking at the black unidentified creature, Wang Xiao was not flustered and said faintly.

Previously, the black unidentified creature was probably just the strength of transforming God. After absorbing the blood and water in the furnace, the strength has reached the level of harmony. Moreover, Wang Xiao also found that the black unidentified creature seemed to be rooted in the furnace and used the furnace of blood and water for it. Therefore, when it absorbed the blood and water, the previous injury was repaired and the state returned to its peak.

But even so, it is not enough to see in front of Wang Xiao.

"Disillusionment seal!"

The double knives cut Wang Xiao. Wang Xiao directly formed a Dharma seal and blasted at the black unidentified creature. Suddenly, he saw that the potential of the two knives was offset. But at this time, the black unidentified creature suddenly opened its mouth. The arrow of the previous middle grade to treasure grade reappeared, shot out of the mouth of the black unidentified creature and shot at Wang Xiao's head.

Seeing this, Wang Xiao's eyes suddenly coagulated, his big hand and claw, and a purple thunder arc came out of thin air: "Purple thunder dish fairy spear!"

The spear made of purple thunder is no less fast than the arrow. It collides between Wang Xiao and the black unidentified creature.


The arrow is the best treasure of the middle grade and the weapon of the immortal cultivator, but it met Wang Xiao's purple thunder dish immortal spear and met the nemesis. It didn't resist for long, then it gave a sad cry and fell into the blood. However, the purple thunder dish immortal Spear's power did not reduce, shot at the black unidentified creature and pierced the black unidentified creature without accident.

The giant power of the purple thunder dish fairy spear flew out with the black unidentified creature, and finally nailed it to the stone wall. It was suppressed by the purple thunder force. The black unidentified creature was as weak as a baby, and its expression of pain and panic also appeared on his face.

"So you're afraid of thunder!"

The purple thunder dish immortal spear nailed it to the wall. The thunder force poured into its body, and its breath became weaker and weaker. Wang smiled at the black unidentified creature, looking thoughtful.

"Younger martial brother Wei, what does this stone tablet say?"

The disciples of the eight great sects gathered around the square on the third floor of Tongtian cave, and the leading elder of the eight great sects stood in front of the stone tablet on the hundred steps platform in the middle of the square.

Among them, Wei Zongming stood in the front, the left bank stood next to Wei Zongming, and the elders of the eight zongmen stood behind the two people.

"It is said on the stone tablet that the stone tablet is a treasure in the era of gods and demons in ancient times, which is used to suppress evil deeds. It is not said in the words of pinjie. I can't understand its content. It should be a rune engraved on the stone tablet."

Wei Zongming frowned and said.

In the words, the stone tablet suddenly showed a golden light, and the people were surprised and retreated one after another.

"After many years, someone finally came to Ben Sheng."

At this time, the golden light condenses into a golden virtual shadow. The virtual shadow is an old man. His body is tens of feet high, his voice is very old, and his breath is very ancient, as if he were a man thousands of years ago.

All the people of the eight sects were surprised and didn't doubt. Looking at the virtual shadow, they guessed their identity one after another.

"The younger generation pays homage to the elder!"

The left bank took the lead in kneeling towards the virtual shadow, and the leading elders of other sects also responded and knelt towards the virtual shadow.

"Well, get up."

Several Zhang virtual shadow looked at the crowd and nodded slightly.

"May I ask your name, elder?"

At this time, the left bank looked at the virtual shadow and asked tentatively.

"I am the sage of Aoki!"

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