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Chapter: 1993

"I am the sage of Aoki!"

When the Golden Shadow revealed its origin, everyone present was pleasantly surprised.

"Are you all here for my inheritance?"

The Golden Shadow glanced around, touched his beard and said faintly.

"We are all here for chance. If you nag, please forgive me!"

Hearing the speech, the leading elders of the eight zongmen all arched their hands and said excitedly.

"No harm, no harm, you are also sincere. I hope you will live up to my thousands of years of inheritance, strengthen and overhaul the fairy world, and explore the ultimate goal of cultivating immortals..."

Golden virtual shadow, the old man said faintly.

"Don't worry, sir. We will never forget your advice."

Hearing the speech, the elder of the eight major sects arched his hands and said.

"My inheritance is under this stone tablet. As long as you work together to lift this stone tablet for a few minutes, my inheritance will appear."

"I'm just a virtual shadow. I can't help you. I can only rely on you."

Said the Golden Shadow slowly.

"Don't worry, elder..." the elder who came to the end of the eight sects was more excited when he learned where the inheritance was. He had devoted himself to it and was extremely selfless.

The stone tablet in the mouth of the golden virtual shadow is the prison tablet of Shenmo town. Although the stone tablet is very huge, it looks very ordinary, but it is too heavy. No one can lift the stone tablet alone.

Therefore, they only looked at their efforts and lifted the stone tablet. At this time, they had no redundant communication. The Deacon exchanged opinions with one look, and then condensed a Dharma formula with a very tacit understanding, and suddenly hit the prison tablet of the God and devil array.

Although more than a dozen elders joined hands and urged Juli to lift the prison monument of the magic Town, even if they did their best, it was difficult to shake the prison monument of the magic town.

"How unreasonable!"

"It's really not easy!"

At this time, people realized that the stone tablet was not simple.

If this were an ordinary stone tablet, it would have been raised long ago. Combined with the strength of more than a dozen strong people who turned their gods, it would be enough to topple mountains and seas.

But even so, the elders of the eight sects are unwilling to give up. After all, the legendary inheritance of gods and demons is right in front of them. It would be a pity for them to give up in this way.

"Just let it go!"

The elder of the eight patriarchal sects was a little dignified, and then had a very tacit understanding that he took out all his strength.

"Get up!"

More than a dozen elders of the eight sects all burst out and took out their strongest blow.

Click ~

Buzzing ~

Finally, the stone tablet came to this mouth. With the full efforts of dozens of leading elders of the eight patriarchal clan, the stone tablet was raised little by little.


However, at this time, the space behind the golden virtual shadow suddenly exploded, and it was deafening with a loud noise.


The golden virtual shadow was shocked and turned back fiercely, but he saw that a space crack suddenly broke on the stone wall behind him, and a young man took the lead to get rid of it.

At this time, the part of the prison monument of Shenmo town inserted on the platform was completely pulled out, and the golden airflow emerged from it.

"Wang Xiao?"


Under the hundred steps platform, Chen Chen, a disciple of qinglingzong, took the lead in looking at the past when he heard the news, and was pleasantly surprised to see Wang Xiao coming out of the space crack.

Wang Xiao fell into the abyss and survived. Since Wang Xiao survived, his sister Chen Jia must still be alive.

The next second, Chen Chen saw his sister Chen Jia flying out of the space crack, along with the disciples of the other eight sects who had fallen into the abyss.

"What's going on?"

The elders of the eight great sects were also amazed when they saw Wang Xiao and others suddenly appear. They saw that the disciples of the eight great sects fell into the abyss. The abyss was bottomless and had no power of heaven and earth. If they stepped on it, they could only fall into it, and there was no doubt that they would die. But at this time, they saw these people come back to life.

"Elder, there is a trap here. This man is not a green wood Saint at all!"

When Chen Jia came out, the first thing was to say loudly to the elders of qinglingzong.


The other leading elders of the sect suddenly turned aside when they heard the speech.

"Chen Jia, dare to offend Aoki sage!"

"Shut your mouth and don't talk nonsense here!"

However, in Qingling sect, the elder Zuo'an looked at Chen Jia and shouted at him.

"No need!"

At this time, the golden virtual shadow suddenly waved his hand and looked at the man at the eight Pope's door.

"Hahaha, I wanted you to be euthanized, but some of you are not happy. I can't blame you."

At this time, the Golden Shadow old man suddenly changed his face.

The next second, all the surrounding palaces and attics turned into attraction. Outside the hundred step platform, there were many ancient bones, and the holy golden virtual shadow old man was shrouded in black magic gas and turned into another shape.

This space is shrouded by the array, just like a desperate situation.

"What's going on?"

"Who the hell are you..."

The huge array revealed a breath of terror. Even the elders of the eight sects showed a frightened expression. At this time, they also realized that everything was just a cover up.

What I see now is the real scene of this cave.

"Jie Jie Jie... This emperor is Qingmu ghost emperor!"

Just after the eight patriarchal gates lifted up, the golden streamer released from the prison stele of Shenmo town turned black, slowly solidified and integrated with the virtual shadow old man. At this time, an old man in a gray robe appeared in front of everyone.

The old man in grey robe is surrounded by black air, which gives everyone a feeling of evil, unknown, disgusting and disgusting.

Wang Xiao narrowed his eyes and felt that the breath of the "green wood ghost emperor" was the same as that of the unknown creature in the molten blood.

The two are obviously the same creature, or come from the same place.

"Aoki ghost emperor?"

"Is that the undead Legion yours?"

Wu Xun, one of the leading elders of Tianlei sect, suddenly remembered the undead Legion he had met before.


The grey robed old man Qingmu ghost emperor said with a smile.

"What on earth is all this?"

The elders of the other eight sects looked puzzled.

"Do you want to know?"

"All this should start from ancient times."

"This emperor is one of the eight ghost emperors of the demon family in the demon world. The era of God and devil was sealed here by the great sage of heaven with the prison monument of God and devil Town, which was suppressed and consumed by the prison monument of God and devil town."

"For thousands of years, the emperor wanted to escape from heaven all the time. A chance millions of years ago made the emperor think of the way to leave."

Qingmu ghost emperor was not in a hurry to fight the people of the eight zongmen, and slowly talked about his own affairs.

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