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Chapter: 1107

4 medicinal herbs

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Yao Lao knew that he had been exposed to Xu Ran's eyes.

Powerful alchemists have extremely powerful soul power, and it is a matter of course for them to be able to discover him.

"I haven't done anything wrong in my life. I can only help you this time at most. If this kind of thing happens in the future, our relationship between master and apprentice will be broken." Yao Lao's face was very serious.

Now he is really disappointed with Xiao Yan. Without Xu Ran, Xiao Yan's performance was quite satisfactory, and he was able to maintain his fighting spirit despite all the hard work. This was indeed his satisfaction with Xiao Yan. However, in other respects, Xiao Yan's performance was too poor. When I saw Xu Ran, it was like a different person.

Xu Ran now seems to have become Xiao Yan's nightmare.

"Teacher, I promise that this kind of thing will never happen again in the future." Feeling Yao Lao's change in his attitude towards him, Xiao Yan felt a lot of pain in his heart, and he was worried about gains and losses.

Now Yao Lao is his only hope. If there is no Yao Lao, he will never have the chance to compete with Xu Ran again in this life.

He must not lose Yao Lao.

And these days, Yao Lao has taught him a lot like his elders. In his heart, Yao was always second only to his father in his heart.

"Xu Ran, it's all your fault. Without you, Yao Lao would never have a gap with me." Xiao Yan once again recorded this hatred on Xu Ran. Now Xiao Yan's thinking has been distorted.

After the medicinal materials were prepared, Yao Lao began to refine the medicinal pills under everyone's attention.

Frankland and Master Alto watched Xiao Yan's movements very seriously.

They were surprised to find that Xiao Yan's alchemy technique was completely different from the previous one, and Xiao Yan seemed to have suddenly changed into a person. The flowing alchemy technique, like art, made everyone in the hall stunned.

They could never have imagined that this simple first-grade pharmacist assessment would be so high.

Xiao Yan and Xiaoyi Xian competed in alchemy, and they actually reached the point where they began to refine the fourth-grade elixirs.

"It's incredible!"

"Xiao Yan is actually able to refine fourth-grade medicinal pills. God, how young is he? But I always feel that Xiao Yan is a little weird." Frankland frowned.

"Have you seen it too? Although Xiao Yan was able to refine second-grade medicinal herbs before, his method of alchemy has not yet reached such a level of sophistication. If Xiao Yan can really refine fourth-grade medicinal herbs, why did he see Xiaoyi? Immortals will be so desperate after refining the third-grade medicine pill?"

"And now Xiao Yan doesn't look like a young man at all, his demeanor is more like an old man." Master Alto analyzed. He felt that there must be something wrong with Xiao Yan's body, but in front of him it was indeed Xiao Yan refining the medicinal pills.

"It's really not Xiao Yan who is refining the medicine pill now, but someone is refining the medicine pill for him." Xu Ran explained leisurely.

"Lord Xu Ran, what do you mean?" Master Falkland, Master Alto asked for advice. Xue Mei and Fei Lin also looked at Xu Ran curiously. They were very pleasantly surprised. Sure enough, they could learn a lot of real knowledge by following such a strong man.

"When Xiao Yan came in, he registered his teacher's name, called Yao Lao, right?" Xu Ran asked.

"It's true. We have never heard of such a master alchemist in the Jiama Empire. It stands to reason that the person who can teach such a monstrous person is definitely a very powerful alchemist."

"Yao Lao is not from here, you have never heard of it. You only need Yao Lao to be one of the most powerful alchemists in the world. Yao Lao had only soul power left because of some accidents, and now he is hiding it in Xiao Yan's body."

"There is still such a thing, no wonder Xiao Yan suddenly seems to have changed his personality. It must be that Yao Lao is controlling his body." The dead man was shocked. But they also know that those strong people are difficult to kill, as long as the soul is not destroyed, there is also a chance to make a comeback.

And Yao Lao is obviously such a character.

"Lord Xu Ran, since this is the case, Xiao Yan should be cheating. Then we..." Frankland asked respectfully. Although Yao Lao sounds very mysterious, after all Yao Lao only has a mass of souls left, and Xu Ran is a real and powerful alchemist. Although, he naturally wanted to curry favor with Xu Ran.

"No, let's take a look. I believe Xian'er won't let me down. Her alchemy skills are no worse than anyone else's, she just lacks some experience and strength." Xu Ran looked at Xiaoyi Xian, his eyes changed. Be gentle. This made Xue Mei and Fei Lin couldn't help but feel a little envious. To be favored by Lord Xu Ran, as a woman, I am afraid it is a happy thing.

"Xu Ran. I will definitely win." Seeing Xu Ran's encouraging gaze, Xiao Yixian regained her confidence. No matter what conspiracy and tricks Xiao Yan resorted to, her little medical fairy would not be afraid of Xiao Yan.

There are so many exquisite alchemy techniques in her mind, and she will definitely be able to refine the fourth-grade elixirs.

Little Doctor Immortal thought, and after recovering, she began to prepare her own medicine pill.

This time, Xiaoyixian is more serious than ever before, and she looks more beautiful when she is focused. Concentrated men are very attractive, and this applies to women as well, and dedicated women are equally charming!

Slowly, bursts of Danxiang floated in the hall.

Yao Lao successfully refined an entry-level fourth-grade medicinal pill.

Looking at this elixir, Yao Lao's heart was calm, and he even felt extremely ashamed. Especially seeing the little medical immortal who was focusing on alchemy there, it was even more embarrassing.

Did he really see the wrong person in Yaochen?

Is Xiao Yan the second him again?

Although Xiao Yan has not betrayed him yet, UU reading www.uukanshu. com However, judging from Xiao Yan's current character, if Xiao Yan grows up in the future and knows that he has a powerful strange fire on his body, will he really not be malicious? You must know that Xiao Yan's practice requires constant fusion of powerful flames.

"I succeeded in refining. If Xiaoyixian also successfully refined the fourth-grade medicinal pill, I will not help you again." Yao Lao said lightly. This time, he had already pulled down his old face to refine it.

If he continues to rely on the old to sell the old and bully a little girl, even he will look down on himself.

"This fourth-grade medicinal pill is enough! It is impossible for a small medical fairy to refine a fourth-grade medicinal pill!"

"Little Doctor Immortal is so young, it's impossible to be so evil, even with Xu Ran by her side to help her. Xu Ran is also a human being, and he is not a god. How could it be possible for Xiaoyi Xian to become a master of alchemy so quickly."

In fact, Xiao Yan had no idea in his heart. Before, Xiaoyixian had been creating miracles and hitting him in the face, but now he has no confidence at all.

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