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Chapter: 1120

Xiao Ding Xiao Li died Xiao Yan was desperate

Xiao Yan was full of resentment at the moment.

If he were stronger, wouldn't he be able to protect his family?

At the same time, he was full of guilt.

If Xu Ran really did it, did he implicate them? Xu Ran just likes to target him. In order to trample on his personality and dignity, Xu Ran will do anything.

The eldest and second brothers had never met Xu Ran, let alone offended him. And with their personalities, even if Xu Ran was really shameless, they would step back and would never provoke such a strong man.

However, they are still like this now.

Therefore, Xu Ran did these things for him.

"Big brother, second brother. I'll let you down right away, you wait for me." Xiao Yan jumped and went to untie Xiao Ding and Xiao Li's ropes.

"Don't, Xiao Yanzi, don't waste your energy, it's useless, we all know what our bodies are like now, we won't be able to last long." Xiao Ding said, now to him, it seems like he speaks Going to work hard.

"Little Yanzi, don't act rashly. Their current bodies can't stand the stimulation. If you move their bodies now, maybe they will die now." Yao Lao also said quickly at this moment.

Looking at the scars on Xiao Ding and Xiao Li's bodies, Yao Lao's heart surged with turbulent waves.

He couldn't count how many wounds Xiao Ding and Xiao Li had on their bodies, and these wounds were enough to kill them both. But that ingenious technique has kept them alive.

But once they move too far, they will touch the wounds on their bodies and die instantly.

Now they can only stay there quietly.

Yao veteran told Xiao Yan all this, Xiao Yan's heartache was not enough, and his whole body was filled with resentment.

His two older brothers suffered such inhuman torture, why, why?

Why doesn't everything come to him?

If Xu Ran really wanted to attack him, why didn't he use all the pain and torture on him?

Why did Xu Ran do this?

"Little Yanzi, Xu Ran did all this."

"Xiao Li and I will not live long. I only hope that you will bring back the news of our death. You must expose Xu Ran's true face, and don't let him harm other people in our Xiao family."

"I know that when the family drove you out before, you must have complaints. But that's our home after all. And your eldest brother and second brother have always believed in you, we believe you are innocent, Xiao Yanzi, you are not like that. people."

Xiao Ding's words entered Xiao Yan's heart.

Especially the trust of Xiao Ding and Xiao Li made him burst into tears.

The whole family didn't believe him, not even the father.

But even though the eldest brother and the second brother are not in the family, they still believe in him unconditionally.

This makes his heart seem to be infected, as long as someone believes in him, he will be very happy.

This feeling of blood thicker than water made Xiao Yan both happy and painful. Fortunately, there are still people in this world who believe in him and understand him. The pain is that his two brothers have been tortured so much that they can't even save their lives now. ,

"Why in this world, the good people don't live long? But the bad people can live unrestrainedly. This God is not fair, the world is not fair."

Xiao Yan roared.

Is this the hatred that the Son of Destiny must bear? He knew that many of the protagonists of Xuanhuan would rise slowly only after carrying a **** feud.

But why is he like that too?

He obviously already has a grandfather, why is his rise routine still like this?

Why must he be so miserable? What did Xiao Yan do wrong?

"Little Yanzi, don't be sad. The world is unpredictable, your talent is good, you have been good since you were a child, although your talent has disappeared in the past, but now you have a bright future after the return of the king, you should be able to avenge us. You must Kill Xu Ran, but also bring our Xiao family to rise! The future of our Xiao family is only you."

"That's right. There is also the demon girl Qinglin. If you can't kill Xu Ran, you must kill that demon girl. If we become like this, that demon girl also has a share." Xiao Li also said aside.

Now he doesn't hate Xu Ran at all. Such a strong person makes them fear and can't give birth to resentment at all. They only hated Qinglin, such despicable people must not be better off than them.

"I know, I remember."

Xiao Yan's eyes reddened from crying, looking at the two older brothers, exhausted.

"Also, don't worry about us now, run fast, the farther you run, the better. You have to live well and help us take revenge." Xiao Ding and Xiao Li said to Xiao Yan with all their strength, and then the next moment , the two died of anger.

It is a miracle that they have been able to survive until now, and saying those words has exhausted all their strength.


"Big brother, second brother!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

"It's me, Xiao Yan, who's sorry for you! It's me, Xiao Yan, who provoked Xu Ran, and that's why I brought you murders! It's all my fault, it's all my fault!"

Xiao Yan knelt on the ground and said exhaustedly.

Resentment, despair, pain, anger, self-blame... Xiao Yan didn't know how he was feeling at the moment. He is in extreme pain now.

He felt that it was all his fault.

All in all, he is the culprit.

If he had known that things would turn into what they are now, when Xu Ran took Xun'er away, he would have forbearance. When Xu Ran stole Nalan Yanran, he would hold back. When Xu Ran drove him out of the family, he would still bear it.

He thought that the hatred between him and Xu Ran was just a matter of the two of them. He was wrong, he was thinking too simply.

How could Xu Ran, an unscrupulous person, only attack him. UU reading www.

Now it's just the eldest brother and the second brother, will Xu Ran still kill Xiao Yan in the future? Is there anything else Xu Ran dare not do?

The father and the elders of the Xiao family regarded Xu Ran as the hope of the Xiao family's rise. Xu Ran just wanted to get rid of the girl from the Xiao family. When all his goals were successful, Xu Ran would not be able to treat the Xiao family like that.

"Xiao Yan, are you here?" Xu Ran walked slowly to Xiao Yan's side, held Qinglin's hand, and looked at Xiao Yan who was crying miserably.

Xiao Yan, Xiao Ding, Xiao Li, which one is a good person?

There are no good people in this world. Good and bad, need to be viewed dialectically, only power is eternal.

"Xu Ran, I'll kill you!" Xiao Yan stood up angrily, holding the Xuan heavy ruler and smashing it down at Xu Ran fiercely. At this moment, he just wanted to vent his inner anger.

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