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Chapter: 744


Chapter 744 Agreement  Date- 1 April 2321

Time- 20:58

Location- Sky Blossom City, Guild Association Mall, Warehouse no.234.

"Ms. Agatha you heard her. Anna agreed to let Aba participate as long as you are willing to be my bodyguard for a night. Do you agree to that?" I asked Aba and Agatha who seemed to be lost in their thoughts. Though foreign card apprentices of the card emperor and higher realm required a permit to operate in the southern region, with Anna next to us we didn't have to worry about that.

"Do not attempt to flee. I am looking for a reason to hurt you two. So please, for your sake don't give me a reason." Though Anna seems to have returned to normal she hadn't given up on the idea to teach Agatha a lesson for making her doubt her lover. 

'Of all the men in the world that she could have, why this kid? What is Anna thinking? Maybe she isn't. These crazy southern bitches.' Agatha was busy trying to figure out why a respected card emperor like Anna would fall for a mere card soldier? What did she see in him to choose him over millions of other men? Agatha's mind was too occupied to listen to the boy or the southern emperor's warning. 

"Please be rest assured southern emperor, I will not betray your trust and generosity. You will not regret this." Aba assured Anna. Meanwhile, her retainer was still lost in thoughts trying to wrap her mind around the fact that the southern emperor was head over heels for a boy in the card soldier realm. 

"Before you celebrate, Ask your retainer if she is willing to be my bodyguard for a night?" This agreement was paramount in Aba's release to participate in a mission with her mercenary group. But Agatha or Aba had yet to agree to this clause of our deal.

"..." Agatha was still lost trying to solve the mystery behind the Southern emperor's feelings for a high schooler. 

"Yes, she will be your bodyguard for a night." No matter how Aba said this sentence she couldn't help but feel it sounded ambiguous. Since she was the mercenary group leader Aba had all right to assign a mission for her mercenary group member Agatha, who was currently dazed and lost in thoughts? 

"Good." There were two reasons I asked Agatha to be my bodyguard on the night I planned to Ambush the circle sun blossom branch.

First was because neither Anna nor anyone related to the southern family could be seen helping me destroy a branch of the circle in the sun blossom city. 

The second reason was because of the common secret of every leader of the circle's branch. Clown mask sacrificed her life in the alternate timeline she foresaw to obtain this secret of the Supreme leader of the circle and every leader of its branches. This secret made every leader of the branches of the circle a dangerous entity. I don't know if I will get to see the leader of the circle sun blossom city branch use it but just in case I needed a strong bodyguard to help me deal with it. Considering the political implication this bodyguard cannot be related to the southern region that is where Agatha comes in. she has zero relationships with the southern royal family. If she helped me, no rules will be broken and it will not lead to any political pushback from the opponents. Therefore I asked Agatha to be my bodyguard on the night when I would lay the circle sun blossom branch to waste. 

Now that we have reached an agreement. Anna left with Aba and Agatha. While they were preparing for the mission Anna would chaperone them. Leaving me alone in the warehouse just in time for the bright brothers to bring the newest member of my calamity daughter gem, Roy Blanc.

"Boss, we are here," Nick announced as he and his brothers entered the warehouse with a fourth figure, Roy Blanc.

"Roy Blanc, talk about the array formation covering the Circle sun blossom city branch." I didn't waste time on pointless chatter and directly headed to the matter involving the circle that could prove useful to me in my plan to destroy the circle's beach in sun blossom city. 

"Boss, the array covering the circle's headquarters is called the desolate punisher array. To enter it one needs a token like this one." Saying that Roy handed me a jade token. After scrutinizing it I could feel a small array on it which acted as a mark so that the main array could identify the targets that it should not affect. 

The small array on the jade token was pretty simple, I could replicate it flawlessly. I could create numerous duplicate jade tokens for my people so that they can infiltrate the circle and achieve my goal. But my thoughts were useless as I realized that the array on the jade token was unique and it acted to identify that the jade token belonged to Roy Blanc and could only be used by him alone. 

"Roy, do you know the yin-yang harmony sect's disciple who arranged the desolate punisher array covering the circle headquarters?" Finding that the jade token used to enter the array was a dead end. I have no choice but to come up with a new plan. 

"Yes, I am acquainted with the disciple sent by the yin-yang harmony sect to arrange and maintain the desolate punisher Array," Roy replied. 

"Do you think you can meet him in person?" I asked. 

"Yes, I can. He spends most of the time inside his room so he is easy to find." Roy Blanc replied positively saying that the disciple of the yin-yang harmony sect was an introvert who spent most of his time in his room. 

"Good, here take this and make use of it accordingly." Knowing that Roy could meet the decile of the yin-yang harmony sect, I handed him a storage card with a specific set of instructions. 

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