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Chapter: 759

Fine Gold Plans

Chapter 759 Fine Gold Plans  Date- 2 April 2321

Time- 07:10

Location- Sky Blossom City, Fine Gold Headquarters 

With the Fine Gold towers in my sight, I accelerated my Hoverbike towards the tower main gate no.2 because it was the nearest gate on the route from the warehouse to Fine Gold Headquarters. 

Nearing the gate I saw Cindy along with other security staff members waiting at the gate. Cindy waiting at gate no.2 to receive me I appreciated that. As for the crowd along with her I didn't. Cindy knew that and was the reason why I saw her asking the security staff to get back to their post and not disturb her. A high-ranking senior executive of the company waiting at the gate to receive someone was bound to attract the attention of other staff, especially the Ambitious ones.

After dealing with the nosy staff, Cindy noticed me nearing the gate and waved at me. I directed the hoverbike towards her and stopped it next to her. 

"Boss, you are here." Cindy greeted enthusiastically with a bright smile on her face. 

"I will be in your care." Recalling my hoverbike into the card I asked Cindy to lead the way. 

Following Cindy, I walked the grounds of the Fine Gold, I couldn't help but remember the last time I was here. Back then I was just a helpless little lamb at the mercy of my clients, the Fine Gold. And now I own this fucking place. The woman who would rarely show any expression on her face was now serving me with a big smile on her face. Back then I thought Cindy's facial muscles were dead but now I knew that wasn't the case, they worked fine, it was just that those muscles lacked the interest to make an effort for an orphan high schooler. 

"Boss, I know that you said you weren't going o meddle in Fine Gold Business but I think you should at least know what your investment is up to. This will not be considered meddling, but you checking up on your company." As Cindy lead the way she skipped the small talk as I asked her to but that only lasted for a while and soon she couldn't help but try and tell me that she was an excellent employee who was dedicated to me and someone I could trust. 

There were two ways for a subordinate to let their employer know that they are trustworthy and hardworking, Show and Tell. The showing part works by actually doing the required hard work, hoping that their dedication and commitment towards the job and the company get noticed by the top brass. As far as the Telling part goes it was done by taking the credit for the work done. Whether they participated in the work done was a puzzle that the top brass would choose not to solve. Here's the thing, the Top brass is either busy enjoying the AC in their luxurious office or the exotic cocktails in their fancy parties. Most of the time they have their worries and don't have the time to go around looking at who was doing what, and that is why there are managers the fcking credit hogs who work an honest man to his bones and steal his due credits. 

Right now I can be considered as the top brass of the Fine Gold, Since I barely ever spend time n the compounds of the Fine Gold, Cindy was telling me that she is dedicated and committed to working for me. And I had to go along with her words for now and believe that her priorities lay with me. Therefore for her, these small talks were necessary. It was her begging me to allow her to show me how she can be of use to me. She was basically yelling, 'Boss, use me. Use me for my complete worth.' 

"Tell me, Cindy, what should I check on and where should I begin?" This was me allowing Cindy to show that her priorities lay with me her new boss, not her old boss Diana Kieth. 

"Thank you, boss." Cindy's face blossomed with a confident smile seeing that her new boss has allowed her to give a sales pitch to sell herself and her expertise to him. Cindy knew that though the new boss showed zero interest in the company on the surface, behind the scenes it wasn't actually true. After all, he was the one who was planning to invest more into the company. There is no way a person would invest in something they are not interested in. 

Cindy's hunch was right on, as the guy who was giving the fine gold the contract to become the sole supplier of silver milk powder in the blossom district, her new boss was more than just interested in the company, he wanted to control it from the shadows. Otherwise, it was not worth the investment. The biggest obstacle to her new boss's idea was her old boss. Cindy has long since been planning to jump boats, even if it meant betraying her old boss who gave her this new life because that is how she can survive in this cooperate world. Her old boss was the second-largest shareholder in the company, she would have money even if she lost her current authority, but what bout her? Cindy didn't want to end her career just because her old boss was not willing to transfer her authority to the new boss even though they were willing to reap the fruits of the New boss's hard work. This wasn't a betrayal but survival, "Boss, the company has temporarily stopped taking new clients and halted expanding its already existing businesses. The new agenda of the company is to build a supply chain throughout the blossom district." 

"Interesting, go on." According to Cindy, Diana has put all her plans of expansion for Fine Gold and its other child companies on temporary hold and has directed all the resources of the company to prepare for the upcoming project, supplying silver milk powder to the entire Blossom district. 

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