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Chapter: 760


Chapter 760 Pushback  Date- 2 April 2321

Time- 07:20

Location- Sky Blossom City, Fine Gold Headquarters 

"Right now the main focus of the company is to map a safe route throughout the blossom district for distribution. Until now Fine Gold merchants were only operating in the neighboring cities, now suddenly expanding to the entire Blossom district was a huge leap. But it is okay since our respected CEO Diana has been planning for this for years." Though Cindy spoke of the current plans and priorities of the company she was actually pointing out where Diana was going wrong by rushing things. Her addressing Diana as CEO Diana and not as the boss was a micro sign from her expressing that she has already switched her boss. 

"But, you think CEO Diana's plans are not enough to handle this big transition, don't you?" The last sentence spoken by Cindy sounded a little satirical she did not believe Diana would pull this off just because she dreamed to expand Fine Gold to the Blossom district one day. Fine Gold was a big fish down south but as you move closer to the capital you rarely see big fish as it is filled with sharks and whales. So just because you dreamed to be in the big leagues in your childhood doesn't mean that you will enter the big leagues out of nowhere. Right now Fine Gold was trying to enter the deeper waters whether it will be able to swim deeper or float to the surface or be devoured was not clear but just moving forward on a flimsy plan was not going to work, as big leagues are different and things are done differently around here. 

"I don't mean to undermine or criticize CEO Diana's plan for the company in any way…" Cindy dragged her words like virtuous little employ who would never betray her boss. 

"But…" I knew there was a but in Cindy's sentence and I helped her find it. I acted along with Cindy, hiding behind these whimsical charades makes her feel more safe than fine. Whatever works for her as long I am getting the worth of my time.

"But I don't think that Fine Gold is ready to become the sole supplier for the entire Blossom district. If CEO Diana continues with her plan then Fine Gold will fall on its face hard. Then I don't know if we will be able to recover from the losses incurred." And there it was folks, the virtuous employee finally admitted that she wasn't a virgin. Cindy spoke her mind criticizing Diana and her plan for the company. She didn't hesitate to predict the downfall of Fine Gold as a company. 

"Cindy, tell me, why do you think so?" I enquired the virtuous employee of her naughty escapades. If a girl tells you she lost her virginity Who, When, Where, How, and Why were the obvious questions.

"First of the status and market differences. The blossom district has a few second-tier cities, their market is way different from the market in a third-tier city. And how can the people of Second-tier cities allow folks from third-tier city enter their market? There will be a lot of pushback and resistance. If it was just one city, Fine Gold could fight back, hell even give the folks from the second-tier city a run for their money. We are not talking about a single city, are we? But the entire Blossom district. The forces of the Fine Gold will be stretched thin. There is no way that the fine gold will be able to overcome the pushback and resistance of the folks from the second-tier cities.

Fine Gold isn't armed with enough good men for this task, CEO Diana understands this, therefore, she has started hiring more staff. Here's the thing about the new staff, their priorities don't lie in interest with Fine Gold but themselves, so when things become intense, believe me, they will, these people will not hesitate to bail. Some will rise to the occasion but the latter will be true for most of the part. 

The Circle, they haven't forgotten the debt CEO Diana owes them. We have caught a spy of the circle in the recruits, who knows how many more have or are trying to infiltrate the company." The escapades Cindy had in store for me were not small, one has to remember she was the virtuous employee who started off saying she didn't want to undermine or criticize her old boss. But when she got the chance she showed that she had a lot of opinions about Diana and how she did things. 

"Don't worry about the circle, it isn't a problem." When the Fine Gold was just an up-start it was the backing of the circle that helped it grow to its current glory. Now that Fine Gold is ready to spread its wings wide, Circle was here to hitch a ride. They were an easy problem to solve but the real problem was that the Fine Gold didn't understand its inability and was swallowing more than it could chew. If it continues like this it would choke itself into self-destruction. 

What I am implying here was why is Fine Gold trying to break into the market of other cities? Instead of outsourcing the distribution of silver milk powder to the locals, as the royal family was opting to do? If Diana chose to outsource the distribution to a local or even partner with the locals, she wouldn't have to go through the hardship of facing pushback and resistance from the folks of the second-tier cities to break into their markets. Even if she manages to successfully enter their market, she still had to understand their market as it was way different from the market in a third-tier city. Fine Gold had zero experience with how the second-tier city market works. Diana was basically setting up herself to fail. 

"Diana is smarter than this, what is the problem here? What is causing her to choose this suicidal route?"

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