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Chapter: 762

Young Heroes Ranking

Chapter 762 Young Heroes Ranking  Date- 2 April 2321

Time- 07:48

Location- Sky Blossom City, Fine Gold Sky Blossom Branch, Fine Gold Tower no.2, Mess

"Sunny side up omelet, Bacon, and freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast, you know how to win a man's stomach, Cindy," I said as I took a bite of bacon.

"I am happy that the breakfast is to your liking Boss," Cindy said humbly as she used her gold-plated cutleries to cut the bacon into small pieces before eating it with a fork. 

"Card Overlords with ego gems and broken runes, no wonder Diana has to go through these means, despite the initial losses, trying to find forces to partner up in those cities." The tiger will let the calf live until it is hungry again. That is what Diana was trying to achieve around the blossom district.

By trying to break into the market of the cities in the blossom district, Diana was actually conducting reconnaissance to figure out how she could suppress the local tyrants of these cities. Similar to how in my plan I choose the Bright and Whiteburn families to suppress the circle in the sky blossom city, Diana's plan involved finding families and organizations in these cities that were willing to stand up to the local tyrant organization tempted by the profits the silver milk powder distribution and sales would reel in. 

These families from 2nd-tier cities also looked down on Fine Gold, but they would not dare to be demanding because they have already made the enemy out of their cities' local tyrants. Now they wouldn't want to get blacklisted by the southern royal family, at least not until they can fill their pockets, hence the tiger will let the calf live until it is hungry again.

Abmist the cooperation Fine Gold will gain a lot of capital to grow and expand its company and operations. Not to mention I promised Diana to give her a platinum grimoire if she formed an ego gem within the next three months. So keeping the enemy by their side the Fine gold will grow stronger than their so-called partners. If Diana's plan works then within a year of the distribution and sales of silver milk powder, Fine Gold will grow to the point where it can single-handedly dominate the entire Blossom district market. 

Thinking of all this I couldn't help but marvel at Diana's plan. This is why I let her lead the Fine Gold and planned to her lead all my operations in sky blossom city instead of my calamity daughter gems. If I had let my calamity daughter gem take charge of Fine Gold then in the end I would have to do all the work while they followed my orders. But Diana had already started paving the future path for the Fine Gold. This proved my theory that when it comes to using brains using regular people would be wise choice as my calamity gems were best suited for grunt work and brawns. 

"..." Hearing me perfectly see through what Diana was trying to achieve by trying to enter the market of the cities around the Blossom district despite the limited resources Cindy was without words. On the surface it may look like Diana doesn't know her limits and is trying to bite more than she can chew. Once you know that a product like silver milk powder exists and Fine Gold is going to be the sole distributor in the blossom district, you start to see the pattern in Fine Gold's recent behavior, they only showed intention to enter the markets of the cities around blossom district but are holding back making excuses that they haven't yet mapped a safe route for Fine Gold merchant ships around the blossom district. Fine Gold was just testing the waters, trying to figure out the big fishes, sharks, and whales in the deep waters of the blossom district. 

"Cindy, you seem restless is something the problem?" I said looking at Cindy who was no longer enjoying her breakfast. 

"Nothing, boss. Everything is fine." Cindy answered hastily. 

Date- 2 April 2321

Time- 08:04

Location Sky Blossom City, Fine Gold Sky Blossom Branch, Fine Gold Tower no.1, Tower no.1 Penthouse office

"Sister, Sister… Not good." Jaya rushed into her sister's office while yelling for her sister. 

"Jaya, how many times have I asked you to knock before entering?" Diana snapped at her sister not caring for the anxious look on her face.

"Sister, you are worried about this, when everything you have built is about to be set on fire," Jaya argued impatiently. 

"Fire? Where's the fire?" Diana asked looking at her little sister with great interest. 

"Your trustee is planning a coup and you are in the mood for jokes?" Jaya snapped at her sister for not taking her words seriously. 

"Oh, really. Does that make it ok for to you rush into my office without knocking?" Diana choose to ignore her little sister's words and prioritized disciplining her.

"You are still hung up on that? Didn't you hear what I just said?" Jaya was irritated that her sister was still hung up on the fact that she did not knock before entering her office. 

"They say education begins at home, seeing your disappointing rank in the sky blossom young heroes list I have decided to adopt that saying in our daily life—" Before Diana could finish her words she was interrupted by Jaya.

"The sky blossom young heroes list is out already? What ranking am I?" Jaya asked with great expectation. Forgetting the reason why she was here.

"You should be ashamed to ask after your disappointing performance in the tournament. Heck, I am ashamed to tell you your ranking. Back in my days, I was ranked no1. All the high schoolers rallied behind me to form a high school gang and now look at you, you are such a disappointment." Diana lectured her sister. 

"You didn't have monsters like Wyatt, Corey, and Cortney in your time. Back then they didn't have a city-wide tournament. You were lucky they made the young heroes list based on the information they gathered otherwise who knows what your actual rank would be. Now tell me my rank." Jaya argued. 

"You are one to talk, you didn't even fight them, heck, you didn't even make it to the semifinals." Diana mocked her little sister for her disappointing performance in the city tournament. 

"Let me see…" ignoring her sister's remarks Jaya grabbed her sister's grimoire to check her rank in the sky blossom's young heroes list, soon she gasped in astonishment and yelled, "What is this? You were spying on them? No wonder you weren't worried." 


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