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Chapter: 122

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs members, who had been suffering from Demela for a long time, were secretly saddened. Well, although they stuck their tongue out at Annie’s performance.

"Of course it’s voluntary, you don’t have to participate, but it would be nice if you could come. I’ve put an order for the best dish."

As he said this, she couldn’t refuse.

"Yes. I will participate."

But she felt like she had forgotten something. Annie fiddled with the half-empty glass of tomato juice.


She was troubled as Demela took a sip of the wine.

"Dsev. Sanel will visit the palace tomorrow, so please refer to it in your schedule."


At the familiar name, Annie asked unknowingly.

"What? Sanel?"


"Is that Sanel the one I know?"

Annie’s puzzled face gradually filled with anticipation. If it was definitely Sanel, she was naturalized in a foreign country, and there were often times when she needed the help of the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When she got excited, Demela smiled. He made Annie a face-to-face consultant for the designer Sanel, just in case, and it was an excellent choice.

The Porkaus people never disliked Sanel products. However, it was strange to people who were not interested in fashion like himself, of course.

"Yes. That Sanel."

"Oh my God… to actually see Sanel. Can I do it?"

"Your skills are enough."

Annie felt gratitude to Ejed again. She could even meet the designer she had always admired.

She did well to join the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If it weren’t for Ejed, it would have been difficult for her to enjoy such luxury.

"Even if she’s picky, you’ll have a good time. You only need to answer a few questions that Sanel asks."

"I will be very careful not to make a mistake."

Demela and Wharton grinned as Annie, initially full of enthusiasm, burned even more.

Meanwhile, when the two colleagues looked like they were chewing poop, Demela said to them.

"All you need to do is prepare to welcome Princess Ershatina."

"Princess Ershatina? Demela, Is that real?"


When Wharton asked, he bluntly affirmed. Then Annie couldn’t help but admire it.

‘If it’s Princess Ershatina… From a powerful country, she was a princess who was raised like gold branch jade leaf*.’ (meaning a precious and priceless child)

She couldn’t forget that name. She was the beauty representing the continent, and she was very sickly and had a high spirit.

As famous as she was, Annie has heard as many rumors as the tyrant Ejed.

‘They seem to want an amicable relationship with Porcaus from there but for the princess to come directly.’

On the other hand, at Demela’s words, the faces of the two lords slowly loosened.

"Then. Let’s all work out the remaining time."


"Ahhh… I’m going to die like this."

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Annie, who returned from an explosive job, fell on her bed. It hurt from the pressure on her nose, but she had no strength to move.

She was busy in the afternoons doing the backlog and helping out with the seniors. Moreover, on the way home from work, she was also engaged in painting and writing travel books in her spare time, so even her soul was about to disappear.

Carla gave her some medicinal herbs that were good for her body, but it had no effect. Annie muttered as she grabbed the bedsheet.

"Wash… and go to sleep."

Her eyelids are tightly closed. She was immersed in her thoughts with a hazy mind.

‘I have to play with Lang too…’

Although her family and Carla took her for a walk, Annie had her own share.

‘You must do it next time.’

Annie, who had made up her mind, fell asleep holding the bedsheet tightly.

Meanwhile, Ejed, who entered the dressing room at that time, fell into serious trouble. In front of the full-length mirror, Sev was on his broad shoulders.

Ejed asked seriously.

"Sev. What should I wear tomorrow?"

"Kiing, kiing."

"Annie saw me wearing only very dark clothes. Shall we try something lighter this time?"

He took out the clothes he had prepared beforehand. It was a bright type of clothes that he was not familiar with during his lifetime.

The colorful suited such as beige, cream, and sky blue made his eyes clear just by looking at them.

Ejed, holding the beige suit from among them, looked over his body.

His clothes generally fit well, thanks to his small face and tall stature.

But he was not satisfied.

His nerves were very sensitive.

‘How can Fizz get to know Annie so quickly…’

Maybe it’s a matter of personality and appearance. Fizz, an extrovert, was bright and cheerful, and he wore quite bright clothes.

So there were many times that his face looked more radiant. It was as if he lived in a world opposite to himself.

Ejed’s shoulders sag a little.

‘The guy Annie had dated before also looked good in bright clothes.’

He may not fit into Annie’s ideal type. There are areas where love cannot be developed only through effort.

Sev rubbed its neck as if comforting Ejed. Thanks to that, he was able to find energy.

‘Yes. Annie also said that we have a deeper relationship than Fizz.’

Annie was thoughtful and caring, but she is never the person to lie.

Recalling the friendly eyes, Ejed worked hard to put several clothes on his body.

‘Let’s go on a proper date tomorrow.’

The work continued until dawn.

As the day dawned, Ejed, who had fed Seb, stood in front of the closet. He smiled, dusting off the light beige suit.

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"If the day goes by sooner…"

There was no fatigue on his face. If possible, he seemed to be able to run right now to the Dsev mansion.

His long fingers brushed against his soft clothes.

"See you later, Annie."

A voice filled with love rang at dawn.

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