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Chapter: 124

Annie and Carla used to stay up all night speculating and discussing who the person was.

"Did it go well with him?"

"The man doesn’t love me."

No, she can’t believe this is happening. Annie’s face turned pale at the dry answer. She asked because she wondered if there was any man who could reject the noble and wonderful Sanel.

‘However… I got her heart broken.’

Annie, who had blamed herself for the rudeness, tried to apologize quickly.

Then, Sanel added her words in a dry tone.

"I don’t love him either. The sincere love of others inspired me. It was a story about two men and women, not me."

"Ah… Then…"

The motive for Sanel’s naturalization was the story of the love of others, not herself.

At the shocking fact, Annie stared blankly at her.

"Let’s talk more about it later. It’s rude to talk without the person involved."

It was a strange nuance. If so, it seemed that the parties to that great scandal could also be seen.

Sanel stroked Annie’s wayward hair.

"In the meantime, make sure you stay well."

"Ah… th-thank you."

"Me too."

Sanel, who said something inexplicable, winked and climbed into the black carriage. It was as pitch-black as the dress she was wearing.

Annie, staring blankly at the carriage, which was moving away from her, covered her mouth with her hands.

‘Oh my gosh.’

She was lucky to meet Sanel in person like this. It was no exaggeration to say that this was truly a family honor and a lifelong pride.

What’s more, she gave her a chance to see the lovers who gave her great inspiration.

‘The luck that left the house is back…’

No, to be honest, it wasn’t luck for leaving the house. After meeting Ejed, she was full of better luck.

Annie smiled softly.

‘Thanks to His Majesty, I joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and I met Miss Sanel… Ah. Come to think of it, today His Majesty is…’

Then, from afar, Wharton called Annie.

"Lady Dsev! I have an urgent matter, can you help me?"

"Oh, yes. I’ll be right there!"


Annie squeezed her tired eyes with the back of her hand.


She worked so frantically that it was completely dark outside the window.

Clack, clack.

Raindrops hit the window. The smell of autumn wafted through them.

‘Time goes very fast.’

Most other officials have already finished organizing their things, saying they are having a dinner party. Approaching Annie, they, in turn, patted her little shoulder and encouraged her.

"You worked hard today too. Come on, let’s go and quench our thirst."

"Thanks to Lady Dsev, our work has decreased, but only the Lady is struggling. Stop working now."

Everyone looked at Annie well.

Annie, who helped her co-workers during her working hours, was very likable when her own work was not enough.

Her cohort, who sat next to her, rose to their feet with disapproval.

"Ah yes."

Annie also hurriedly started organizing her desk in consideration of the seniors.

And finally, Annie, who closed the ink lid, paused.

‘It’s strange. I seem to have forgotten something…’

She’s obviously done what she had to do, so what’s the problem?

‘I’ve seen it all. The delivery of documents is over…’

Then, Wharton, who was standing at the door, called her.

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"Lady Dsev, everyone is out, but you’re the only one who hasn’t come; what are you doing? The lights will go out soon!"

"Ah, yes, I’m going!"

Annie quickly got up and walked over to Wharton. He continued talking to her after that so that her thoughts could not be continued.

Wharton was a nice guy, but he couldn’t be distracted. Annie went to the party, answering his questions as much as possible.

Demela specially selected the restaurant with an outdoor terrace. Officials who had already taken their respective tables greeted Annie by applauding when she arrived.

‘It’s kind of embarrassing.’

Annie moved quickly to find a vacant seat. There was only one table, empty.

But there, the two cohorts were seated together.

‘…Isn’t this the only place left?’

A sigh came out. It seemed that the seniors gave little consideration to her colleagues to strengthen their friendship.

Reluctantly, when she sat down, the two colleagues raised the corners of their lips as if laughing.

"You’re moving very slowly. Can’t you see everyone waiting?"

"It’s selfish. Is it because of those shoes?"

Their eyes touched Annie’s pink shoes.

"Even in the hallway, I heard an annoying noise every time you walked."

"Isn’t the person the same with their shoes? It’s natural to make a noise every time someone walks."

Annie and the two lords were putting their claws while smiling softly.

It looked like an active volcano that was about to explode at any moment, but on the surface, they looked friendly.

The table was filled with the hands of the staff carrying the food from the serving cart. The main menu was steak, wine, vodka, liquor, and beer.

Annie’s table was no exception.

‘I should just eat.’

Annie, holding the fork and knife in her hand, said to herself. Wasn’t it enough to just ignore the ones in front of her?

"Alright. Let’s all fill our glasses."

Annie fell into her thoughts as Demela offered a toast from afar.

Tomorrow’s work would be a little difficult if she drank like this. Moreover, her current menstruation overlapped, and her physical condition was not good.

‘Should I drink some wine?’

At that time, Lord Lemnas started an argument.

"That’s why you can’t be a woman."


"To come all the way to this place and not have it. You don’t drink, and yet you try to fit in with men, but you’re going over your topic anyway."

Annie, who looked at them pathetically, clicked her tongue.

‘You’re really sincerely talking like a dog. Yes, bark, bark.’

Lord Lemnas said in a sharp voice.

"His Majesty has been judged wrong by treating women as Imperial officials. Isn’t that a pitifully unreasonable move?"

She was going to say a word, but from afar, Demela raised his glass full of wine high.

Annie also grabbed her own glass of wine.

"Yes. Lord Lemnas, who is so proud."



As the party started with cheers from the officials around her, Annie put the glass to her mouth.

The red wine disappeared in an instant.

"Today, we will see how well the two lords drink until the end."

Annie said with a sullen smile and picked up another glass to drink instead of the emptied one.

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It was a full glass of vodka.

"Let’s make a toast."

She couldn’t lose. Her colleagues who bit their mouths also raised a glass of vodka.


The glasses collided.

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