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Chapter: 13

Duke Rubia and Erez seemed really busy, and Joshua did not come out by pretending to be busy after dinner.

Seraphine was also being herself, but she seemed to go out more because she was afraid of encountering her grandmother while staying at home like a rascal.

‘To be precise, I would have hated the nagging that followed.’

At first glance, her grandmother was not a nagging person.

However, Joshua was well aware of the adult’s reactions when he saw the growing child and made a very good judgment.

In the end, only Seraphine, who had no friends and nowhere to go, remained in the house.

It was all about killing time by pretending to read and going out to the stuffy garden.

Considering that they would be uncomfortable with each other, Seraphine deliberately avoided her grandmother’s time and went out to the garden.

However, it seems that the maids didn’t look properly.

Seraphine, who found the Madame standing in the same position as yesterday, turned around in bewilderment.

"I don’t care, so don’t deliberately try to avoid me."

Madame also saw Seraphine.

In this case, she pretended not to hear but it was difficult to leave.

Madame noticed Seraphine standing awkwardly and spoke quickly as if she had caught hold of her.

"I was in a hurry yesterday, so I unilaterally apologized to you. I thought it was enough to hold your hand again. There’s no end to human greed."


"You don’t have to forgive me, so I hope you don’t avoid me. I didn’t come back to make you uncomfortable."

After hearing Madame’s words, Seraphine had a question.

One apology was enough.

However, despite knowing everything, why does Madame want to stay close to me?

Seraphine ended up carefully questioning her.

"Grandmother knows that it’s not good to be with me."

"I lived as long as I could, but what’s the point of living a few more days?"

"You’re still on the right track, so don’t say it even if it seems to pass."

"The weight of death is not so light."

Seraphine cut her off without realizing it.

Madame, who took it as her granddaughter’s worry, laughed.

No grandparent would hate to hear their granddaughter’s sincere nagging.

"Actually, I heard a rumor about you when I came here. They say I’m raising a stray cat in the Rubia family, so it seems like they’re talking about things they don’t know."

TL/N:Stray cat- meaning Seraphine

With that said, Madame finished what she was doing while bending down.

Curious, Seraphine approached.

"You take care of the garden yourself."

"I used to take care of this garden whenever I had time. People talk a lot, but plants are quiet, so it’s much better."

Madame was planting the wildflowers she saw yesterday.

Suddenly, Seraphine remembered what she had said in front of Madame yesterday.

Madame seemed to have forgotten what she said as if they were passing words, saying that she did not want to pick up flowers that ruin the scenery and threw them away.

Seraphine felt a little ashamed.

"Thank you for keeping your promise."

"…I’m just doing what’s right."

Seraphine wasn’t just talking about planting wildflowers now.

She also talked about the times of taking away someone’s magic when she made contact with them.

The granddaughter, who confessed her innermost thoughts, was embarrassed to say thank you, so Madame turned her head.

"May I help you?"

"Well, it’s not so hard that I need the hands of my precious granddaughter. I’ve already done everything I had to do."

In case Seraphine rushed to help, Madame stood up while patting her on the back.

"I heard from your father that you wanted to break up the engagement. He seems to be busy dealing with that these days."

"….I see."

"I approved it."

Surprised, Seraphine looked at Madame.

"Even if my voice in the family has weakened, I won’t ignore it at all."

"Aren’t you going to blame me?"

"Why do you think so?"

In order to maintain the engagement, the Rubia family gave money to the royal family.

However, this did not mean that the Rubia family had no political advantage.

Depending on the circumstances, it might have been better to conclude the engagement with Seraphine’s death.

Seraphine thought that her grandmother, who caused the revival of the Rubia family, which was followed by a great deal of fame, was likely to make a judgment by separating public and private matters.

"It’s not like breaking up an engagement is going to ruin your life, but there will be problems."

Madame wiped the dirt off her hands while shaking her hands.

"I don’t like the picture of another woman on the subject in an engagement, but I heard that you were periodically supplied with magic thanks to your fiance."


"If you break your engagement like this, you won’t be able to receive as much magic as before, so what do you plan to do in the future?"

There was a look of hope for a plan.

Seraphine, who didn’t have a great life plan, slightly averted her gaze.

"I know. I haven’t thought about it in detail yet."

"It’s not your fault that you’re sick, but live as long as you can."

Madame interpreted Seraphine’s attitude as giving up on life.

"No matter where you go, you must live longer than your father. You must not think of biting the dust before this grandmother."




"Call me Grandma like when you were little."

"…Yes, Grandma."

Seraphine was hesitant and awkwardly pronounced ‘Grandma’.

‘It’s not the way you look at a monster in your dreams.’

It was a body that took the lives of others.

She could have been afraid, but she had more wrinkles than in her dreams, and she had friendly eyes.

"The wind is cold. I only needed to clean the garden today, so let’s go inside."


"And I have a present for you, but unfortunately it’s late because it is an object. Instead, why don’t you try some quality tea I brought from the Machev region?"

"Yes, of course."


Seraphine, who had some doubts for a moment, thought nothing of it and understood the meaning of their unfinished conversation yesterday, and affirmed it with a good attitude.

So the two had a less burdensome tea time than yesterday.

If Erez, who returned earlier, hadn’t come in to say hello, they would have lost track of time talking.


"Yes, Grandmother."

As if it was just right, Madame called Erez, who was about to go back.

"Go out with Seri and buy her a pair of gloves that fit her perfectly. I’ll leave the money in front of me."


"It was because of me that the gloves got soiled and became unusable. You’re straightforward like your father, but at least you have a better eye than this old man."

Erez alternated between the Madame, who nicknamed Seraphine, and Seraphine, who affectionately called her grandma.

He was always expressionless, but a look of surprise passed by for a moment.

To be honest, Seraphine thought he would reject his grandmother’s request.

We’ve been arguing lately, and we’re not usually very close siblings.

"All right."

But Erez nodded before Seraphine said there was no need.

Madame smiled contentedly.

"The two of you go. After a long time chatting with my granddaughter, I want to take a nap for a while."

Madame waved her hand, telling Seraphine to leave because she would have refused to do so.

Then she called Seraphine as if she had forgotten to say something.


"Yes, Grandma."

"Don’t forget to come back and show off the things that Erez chooses for you."

She sounded as if she were going to kick Erez out of the house if he didn’t like it.

For a moment, Seraphine, who laughed quietly without realizing it, nodded.

"Yes, I understand."

Erez stared intently at Seraphine’s side profile.

‘Is there something on me?’

Seraphine, bewildered by his blatant gaze, quickly changed her expression.

Soon the carriage was ready.

As she tried to get into the carriage, Erez naturally held out his hand.


Seraphine, who unintentionally tried to hold his hand, stopped.

‘I was in contact for a long time, so my mother passed away. Maybe even now…’

Naturally, the flow of her thoughts went that way.

Seraphine, who quickly turned her head as if ignoring Erez’s hand, passed by him and got into the carriage.

‘A little touch won’t kill you right away. However, it cannot be said that there is no effect.’

Seraphine couldn’t help it because she didn’t know it until now, but now she felt like she shouldn’t.

She needed to act consciously.

But when she sat facing Erez, he noticed.

‘You thought I ignored you, right?’

Seraphine thought Erez might be displeased if she changed her position.

I got caught up in the thought that I shouldn’t touch him, so I got into the carriage as if I were avoiding him.

"Brother, what happened just now… "

She couldn’t confess the truth straight away, so she tried to make a simple excuse.

What should I say to convince Erez of this situation?

As she muttered her words because she was thinking for a moment, Erez looked at Seraphine with an indifferent look on his face.

"I’ll be careful from now on."

He seemed to move on because Seraphine usually freaked out over a slight touch.

​​There was no need to make excuses thanks to this, but the real problem was different.


‘I can’t breathe.’

It was hard for her to breathe because of how awkward it was to be alone in the carriage with Erez.

If Seraphine had gone out with Joshua or her father, she wouldn’t have felt so awkward.

‘Grandma was so afraid that I might step on dirt, that she didn’t even get dirt on her gloves. Still, I suppose she made an excuse to ask Erez to buy me gloves on purpose to give me a reason to go out.’

Unlike Joshua, Seraphine had no close friends.

She was still ill and could not go out very well, but there was no one to call, so she stayed at home even more.

If she wanted to breathe the fresh air, she went out to the garden. It was Madame’s consideration, who quickly noticed that fact.

However, if the person you go with is wrong, something wrong will happen.

I should have refused before Erez accepted it.

With belated regret, Seraphine arrived at a famous boutique.

"Oh, my. What’s going on? I can’t believe Young Master Rubia and Lady Rubia are visiting Jihee’s Boutique in person. I know that our staff recently visited the mansion, so what are you doing here today?"

Young Master? Lady?

Or both?

The employee who smelled money asked politely.

"Not me, but my sister."

Erez briefly stated the purpose of his visit.

The fact that Seraphine and Erez, who were rumored to be on bad terms, visited together was enough to cause a stir.

The employee guided the brother and sister inside with twinkling eyes.

"If you sit down, I’ll bring a catalog of women’s clothes."

"No, you don’t have to."


"I’ll check for myself."

Seraphine was puzzled by the unexpected situation. She couldn’t believe Erez was being so proactive.

"Brother, you don’t have to."

"Grandmother told me to choose. I’ll check with my own eyes and come back with something that suits you."

If only the place was not a boutique, it would have been the perfect attitude for a knight going to war.

‘Brother is having a hard time because of Grandma.’

Seraphine quickly noticed that he was very tense.

It was worth seeing my grandmother after a long time.

I’m sure he’ll have his grandmother’s reputation as the next Duke of Rubia.

"You’re not feeling well, so you should rest. I’ll pick up a few good ones and bring them home."

It seemed that he was going to trust his own eyes as his grandmother requested.

He was a perfectionist.

Seraphine nodded, feeling a burdensome responsibility on her face.

Even if he had said he didn’t want to, Erez would have euphemistically refused and done what he wanted.

‘Grandma told me to buy only a pair of gloves… but is it so serious to buy pairs of gloves?’

Obviously, her body was comfortable, but her mind became uncomfortable.

But now he was unable to drag Erez home.

"Lady, if you need anything, please let me know."

"Then will you bring me the catalog? I’d like to have a look while I wait."

"All right."

It didn’t look like Erez would be back any time soon.

However, she thought she would hear a word if she followed Erez, so Seraphine enjoyed the refreshments while looking at the catalog provided by the boutique.

Much time had passed.

She heard a familiar voice and turned her head.


There was her fiance who she recently broke up with after notifying him of their separation.

And next to him…

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