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Chapter: 14


Melanie stood next to Leonhardt as if it was natural.

"Your Highness, I’m fine."

"Do you think it makes sense for a noble girl to walk around without a proper dress?"


"I’m giving it to you because I like it, so don’t complain anymore."

As they entered the boutique, they seemed to have not found Seraphine yet.

Seraphine, who was about to get up from her seat, just straightened her posture and called the staff.

I admit we’re on bad terms.

However, there was no reason to avoid him first.

It’s not my fault.

"Did you call? Lady?"

"The tea tastes good. This is my first time tasting it, can you tell me the name?"

Seraphine’s appearance of asking questions with a gentle smile was impeccable.

The employee, who approached her nervously while prepared to be criticized, became very relieved.

"You have a good eye, Lady. This is the saffron tea we just bought."

Seeing Seraphine nodding quietly, the employee spoke more.

"Since only three pistils are collected from a single saffron, the price is high, but it was very difficult to obtain because there were not many of them. When a special guest visits, we’ll serve it."

"Hearing that, I think I should pay for the tea."

"I didn’t mean to burden you."

Considering that the owner of the body used to be extravagant, it was not unusual for her to be treated as a VIP.

Still, it was natural for Seraphine to feel generous when the employee said that she had brought out a precious tea.

Seraphine and the employee were quietly talking, mentioning some of the products she noticed in the catalog.

Leonhardt, who found Seraphine, pretended to know her first.

"Lady Rubia."

Seraphine, pretending to be slightly surprised, rose from her seat, as if she had only noticed Leonhardt’s presence now.

"I greet the Little Sun of the Empire. I didn’t expect to see you here."

Seraphine’s gaze briefly turned to Melanie.

Although it was a fleeting moment, Melanie flinched and hid behind Leonhardt’s back as if her conscience was pricked.

It was a movement that anyone might assume that Seraphine was glaring at Melanie.

"I can’t believe you went out. That’s rare."

"I had no choice because someone insisted that they had to give me a present."


He seemed to be asking if there was anyone who would give her a present.

Considering Seraphine’s limited personal relationships, he could have thought so.

However, it was rude to express those thoughts in front of the person.


Seraphine looked at the employee while answering without explaining the situation.

​​The employee was restless for fear of causing a big commotion. Then, when she met Seraphine’s eyes, she asked carefully.

"Shall I bring the Young Master?"

"I’m tired, so tell him to pick something and come down. Also say, if you don’t like anything, don’t waste your time."

"Yes, I understand."

It was also an honor for the employee for the daughter of Duke Rubia or the Crown Prince to visit the boutique in person.

However, this combination was an unbearable bomb.

She wanted to tell the Crown Prince who came in later to leave, but she didn’t have the courage to do so.

But she also did not have the courage to ask Princess Rubia to leave.

Considering the rumors surrounding her, she would grab someone’s hair if she gets slightly offended, and even hearing the word ‘You’ in ‘Can you please leave’ will make her want to topple the boutique.

‘Maybe I should close the business today.’

Only the employee caught in the middle had to quietly swallow her tears.

Fortunately, Lady Rubia expressed her intention to move first.

Surprisingly, she did not seem particularly angry when she saw her fiance’s lover.

However, she was not sure when it was going to explode, so the employee rushed to call Erez before the sparks ignited on her.

Meanwhile, Leonhardt, who heard their conversation, responded incredulously.

‘Young Master?’

He misunderstood by hearing it as just Young Master, not Young Master Rubia.

‘Are you seeing another man?’

Seraphine was visiting with a man from another family.

"Ah, your Highness, didn’t you come to this boutique for business?"

Seraphine said, responding with a reaction like she had forgotten Leonhardt’s existence in that short time.

I meant don’t linger here and do what you have to do.

"This is similar to last time."

"What do you mean?"

Leonhardt thought that Seraphine had met another man after they broke off the engagement to get his attention.

When he saw Seraphine pretending to be innocent, he said to himself that her acting skills had improved a lot.

"There was something we talked about last time. Since you’ve been able to organize your thoughts in the meantime, let’s move somewhere else and continue our conversation."

"The conversation was over that day."

"Lady Rubia."

Leonhardt took Seraphine.

It seemed like he wouldn’t accept any more complaints.

It was not a pleasant experience to talk with a person who couldn’t communicate.

Leonhardt approached before Seraphine, who felt her head throbbing, said anything.

"It’s time for you to run out of magic."

It wasn’t something to be talked about out loud in front of others, so Leonhardt whispered in her ear.

Seraphine shuddered.

"It would be better to obey, for your sake. It would be a big deal if you run out of energy because you don’t have enough magic."

At first glance, he seemed to be worried about her.

However, in the end, it meant that he could do whatever he wanted.

"Melanie, I have something to talk about with Lady Rubia, so you can look around here."

"No, you don’t have to."

Seraphine stopped Leonhardt from leading her out.

"Because what I said to your Highness back then still holds true. I don’t need it. Your Highness’ magic."


"And now your Highness is not alone. Take care of your partner first."

"I don’t care why I’m here because I’m not in a hurry."

Leonhardt’s remarks surprised both of them.

One was Seraphine, the other was Melanie.

Melanie was somewhat perplexed that Leonhardt, who had always left his fiancee behind, chose Seraphine.

Leonhardt, who didn’t care about the reactions around him, grabbed Seraphine’s wrist and tried to drag her away.

It was then.

"May I help you?"

Erez intervened between the two.

At that moment, when Leonhardt realized that the Young Master who was eager to give Seraphine a present was none other than Young Master Rubia, he swallowed a laugh.

"The Lady has won today as well."

"In the first place, I never fought with your Highness. The same goes for betting. So let go of my hand."

Seraphine, who refused Leonhardt with a cold expression, and Leonhardt, who seemed slightly angry.

Erez looked at the two alternately.

And the last thing that caught his eye was Leonhardt’s hand, which held Seraphine’s wrist tightly.

Seraphine, who saw Erez was expressionless, gave up halfway.

‘Brother will take the Crown Prince’s side. Anyway, you said I was wrong.’

Erez approached.

He whispered softly to Seraphine.

"Even if you don’t like it, stay still for a minute."

It was before Seraphine could even ask what he was talking about.

Erez removed Leonhardt’s hand and he pulled Seraphine towards himself as if to protect her.

"There are a lot of eyes watching. I would like you to refrain from doing anything that could cause rumors."

"Young Master Rubia, I never knew how much you cared for your little sister."

Erez pretended not to hear Leonhardt’s piercing remarks.

"My sister is out with me now. As you know, she’s not feeling well, so if you have anything to say, please make a separate appointment."

"Even though I’m her fiance?"

"Your Highness, don’t you know that the engagement was called off? At times like these, you have to be more careful."

"At first glance, it sounds like something a loyal servant would say."

Leonhardt, who couldn’t ignore Erez’s remarks, looked at Seraphine.

And he asked shamelessly and confidently. Naturally, he expected her to answer ‘soon’.

"Lady Rubia, when can you make time?"

"I don’t have."


"I don’t have time to give your Highness anymore."

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