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Chapter: 540

Qing Yi Reaches the Core Formation Realm

Chapter 540: Qing Yi Reaches the Core Formation Realm!

As time slowly passed, Xuan Hao spent his time teaching Bai Ning and looking after Qing Yi while she was breaking through to the Core Formation Realm. At this point in time, Qing Yi's strength had reached a limit after having grown stronger and stronger over the past few days.

Inside her dantian, Xuan Hao could also clearly see a bright red core just about to solidify as almost all of the qi inside her dantian that had been stored in her foundation establishment pillar had been gathered inside of the bright red core.


Knowing that she was just a single step away from successfully reaching the Core Formation Realm, Qing Yi used all her strength to forcefully solidify her bright red core, as a small explosion sounded out inside her dantian followed by a large amount of qi from outside rushing into her dantian to nurture the new-born core. Helping her directly solidify her cultivation base on the spot.

In the end, Qing Yi successfully solidified her core without any issues. Even the time she would normally need to solidify her cultivation base had been taken care of for her!

"Hm?" Opening her eyes as she felt her newfound strength, Qing Yi could not help feeling a bit surprised after realizing how stable her cultivation base was and how smoothly she had managed to break through.

The reason she was surprised over this, was because she had heard some of her seniors and the elders talk about how difficult it had been for them to break through to the Core Formation Realm and the fact that failing to break through to the Core Formation Realm could result in death!

However, during her breakthrough, she had experienced none of this and instead felt like she had just woken up from a long nap. Feeling refreshed and energetic.

"Master?!" Looking around herself after investigating the current situation of her newly born core, Qing Yi finally discovered her master sitting on a chair just next to her.

"Qing Yi, congratulation on breaking through to the Core Formation Realm!" Seeing that his disciple had discovered him, Xuan Hao who had just arrived a few minutes earlier after feeling her beginning the final stages of her breakthrough, smiled happily before congratulating her.

Even if the system did not give him any rewards after her breakthrough to the Core Formation Realm, Xuan Hao was still happy that she had managed to reach the Core Formation Realm.

Sadly, the main quest still had not showed up yet. From the looks of it, he needed to do something before he could activate it and having two disciples in the Core Formation Realm was not it…

Maybe, he needed to complete some of the quests he still had yet to complete, like the one requiring him to scatter interspatial rings across the world. At this point in time, he was still quite some time away from completing it, as it was currently at [673/1000].

Other than that, Xuan Hao thought that another reason for the main quest not activating, could be because he did not have enough disciples. Maybe getting more disciples would activate the next part in the main quest series…

"Thank you master! Now I'm no longer behind junior brother Yang!" Interrupting her master's train of thought as she said this with a happy expression on her face, Qing Yi stood up before doing a cute pose while thinking about how she would shock Chu Yang after he found out about her breaking through to the Core Formation Realm.

"Indeed. Now both of you have reached the Core Formation Realm."Â Rolling his eyes upon witnessing his disciples cute pose, Xuan Hao walked up to Qing Yi before using his divine sense to scan her dantian thoroughly. Making sure nothing was wrong with the newly born core inside her body.

"What a pure fire qi…" Muttering this to himself as he scanned the bright red core inside of Qing Yi's dantian, Xuan Hao could not help sighing in amazement upon feeling just how pure the fire qi gathered together inside his little disciple's core was.

Not only that, but he could also very clearly tell that the bright red core faintly caried the aura belonging to the Dao of Fire that he had felt from the secret scroll he had brought out to help her during her meditation.

Even if the aura was extremely faint, it still symbolized that Qing Yi had already started comprehending the Dao of Fire. Not only that, but he had also very clearly noticed that her Bright Sun Divine Physique had improved. Increasing her affinity with the Dao of Fire!

Although… The miniscule comprehension she had gained of the Dao of Fire would likely not be of any use to her before she reached the Nascent Soul Realm, as her current body and soul were far too weak to accommodate a pseudo domain. Let alone a fully-fledged domain… Xuan Hao at the very least understood that his disciple would most likely not have a hard time condensing her pseudo domain in the future!

"Master, is everything okay…?" Seeing that her master had suddenly begun looking at her with a serious expression on his face, Qing Yi could not help feeling slightly worried as she thought that he might have discovered a problem with her dantian after her breakthrough.

"Ah? Ah! It's nothing to worry about, I was just surprised over how stable your cultivation base is. From the looks of it, you won't have to spend a few days stabilizing you new cultivation realm like most other people."

"I see! I did indeed feel that my cultivation base was extremely stable compared to how it was when I broke through in the past!" Nodding her head in understand, Qing Yi also felt that it was rather weird for her cultivation base to be so stable after she reached the Core Formation Realm.

"Master, do you have any idea why this happened? Is it perhaps related to my Bright Sun Divine Physique!?"

"You are not wrong; your Bright Sun Divine Physique did indeed show signs of improving after your breakthrough to the Core Formation Realm… But… The reason why your cultivation is so stable, is likely because of this-"


Hearing Qing Yi's question, Xuan Hao did not want to hide anything from her, as he directly took out the ancient scroll that had helped her reach the absolute Peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

"M-master- W-what is this?!" Feeling the fire qi inside the small room rapidly increase as a small flame appeared on top of the ancient scroll the moment it appeared, Qing Yi felt her entire body resonate with the small flame.

"This is an ancient scroll your great and almighty master risked his life to get for you during one of his adventures~" Seeing the bewildered expression that had appeared on Qing Yi's face, Xuan Hao could not stop himself from saying this as he chuckled slightly towards the end.

"Master!" Realizing that her master was making fun of her reaction, Qing Yi puffed up her cheeks. Looking like someone had wronged her.

"Hehe, no need to pout, what I said was indeed true!"

"You risked your life for this ancient scroll!?"

"Well… Not really… But it is an ancient scroll I found for you after countless- Well this doesn't really matter." Seeing his little disciple begin pouting again, Xuan Hao quickly stopped himself from teasing the young girl.

"It's really for me…?" Having calmed down, Qing Yi slowly reached her hand forward before touching the ancient scroll with one of her hands, causing the small flame on top of it to become even brighter than before.

"Yes! It's really useful for you and I'm sure you will put it to good use in the future. Although, you have to be careful where you use it, as it can attract quite a bit of unwanted attention when outside." Saying this, Xuan Hao took out one of the many interspatial rings he had on him and threw it to her.

"Keep the ancient scroll inside this whenever you are not using it or when you are adventuring outside!"

"T-thank you master!" Not knowing what to say after having suddenly receiving both a precious ancient scroll that could increase her cultivation speed and an interspatial ring, Qing Yi could only thank her master for the gifts.

"No need to worry about it, you are after all my disciple, and I should take care of you and ensure that you will be able to grow to your full potential! Follow me, we will go to the training ground and test out your new strength"

"Yes, master!"


Not wasting any time after this, both Qing Yi and Xuan Hao made their way to the training ground.

"Here I come, Master!"



Not holding back in the slightest, Qing Yi used her full strength to attack her master after reaching the training ground, as both of them ended up spending the next few hours together, with Xuan Hao helping Qing Yi familiarize herself with her new strength and how to use it properly.

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