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Chapter: 541

New Sect Quests

Chapter 541: New Sect Quests!

Watching as Qing Yi disappeared back into the pavilion after she had managed to get a good grasp over her newfound power, Xuan Hao turned his attention towards the system notification that had appeared shortly after he had finished helping Qing Yi.

[Detected that two of host's disciples reached the Core Formation Realm… Required number of disciples for next main quest not reached! Host is encouraged to take in the required number of disciples as quickly as possible! Proceeding with evaluation of host's sect…]

This notification that had appeared was way too different compared to what he had seen from the system in the past… And from the looks of it, he would need to take in more disciples to active the next main quest from the system.

"I wonder what the evaluation is about-" Just as he was about to finish his sentence, a brand-new notification appeared in front of him.

[Evaluation of host's sect, Flying Sword Sect, complete. Chance of finding a qualified disciple inside Flying Sword Sect: 0.00097%. Host is recommended to increase the strength and size of the Flying Sword Sect to attract more talented disciples! Proceeding to issue new quests related to increasing the strength of the Flying Sword Sect.]

Looking over the evaluation of the Flying Sword Sect by the system, Xuan Hao could not help feeling a bit surprised, he already understood that the Flying Sword Sect did not have too many talented disciples, but he did not expect for it to be that bad! Even the system seemed unsatisfied with the strength of the Flying Sword Sect and was going to release some quests to help strengthening it…

"Well… I guess this is a good thing as well, it would be great if more of the elders could break through to the Nascent Soul Realm. Increasing the strength of the rest of the disciples of the sect is also a good idea. At least my disciples will have someone to compete with this way…" Muttering this to himself as he thought about the changes to the system, Xuan Hao chose to welcome it with open arms.

After all, the Flying Sword Sect was indeed weak considering the fact that there was already more than one Domain Lord present in the sect… The disciples and elders of the sect really were weak when compared with the Iron Sky Kingdom of Yi Min where Nascent Soul Realm Experts were numerous and there was no lack of young experts at the Core Formation Realm.

"Hah…" Letting out a sigh as he thought about this, Xuan Hao turned his attention towards the new quests that had appeared following the change in the system.

"This is…!?"

Looking over the brand-new section that had appeared specifically for sect related quest, Xuan Hao could not help sighing in amazement upon realizing that he had received more than one quest. Not only that, but the quest related to setting up the Qi Gathering Formation had also moved in under the section specifically for sect quests.

✧ Sect Quests ✧

[Sect Quest: Hold a cultivation lecture for the disciples of the Flying Sword Sect.]

[Chose one of the following rewards upon completion: Spirit Stones, Specialized Cultivation Mantras, Qi Techniques, Spiritual Herbs, Spiritual Metals.]

[Repeatable: Once every 3 months]

[Sect Quest: Increase the strength of the Flying Sword Sect]

[Domain Lord Realm Experts: 1/3]

[Nascent Soul Realm Experts: 8/20]

[Reward: Improved version of the Flying Sword Sect's cultivation mantra, the Flying Sword Mantra]

[Limited Time Sect Quest: Gather the rest of the natural treasures needed for the construction of the Qi Gathering Formation and set up the Qi Gathering Formation inside the Shattered Star Peaks within two years' time!]

[Time: 1.9 years]

[Reward: Cultivation Increase of 1 Minor Realm, ???]

Outside of the limited time sect quest for the Qi Gathering Formation, Xuan Hao was slightly taken aback by the two new quests that appeared.

One of them was a repeatable quest that only required him to do a lecture for the disciples of the sect. The second one on the other hand… Was far more difficult to complete compared to the first one.

Increase the strength of the Flying Sword Sect… Just looking over it, Xuan Hao realized that it had not counted anyone of experts from the Spring Flower Sect in. The reason for this was likely because the Spring Flower Sect and Flying Sword Sect had not merged together into one sect yet.

"One Domain Lord and eight Nascent Soul Realm Experts… That little lion is not counted? And how come there are eight Nascent Soul Realm Experts?" Muttering this to himself, Xuan Hao felt something was wrong and quickly tried remembering all the Nascent Soul Realm Experts.

There was the Sect Master, Feng Chen and the now former Vice Sect Master, Zu Fei. The two Wang Brothers, Chi Hu, and Elder Song…

I'm still missing two?

Frowning a bit to himself as he realized this, Xuan Hao quickly used his divine sense to scan the entire Flying Sword Sect. Trying to find out who these two missing Nascent Soul Realm Experts were.

As his divine sense swept over the Flying Sword Sect, it very quickly reached the Alchemy Hall where a certain treasure hunter was busy holding a lecture for some of the disciples who had just recently joined the Alchemy Hall in anticipation of the upcoming competition that was going to be held.

"Ah… Perhaps that treasure hunter alchemist Peng Yun is counted as well? Never did find out what happened to him after dropping him off at the Alchemy Hall. From the looks of it, he ended up officially joining the Alchemy Hall… I should lift the restriction in place on his dantian."Â


Not waiting along after coming to this decision, Xuan Hao directly lifted the restriction that had been placed on Peng Yun's cultivation.Â



"Wha-what in the world!?"

Feeling the seal on his cultivation baser suddenly being lifted, Peng Yun looked around himself filled with confusion.Â

"Everyone, I will be taking a short break, you can discuss the thing I brought up regarding of the Fire Root Potion while I'm gone!" Not understanding what had just happened, Peng Yun quickly excused himself from the lecture before leaving the study room to find a place to investigate what had just happened to the seal on his cultivation base.

"Peng Yun…"

"Wha- E-elder Xuan!?" Suddenly hearing the voice of one of the two people he had fought with back in the secret realm, Peng Yun could not help feeling a bit fearful. Even if nothing had happened to him yet and the elders from the Alchemy Hall had made him a permanent member of the Alchemy Hall, he was still fearful of his future.

"Don't worry about the seal, I was the one who lifted it! Seeing as you have already joined the sect, there is no need for the seal to be there any longer."

"T-thank you!" Listening as the voice slowly drifted away towards the end, Peng Yun quickly understood what had just happened as he felt a wave of elation from the bottom of his heart.

Even if the other party had said he would be spared, Peng Yun was never certain about it and had always had the thought that maybe the other party would kill him off after he had finished giving away all of his alchemy recipes.

From now on, he would no longer have to fear what would happen to him in the future and could confidently stay in the Alchemy Hall without worrying about Elder Xuan suddenly deciding to kick him out, or worse, kill him!


"That was one of the two missing Nascent Soul Realm Experts… Now where is the last one?"Â


Not forgetting to inform the Peng Yun that it was his doing, Xuan Hao once again began thoroughly searching for the last Nascent Soul Realm Expert that was counted towards the sect quest.

However, even after searching through the entire Flying Sword Sect with his divine sense, he could not find out who the last one was. The only reason for this, would be that the other party was currently not inside the Flying Sword Sect.

Not something odd. Especially with Elder Song sending them out to help deal with some of the stronger sects who tried fighting back against the Flying Sword Sect's increasing control over their territory.

An example would be the two Wang brothers, who were currently not present in the sect, as they were dealing with one such sect that had a Nascent Soul Realm Sect Master.

Hm? Maybe its Zhu Lian?

Recalling the name of the old lady he had helped break through to the Nascent Soul Realm and recruited into the sect, Xuan Hao remembered that he had not even managed to see her shadow since then.

Originally, he had thought that she might have decided to run away after he helped her breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Realm, but from the looks of it, that was not the case.

"I wonder where she is… Maybe Feng Chen knows something…" feeling curious about what had happened to the Zhu Lian, who was likely the eighth Nascent Soul Realm Expert of the Flying Sword Sect, Xuan Hao decided to pay a visit to Feng Chen and see if he knew anything about where she had disappeared to.

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