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Chapter: 544

Unlucky Zhu Lian

Chapter 544: Unlucky Zhu Lian


Not standing around watching the beautiful frozen tundra for too long, Xuan Hao took a step forward and moved towards the rough location of Zhu Lian that he had been given by the system.

Even if the location was nowhere near as accurate as he would have liked it to be, he should have enough time to find Zhu Lian before the time was up!


At the same time that Xuan Hao arrived at the Frozen Wasteland in search of Zhu Lian, the person in question, was helplessly staring at the mossy stone walls surrounding. Engraved into the mossy stone walls were several different symbols that together formed a terrifying trapping formation. Even using all her strength in an attempt to forcefully break through the trapping formation, was of no use.

The reason why she had stopped attacking the formation at this point in time, was because she had discovered that the formation was slowly draining any and all qi inside of it. This included the qi inside her!

Given enough time, the formation would drain all the qi inside of her. Even if she could do fine without any qi, she was currently using said qi to maintain her body. Meaning that instead of eating or drinking, she would use the qi between heaven and earth to sustain her body!

If the formation drained all the qi inside her body, Zhu Lian could easily imagine her outcome…

Just a few days earlier, she had finally been able to make her way to the Flying Sword Sect after solving some problems that had come up along the way. Preventing her from making her way to the Flying Sword Sect sooner.

Back then, she had sent a letter back explaining her situation and the fact that it might take some time before she could officially become a member of the Flying Sword Sect.

Sending a letter was not something she really needed to do, but she felt that it was the best thing she could do given how much she had ended up getting delayed.

Unfortunately for her, this was not the end of her troubles, as she had ended up encountering a group of demonic cultivators around the borders of the Azure Sky Kingdom. Looking for any unfortunate person who passed by… In the end, she had ended up as that unfortunate person…

In the end, she had just barely escaped by entering the Frozen Wasteland. However, not a minute after the demonic cultivators had given up chasing her, she had stumbled upon the ancient ruins of a city buried beneath the snow.

Her first reaction back then had been to get out of there before anything happened, but she had still not managed to react fast enough, as she soon found herself tripping over an ancient trapping formation that had remained dormant for who knows how long before she accidently tripped over it. The rest was history and she now found herself in her current situation with no way out. Only waiting to slowly starve to death from qi deprivation…

"How unfortunate can one get?" Noticing the fact that the qi inside her body was already running out only after having been stuck for a few days, Zhu Lian could not help cursing the group of demonic cultivators who had forced her to us up most of her qi while escaping from them.


"What now…?" Suddenly feeling the ground beneath her begin shaking violently, Zhu Lian had a feeling something bad was about to happen, as she prepared herself for the worst.


As the shaking got more intense, the ancient trapping formation around her showed signs of cracking apart.


Sadly, Zhu Lian did not get to see the formation fully crack apart from the sudden earthquake, as the ground below her feet suddenly split apparat before she had the chance to see this.

"Aaaaaaah-!" Not able to fly with her current cultivation realm, Zhu Lian could only let out a surprised scream as she suddenly found herself falling down the crack that had opened up below her.

Grabbing on to the sides of the crack to stop herself from falling down was not an option either, as the size of the crack itself had expanded from only a few meters in size to what looked could only be described as a giant ravine several hundred meters wide.

Even worse, she was located directly at the centre of it!


So, Zhu Lian could only brace for the inevitable impact and hope her physical body would not end up dying from the-



"That hurt… At least my body is still fine!" Feeling that her physical body was still fine after her intimate contact with the ground beneath her, Zhu Lian quickly got up before finding a place to hide and recover her strength.

In her current condition, she did not dare release her divine sense to inspect where she had ended up. For now, the most important thing was to quickly recover her strength!

However, this was made even more difficult, as Zhu Lian soon discovered that the qi around her was not the normal qi she was used to. Instead, it was yin qi. Incredibly dense and pure yin qi!

To absorb this type of qi, she would have to use a long time to slowly refine it. Not to mention the fact that absorbing some of the stronger yin qi in the air around her, could end up directly killing her in her current situation!

"Looks like I'm not out of danger yet… How unlucky can I get…?" Muttering this to herself as she absorbed a strand of yin qi into her dantian, Zhu Lian closed her eyes and began the arduous task of refining the yin qi.


Travelling through the Frozen Wasteland, Xuan Hao managed to reach the rough location where the system had indicated Zhu Lian was.

The only problem being that the surrounding area was not any different from what he had seen so far during his travel through the frozen tundra called the Frozen Wasteland. The area was completely barren with no signs of life for miles on end. Well… Not completely without life, as a few snow rabbits could be seen scavenging for some sort of plant living beneath the thick layer of snow that covered the frozen tundra.

Even at this point in time, Xuan Hao had yet to spot a single living creature outside the snow rabbits on his way through the frozen tundra.

Thinking about it, the snow rabbits seemed like the apex predators of the frozen tundra so far. Preying on the helpless plants trying their best to hide beneath the snow…

"Hm? Looks like there actually is someone else around…" Still in the process of scanning through the frozen tundra while observing a group of lively snow rabbits below him searching for the plants hidden beneath the snow, Xuan Hao could not help smiling happily to himself after spotting a group of cultivators with his divine sense.

Even if he could clearly sense that the group in question was demonic cultivators who had managed to reach the First Demonic Transformation and were equivalent to someone at the Nascent Soul Realm…

"Wait… Demonic cultivators… Are these people perhaps from the Frost Devil Sect!?" Remembering that he also needed to find a demonic sect hidden inside the Frozen Wasteland for Yi Min, Xuan Hao could not help feeling excited over the fact that he had already managed to find a group of demonic cultivators.

If he followed behind them secretly, would he not be able to easily find the location of their sect- No, I still need to find Zhu Lian first and make sure she is safe!

Stopping himself before he decided to do something that might very well end up spelling the end of Zhu Lian who he had come to save, Xuan Hao was suddenly taken aback upon noticing that the group of demonic cultivators were coming straight towards him.

Did they perhaps find me?! No way… With their cultivation realm, there is no way for them to notice me and even if they did, would they dare approach a Domain Lord like that?

Not knowing why, the group of demonic cultivators was suddenly running towards him, Xuan Hao made sure he was hidden by his domain before closely observing them.


"Hah… To think that old woman who had just reached the Nascent Soul Realm actually managed to escape from us! So embarrassing!"

"Don't mention it. At least I managed to place one of my tracking bugs on her clothes before she escaped! From what I can sense, the bug is just up ahead."

"Haha! You really are the best, without you, that old woman would surely have escaped from our grasp! At this point in time, she should have already used most of qi and should no longer be able to escape!"

Floating a few dozen meters above the group as they ran through the frozen tundra leisurely chatting with each other, Xuan Hao suddenly narrowed his eyes upon hearing what they were talking about.

From the looks of it, it would not be a bad idea to follow the group of demonic cultivators and find out if the old woman mentioned by them was Zhu Lian…

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