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Chapter: 64.2

This change of events let the spectators feel that Nirvana school was a joke.

However, those people who are able to remain at the main hall of the immortal temple were bound to be strong. They were essentially the disciples of the super forces. Right now, they had already sat down and started to cultivate, not paying any heed to his speech.

Su TingYun and the others were too weak, so they were to be expelled from that area. However, because they wanted to find out the truth, they were not allowed to leave. Everyone simply just sat down and started cultivating, while waiting for Nirvana school’s cultivators to rush over.

‘The spiritual energy here is extremely thick, it is at least a hundred times thicker compared to the spiritual vein springs. We should make use of this chance to cultivate.’ Tower master said.

Su TingYun circulated her mental cultivation technique. Her aptitude was normal, and the rate she absorbed spiritual energy was also not fast. However, for today, she felt a strange feeling when she sat down today. Her ring finger had an extremely hot sensation, it was so hot that she felt pain at the tips of her fingers. As a result, she could not concentrate. Even the pill flame in her body started to wriggle; ready to make trouble. The tongue of the flame burnt much more vigorous.

She felt extremely uncomfortable sitting down, using her mental energy to calm down for a long time did she feel slightly better. She did not operate her mental cultivation technique for long. Her surroundings suddenly felt a burst of confusion. She thought that Nirvana school had already come to them. Using her eyes to see, she saw everyone was looking at her.

The immortal temple’s spiritual energy is really strange, it is unevenly distributed; it is concentrated mainly at the front and back entrances, and the side doors take second place. In other words, there is more spiritual energy of the immortal temple’s main entrance, allowing people to feel it. As for the spiritual energy that was thickest to the highest degree, should come from within the doors.

As for those with high aptitude in cultivation, especially those with the legendary Heavenly soul physique. In this kind of environment where spiritual energy is abundant, practicing would might give rise to a spiritual energy vortex. Rather at this moment, the entirety of spiritual energy in the immortal temple rushed towards the main entrance, causing everyone to see a slight greenish hue with the naked eye.

The crown of Su TingYun’s head had a gigantic energy vortex. This moment, the spiritual energy in the immortal temple was gathering around Su TingYun. Not only the people originally at the scene were dumbfounded, even the people who just rushed here were also shocked.

BaiSu did not have much interest in the immortal temple. The revered thick spiritual energy here is nothing compared to the most normal spiritual energy he has in his own world. He felt that this so called immortal temple is what the people of his world could create like a plaything, just for entertainment purposes only.

It was just that looking at Su TingYun’s current appearance, BaiSu felt a little surprised. To have this kind of aptitude, she definitely was pampered by the heavens. Even those who bootlicked the heavens would get inferior treatment.

This included him. He paled in comparison.

The other parties’ bone age could be confirmed with a glance, there was nothing to be impressed about. From head to toe, there was nothing special. The only thing worth taking note of was her voice sounding somewhat familiar.

However, her voice also sounded somewhat unfamiliar.

She did not have any high leveled treasures on her, BaiSu could tell with just a glance. Right now he could not understand just what was causing this extraordinary spectacle.

This spectacle has attracted the entire world’s experts. Feeling the quickly approaching few breaths, BaiSu’s eyebrows creased. His hands that were placed on his leg slightly lifted and started to rap his fingers.

‘What did lord monarch mean by doing that? Does he want everyone here to be disposed of? RenYi looked at that hand, guessing what his master’s thoughts were with a heavy heart. Quite a few of the people who arrived were tribulation transcendents. Do we need to start throwing immortal treasures again?

In conclusion, he hated to part with them.

The one crazily absorbing spiritual energy was not Su TingYun. Instead, it was the ring in her hands. However, Su TingYun also found out that no one had realised that it was the ring was the cause. If not, what people would be staring at would not be her but instead be at the ring.

‘Master.’ Su TingYun looked at the dazed ZhanYu and softly said with a hint of concern.

ZhanYu immediately regained his scenes, ‘Everyone, let’s go!’

The disciples of Obliteration Sword Tower naturally know that remaining here would make them a target, so everyone stood up and left. Yan YuQing held his sword and acted as rear guard, As for the recruited building foundation stage cultivations, they had left long ago.

Unsure of the reason, no one stopped them from leaving. Except that the immortal temple, also like the Rising Dragon Pillar, only can be exited when it stops. They could only go to places where there were lesser people.

What made the people even more shocked was the spiritual energy also followed them and left. In other words, their spiritual energy had been snatched away. The people left here could not cultivate anymore.

‘Could that be the Heavenly Soul physique?’ After a period of daze, someone mumbled out.

‘It does not seem so.’ Another person said, ‘Just wait and see, this immortal temple could not be seen through by us, but this spectacle had happened today, it can also be considered a good thing.’

‘Okay, we shall wait.’ A third voice said.

Spiritual energy continued to enter Su TingYun’s body. However, that was a false image. The one that was truly absorbing the spiritual energy was her ring.

After the ring absorbed spiritual energy, it released tiny strands of coolness into her body, making Su TingYun feel comfortable. Her footsteps also became light. Right not, she was extremely worried, but the comfortable feeling enveloped her from head to toe, making her unable to control herself. A light smile appeared on her face.

It was the same as scaring someone to the point of turning dumb, unable to stop herself from laughing out.

However, the odd expression on BaiSu’s face deepened. His mental strength was extremely strong. Naturally, he could see things in much more detail compared to other people. He could even see that within this short amount of time, her natural aptitude had been slowly changing.

It was like the spiritual energy was giving her a bone marrow cleansing. How is this possible! If this was true and there was such a kind of spiritual energy, even the people of his world would even rob and loot for it.

Either that, or it’s just normal spiritual energy?

His sparkling eyes fixed onto Su TingYun. His intense stare made Su TingYun feel prickles down her back. She turned around and saw a stranger staring at her without blinking.

Wait, he was not a stranger.

Su TingYun who had spent tens of years as a grandma had long ago gotten rid of the state of mind where one becomes flustered due to strong emotions. For example, now that someone was staring at her, her first response was not to be coy. Instead, she would immediately ask, ‘Is there something? Are you hungry? Do plants need watering? Has the flowers been made into garlands? Do you need my help?’

‘Is there something wrong? RenSan?’ She recalled that this person was little martial uncle’s disciple. Su TingYun politely asked.

BauSu: ‘…..’

‘I am RenYi.’ He as a matter of factly proclaimed.

RenYi who was behind extended his head out and pulled out RenJia, ‘I am Ren two,he is Ren three. Senior sister, you remembered wrongly.’

RenJia: ‘They have gotten addicted to doing that.’

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