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Chapter: 65.1

Su TingYun had identified the wrong person.

At this moment, her entire body was feeling extremely comfortable, so comfortable that she felt like she was floating upwards. She even forgot to conceal the awkward situation. ‘Oh, so it’s RenYi. Is there anything you need grann……help with?’

She nearly let granny slip out.

‘No.’ BaiSu raised his head and looked at the light green spiritual energy at the crown of Su TingYun’s head and said, ‘What I’m looking at is that.’

‘Oh’ Su TingYun let out a laugh. Just as happy as before, she followed her martial uncles and master. Currently, she felt extremely comfortable, but ZhanYu and the others were worried sick.

Su TingYun looked at her master’s worried face and also felt nervous. She just had no way to control that ring. To be accurate, she had never truly controlled it.

Why did Su LiJiang who was a mortal have such a ring? Yet his aptitude for cultivation was so high to the point of being ridiculous. Perhaps this ring has yet to acknowledge its master……

Su TingYun subconsciously touched the ring on her finger. After that, she did not dare to make anymore fidgety movements. Her entire body was filled with comfortable feelings, and occasionally there would be a stab of pain. Her heart felt very bitter, her facial expression would laugh at one moment then would cry at the next, it looked like it was intertwined.

BaiSu who was secretly observing her could not bear it anymore, averted his gaze.

‘Forget it, forget it, let’s not walk anymore. Going any further would be the same, in fact it would be even more conspicuous.’ A group of people found a secluded spot and they all sat in a circle, allowing Su TingYun to sit in the middle. After that, little martial uncle brandished a defensive formation and enveloped everyone inside it.

This formation could only isolate golden core stage, those with cultivation exceeding golden core stage were few. Take nascent soul stage for example, adding both the righteous and demonic paths, the numbers don’t exceed a few dozen.

‘I kept having a feeling that someone would come and take her away.’ Third martial uncle spoke softly.

‘Their higher ups have definitely come to a consensus.’ Tower head LingXiao’s face was as tranquil as water. Her expression was very imposing. Elder YanShu used the sword in his hands to beat and strike Su TingYun’s body. The sword in his hands was made out of bamboo. Although it did not hurt a lot when getting hit, Su TingYun felt a little strange. The other party was an elder, she could only silently endure it.

‘Her bone roots are mediocre, and there is not a trace of treasure light on her body. I have no idea why this is happening.’ He paused for a moment before saying, ‘Could it be this jade bracelet?’

Compared to the ring she was wearing on her finger, the jade bracelet that E ChangGuang gave her was much more valuable.

The jade bracelet contained formations that E ChangGuang placed inside, which conceal the spiritual energy and treasure light contained inside the jade bracelet. It looked ordinary without questions asked. In fact, it even looked inferior, as it has some cracks. No one could really tell that it was worth anything.

Su TingYun’s ring was even more peculiar. After absorbing spiritual energy, it did not give off any kind of luster. The flame among it was like the colour of rust, it did not give off the slightest amount of aesthetic.

Comparing the two, others would rather believe the jade bracelet was slightly stranger.

When the jade bracelet was mentioned, Su TingYun’s heart shake. Theis jade bracelet was a storage item, inside it even had XiaoMei’s physical body, there must not be any kind of mishap.

She shook her head, indicating she did not know what was going on. She even took off her jade bracelet and waved it. Everyone could see that the jade bracelet did not have any treasure light, and the spiritual energy cloud did not have any reaction. Suddenly, they changed their attention.

Then at that moment, a voice shouted out: ‘That jade bracelet, why is it in your hands!’

Wang XuanZhi was originally not in the immortal temple, but after hearing the news of its unique properties, he came rushing here. Even before greeting his fellow tribulation transcendents, he saw the jade bracelet.

He immediately voiced out and inquired. Looking at someone break the agreement, the others came rushing in. In a moment, strong pressure of many paths appeared. Little martial uncle Yan YuQing’s isolation formation could not sustain the load and immediately broke.

He slightly stepped back half a step, his facial complexion slightly showed paleness, but his body remained upright and looked forward towards the few almighty figures that appeared.

At the scene, there were seven tribulation transcendents. Among them, three of them were from the righteous path, three from the demonic path, and one of them is a lone cultivator. Every single one of them were all world renown experts that could shake the cultivation world with the stomp of their feet. Most people would never catch a glimpse of one in their entire lives. But now, they got to see seven in this life.

While Obliteration Sword Tower who has been in decline since long ago did not have any qualifications to speak with these old monsters. Now that they were surrounded by seven of them, they were stunned.

Their aura imperceptibly diffused and suppressed them, which was enough to make the Obliteration Sword Tower cultivators feel uncomfortable. What Obliteration Sword Tower cultivates expansive spiritual energy, the other faction cultivates killing to stop killing. Now, although they were nervous about facing the strong suppression, none of them were alarmed.

Su TingYun had yet to cultivate the heaven and earth spiritual energy, and she is currently in a weird state of mind, so she was in much more discomfort.

BaiSu and two others would look too eye catching if they looked too composed. However, the three of them could reduce their breath to the bare minimum such that almost no one can notice them, much less the expression on their faces.

‘Why is the jade bracelet with you?’ After Wang XuanZhi spoke, the remaining six tribulation transcendents all focused on the jade bracelet that was on Su TingYun’s arm.

‘Could this jade bracelet be the reason we all missed it?’ Ancestor Duan PoTian of HaoYue sect was the first to say this.

‘Thinking about it, this jade bracelet looks familiar.’ Su JunHua of the beast taming sect summarised after a train of thought. Then, he shifted his gaze onto Wang XuanZhi before proceeding to shake his head repeatedly.


Everyone stared Su TingYun. She felt the pressure on her body increase a hundred thousandfold. She could barely catch her breath. Her body seemed to be squashed and crooked. Then, she realised that her body was propped up by her master and the various martial uncles. She felt that she could not throw their school’s face, therefore she forced herself to endure. Her teeth even made creaking sounds.

Now, the ring stopped all its activity, the spiritual energy that had gathered together started to disperse, it restored the previous tranquility of the immortal temple.

This person is definitely acquainted with senior E.

Su TingYun opened her mouth with difficulty, ‘It was senior E who gave this to me.’

‘It was E ChangGuang?’ Duan PoTian of HaoYue sect was surprised, a trace of happiness could be seen in his tone of voice. ‘Is it possible that at her last moments, she accepted you as her disciple. Also, did you inherit her heaven and earth formation eyes?’

They were not been able to unravel the formation of the immortal temple, they could only sigh in feeling. If E ChangGuang was here, this formation would have long been unraveled. She just had to pass away……

Even the formation hall of WuLiang sect had to disappear. It really was too much for them to accept.

‘She gave it to you?’ Wang XuanZi looked at her once more, then he lifted his hands. Su TingYun’s hands stretched out without anything controlling it. Like this, the jade bracelet was laid bare to everyone to see.

If she was not the person she E ChangGuang had acknowledged, and by chance she got it by luck, the jade bracelet would not acknowledge her as her owner. Wang XuanZi lightly heaved a sigh, he released the pressure that he was exerting on Su TingYun, while at the same time, he waved his hands a few times, which can also mean that the pressure exerted on the others had been stopped, relieving Su TingYun’s body from the pressure.

‘Before she felt this world, what were her final words?’

This sentence made many feel baffled, but also made some people’s eyes dim slightly. It seems that they knew some things.

Standing at the side is a demonic overlord who is known as blood demon, ZhangHen TianYin started laughing, ‘This person has barely passed eighty years in bone age, E ChangGuang has perished three thousand years ago. What last words can she say?’

This person should be the person that E ChangGuang likes.

E ChangGuang’s last words were to let her wear her clothes. Then she started to laugh heartily. She did not even mention anyone. Her laugh was then learnt by the purple tongue grass and it would laugh non-stop, full of demonic nature. As a result, Su TingYun’s first response to it was only some laughter.

She could only shake her head, ‘Senior E was laughing before leaving this world.’

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