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Chapter: 66.1

Chapter 066: Kunlun Divine Tree

The atmosphere in the area is tense, and nobody speaks for a while.

That youngster’s Halting Slaughter Sword can inflict serious damage only once, but the higher the cultivation base, the more one cherishes one’s life. Everyone wants to ascend. Moreover, each one of them is the guardian of their respective sects. If an accident were to occur, it would give rise to drastic changes which they don’t want to face.

"Then we’ll just stall, and wait for your blood to run dry." The Jade Maiden stares at the blood sword in Yan Yuqing’s hand. She suddenly voices that as she observes the continuous gush of blood as is flows to the tip of the sword.

After saying that, the Jade Maiden giggles and continues, "This little gongzi is truly something. This humble one is so scared, my heart is pounding."

The Jade Maiden’s cheeks are flushed, white hands on her chest. Her bright red nails make a striking contrast against her fair skin, like red lotus on snow, a beauty which could capture one’s heart.

"If you agree to obey me, I promise to make it easy for her, okay?"

That said, she sits down leeward with a low purr, even raising her front legs. The Jade Maiden’s body is tilted, making some ribbons come loose, and exposing a wide expanse of skin. She is good at seduction. In the past, a single smile could lure people in. Unexpectedly, despite her having done so much today, the other side remains unmoved.

"Yu-er (to Jade Maiden), stop fooling around. They’re not buying it at all." Zhang Hentian laughs twice, "All that blood would be a waste, allow me to have a taste."

Saying that, a red light comes out of Zhang Hentian’s hand, but he sees the Punishing Evil Sword Array forming out the flying sword’s phantom. Under the scolding of Leader Lin Xiao, everyone’s flying swords combine and to meet the Blood Devil’s attack.

The Blood Devil didn’t really want to do it. His target was that blood on the sword, not expecting that his probing attack would trigger the other party’s Punishing Evil Sword Array. He thought that the people at the back were all insignificant ants, yet the power of the sword array nearly made him suffer.

"My, that a few Foundation Establishment cultivators would actually have such a big array. It doesn’t seem to be weaker than the Ten Thousand Sword Reversal from your Wanjian Sect, Brother Sufang." says Luminous Moon Sect’s Duan Potian.

Qi Sufang, Old Ancestor of Wanjian Sect, has been keeping silent. Now that he’s addressed directly, he simply snorts lightly, but does not turn to respond.

Wanjian Sect aspire for the Ten Thousand Sword Reversal Sect. In the early years, many Sword Sects ended up getting absorbed by Wanjian Sect. However, this Obliteration Sword Tower has always been a bone too hard to chew. Yet, they disdain the filthy practice of exterminating another’s home, so they let them die by themselves. As long as Wanjian Sect exists, those who have talent in the way of the Sword would not willingly choose any other smaller Sects. He hasn’t seen them for quite a long time now, and this Obliteration Sword Tower has had it’s talents deteriorate to this extent.

It’s just that the power of their sword array is really eye-catching. But their own strength is puny, and when all is said and done, they are the dissident Sect. He himself is from an opposing faction within the Wanjian Sect, and has no untoward intentions regarding the Obliteration Sword Tower’s array.

Yan Yuqing is bleeding and Su Tingyun is surrounded by the sword array. Looking at Little Senior Uncle’s back and the puddle of blood on the ground, Su Tingyun is burning with anxiety.

This is all caused by the jade ring she has no control over, but what’s to be done now? She is touched by the Tower protecting its own, but she cannot have a clear conscience by being protected in the middle while letting everyone throw their lives for her.

At this time, Master and the others are all making up the sword array and simply must not be distracted.

Su Tingyun takes off the jade bracelet from her arm and unceremoniously forces it to the person next to her, "If I die, give this to Master in my stead… inside…"

She plans to entrust Xiao Mei’s matter to Master and the rest, while she moves to go out and let this group of Tribulation Transcendents take her away. But Master and them are in the sword array right now, so she could only trust this Ren brothers three beside her.

Su Tingyun casually hands it over, not bothering to note if it’s Ren Yi (I) or Ren San (III). After stuffing it into the other party’s hand, she solemnly holds his hand and says, "There is something very precious in it, the…"

The jade bracelet in his hand carries the other’s warmth, and her hands are just like a pair of flames, making Bai Su extremely uncomfortable. He rarely has contact with other people, let alone having his hand held.

A feeling that is very strange but very familiar. In particular, the unhindered feeling of the jade on her finger, warm hand, cold ring, gently touching large leaves, and telling one story after another with an old, rough voice.

I don’t know how that last story ends…

Ren Yi (II): "My Lord’s little hands are touched!"

Ren Jia: "My Lord is gonna get mad!"

However, Bai Su merely furrows his brows and extracts his hand. He easily places the jade bracelet back on Su Tingyun’s wrist, and speaks straight, "The sea pillar has disappeared."

Before Su Tingyun could say the most important part, the Dragon Pillar shooting up from the sea disappears at last. She immediately feels a hurricane lift everyone up. The Masters’ Sword Array is instantly destroyed, Little Senior Uncle’s sword intent is also instantly dissolved. Those bunch of greedy-eyed Tribulation Transcendents in front of them, at this moment, are also swept up by strong winds and thrown far away.

Be it Tribulation Transcendent stage or the Foundation Establishment stage, there is no discrimination before this Immortal Palace in the sky which made its mirage on the sea.

Ren Yi (II) rapidly descends into worrying madly, "My Lord can’t use Spiritual Energy, can’t use spells ah! What’s to be done if M’Lord falls and breaks?" In this tempest that overturns all forces, no external forces can be used, and their Immortal Devices and talismans are entirely unusable. They can only maintain their form by relying on their own Spiritual Energy. They can’t even control the direction where they’ll land.

No wonder it is necessary to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage. If you have a cultivation below Foundation Establishment, and no protective talismans on your body, you wouldn’t survive this wind.

Ren Jia is also very worried. He found that this tempest is so chaotic, using his Divine Sense to search, there’s simply no way to go about it. What should he do, what could he do? Clearly, everyone was just standing together, so how could he be so far away from the Lord? If only he knew beforehand, he would’ve held on earlier!

After Bai Su is done speaking, the sea pillar disappears, and Su Tingyun is carried away by a gust of wind. Bai Su initially thought of breaking free from her hand, but Su Tingyun grabs him desperately out of nervousness. She is very strong. As she holds on to the other, her hands are like iron clamps. Bai Su just couldn’t break free without using Spiritual Energy.

However, he is not someone from this Realm. He is limited by Heavenly Law and can’t invoke the Spiritual Energy in his body. That is to say, he can’t use spells. He has no other combat capacity aside from a strong Divine Soul.

And so, Ren Jia and Ren Yi(II) are responsible for all matters concerning fighting and combat.

This Lord has never done it himself.

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