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Chapter: 66.2

With the use of Divine Soul power, he isn’t afraid of his current condition. After all, the Divine Sense of high-level cultivators can turn into substance, so pressure of Divine Soul power can also kill people. However, in this tempest, the Divine Soul is restricted as well.

Thus, Bai Su helplessly falls from the sky.

Su Tingyun sees that this little brother she’s holding is not using Spiritual Energy to protect his body, nor is he utilizing the wind protection skill, so she hurriedly cries out, "What’s wrong? It would be bad if you fall down from here, use Spiritual Energy to protect yourself!"

The wind is too strong, she shouts to the point her throat tears, yet the sound still breaks. But her spittle sprays the other’s face.

Bai Su is expressionless on the surface, but his face is in fact as black as the bottom of the pot. He’s extremely glad that he’s wearing a mask. But even with a mask, he is a little uncomfortable as he remembers it.

Right at this moment, a weak Spiritual Energy barrier covers him, somewhat protecting him from the wind, just a little bit.

The truth is he’s a cultivator from the Upper Realm. His corporeal body is of course extremely tough. This battering wind is not painful for him, it doesn’t even tickle, it’s nothing at all. It’s just that, this makes them lose any control, and can only get tossed around by the wind.

As for plummeting to the sea from a height of ten thousand fathoms, his body can fully stand it.

He didn’t expect that Su Tingyun, who’s only at Foundation Establishment and is obviously already having a lot of trouble saving herself, would share her Spiritual Energy to help him as they fall.

With a bang, both of them dive into the water, creating a large splash.

Su Tingyun pulls Bai Su’s by the hand and they surface, "Ren San(III), what happened to you just now? Were you stunned?"

Bai Su could finally tug his hand free. He gazes at the sky above his head and says unhurriedly, "I’m Ren Yi(I), and I’m afraid of heights."

Su Tingyun: ".….."

Now’s not the time to bother whether or not she did identify the wrong person. The people of Obliterate Sword Tower got scattered. Right now, they don’t see anyone on their area of the sea, which means they are probably more than a hundred li away.

"Let’s split. You go look for Master and the others." Su Tingyun quickly scopes the surroundings, promptly says that. Those bunch of Tribulations Transcendents must have safely fallen to the sea as well. If they want to give chase, she definitely won’t be able to escape.

Might as well, at least they won’t chase the others this way, and will only catch her.

Su Tingyun is worried about Xiao Mei’s body inside the jade bracelet. Just as she’s about to explain, she hears a few exclamations around her. She turns her head and stares blankly at the scene.

An enormous, towering tree suddenly appears on the sea. The whole tree is azure color. Be it the roots or the leaves, they all shine with a faint blue glow, looking like a dream.

The huge tree’s roots are located on where the Trial Island used to be. It is extraordinarily massive and straight up spans the whole Trial Island, and the tree’s crown is endlessly high. This means that the Immortal Palace must be above the canopy.

Thousands of roots curtain down from the tree’s canopy and are draped straight into the sea. Since there’s a light blue glow surrounding it, it is very similar to the Dragon Pillar that previously appeared here.

Could it be that there’s been a tree here from the start, and that the Immortal Palce isn’t really floating in the sky, but is standing atop the tree, but people couldn’t see this tree?

That it’s only on this day that it reveals it’s true form.

Bai Su is also stunned for an instant. He suspects that he’s the only one in this Realm who knows this tree.

Kunlun Divine Tree.

The ancient divine tree has been long gone. He never thought that its seeds would appear here and even grow into an enormous tree. He fears that those people from above would want to come.

"Let’s split up…" Bai Su hears Su Tingyun speak, and naturally understands her intentions.

"They won’t come after you."

There’s boundless life energy within the Kunlun Divine Tree. These Tribulations Transcendents are all near the end of their lifespans, and they’ve long been lured by the tremendous vitality in the Divine Tree. How could they still care about her?

As his words fall, they see several flashes of light bolt up, like lightning and starlight, all simultaneously approaching the Divine Tree. These are the Tribulation Transcendents that have fallen to the sea. As soon as they’ve come to their senses enough to react, they rush to the top of the tree, striving to be first and fearing to be last. Nobody wants to lag behind the others.

Bai Su frowns a little, twitches a finger, and covers the Divine Tree with a formation.

Four Divisions Heaven and Earth Array, those who enter cannot come out. Once these Tribulation Transcendents get in, it would take at least a few months before they could break out, which can also ensure their absolute safety.

Bai Su is not the least bit worried that they can figure out the secrets of the Divine Tree. That is not something that the people in this realm can accomplish.

"Then let’s leave quickly." Su Tingyun says at once, seeing that others were running towards the divine tree. There’s a beautiful strip of Divine Tree root hanging in front of her. It’s very thin, just as thick as fingers, and the light blue glow looks especially lovely. The leaves on it are also small, but they’re bunched together like a bouquet of flowers.

Su Tingyun immediately pinches off a large strip of root, planning to go back and make a super beautiful wreath for Big Bai.

Next to her, Bai Su is stunned speechless, his eyeballs bugging out.

She, she cut the divine tree!

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