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Chapter: 67.1

Chapter 067: Heaven Mending Cauldron

"What’s wrong?"

Su Tingyun notices that Ren Yi(I) is staring at her in astonishment, and feels a cold breeze blowing. Her hand holding the vine shakes a little.

"Nothing." Bai Su says lightly as he eyes the jade ring in Su Tingyun’s hand. She is clearly and plainly ordinary. How could she do such a miraculous thing?

Did he get it wrong? Is this not the Kunlun Divine Tree?

Bai Su impulsively tries to pinch the roots as well, but he simply couldn’t cut it off at all. In the end, he hears Su Tingyun say, "Do you want one too?"

Then she hands it over.

Su Tingyun doesn’t feel even a hint of Spiritual Energy on this tree root and everyone’s attention is focused on that Immortal Palace. The tree looks beautiful, but it’s probably not that useful. Otherwise, they wouldn’t break their heads rushing over there.

Su Tingyun still doesn’t have a good understanding of the Cultivation World, and she can’t see the value of this big tree. Similarly, there’s probably no one in the entire realm who knows either.

But though she doesn’t know why Ren Yi is interested in this tree vine, seeing that his hands and feet and too soft and weak, Su Tingyun still helpfully cuts a portion for him.

It’s at this moment that his two brothers come rushing over. Both of them look worried and are very concerned about their older brother.

"Let’s go meet up with the others." Now that the powerful bunch doesn’t have time to bother them, so Su Tingyun is a little relieved. She discards the plan to split the party into two, and use herself as a decoy for the pursuers.

"I know where they are." Ren Yi(II) comes forward to say.

Su Tingyun eagerly follows the trio, but feels suspicious.

All three of them are are at the Foundation Establishment Stage. They can only rush over here within such a short period of time if everyone is nearby, that they fell close to them. Because how can they possibly locate their fellow disciples with their Divine Sense, using only their Foundation Establishment Cultivation, if they’re too far away?

These three are disciples that just entered the Sect recently, and have also undergone the trial of the Cleansing Sword Lake. According to reason, their moral conduct must be trustworthy. But since she has some doubts, Su Tingyun intends to pay close attention for some time, just in case.

Ren Yi(II) leads the way, and the whole party quickly and smoothly reunites. The members of the Obliteration Sword Tower are all self-aware, so they know that they can’t get involved with that business up there. What hidden treasures of the Immortal Realm, it’s not as important as securing their lives. Not a single person runs over to the glowing blue tree to join the hustle and bustle. At this time, they all want to run away, so they immediately gather together.

Little Martial Uncle’s face is completely bloodless, his features are wan and sallow. Elder Yan even has to support him to walk. Earlier, his cultivation suddenly increased and he broke into Nascent Soul, and his momentum was so valiant that even the Tribulation Transcendents were taken aback. After that, the injuries on his body became very serious, turning entirely powerless.

"Little Martial Uncle!" Seeing Yan Yuqing like this, Su Ting Yun feels both grateful and guilty.

"Master, I have medicine!" Ren Yi(II) runs straight to him and takes out a bottle of Pills. Then he cringes, stuffs the Pill bottle back into his Storage Device, and rummages for another one. With a lot of trouble, he finally brings out a bottle containing fifth grade Pills.

"Fortunately, Ren Jia managed to remind me just in time." Ren Yi(II)’s vest is cold. What he just took out was an eighth grade Pill ah. They may present as very rich, with lots of spiritual stones, but it would still look a little over the top to just casually take out an eighth grade Pill.

Elder Yan has a dark face as he receives the Pill bottle. He opens it to find that there are fifth grade Recovery Pills inside, and his expression clears up a little. After making Yan Yuqing take one, he says, "I’ll bring him back first." As soon as he says that, he doesn’t wait for others, but carries Yan Yuqing to leave before them.

He has just this one apprentice, and he’s so outstanding that he must not come to harm by any means.

"I’ll go with you." saying that, Sect Leader Ling Xiao steps on a sword and leaves. Everyone else turns to look at Su Tingyun, "I heard that you can do alchemy. This time, Martial Nephew Yan used a forbidden skill to forcefully increase his cultivation level. The meridians in his entire body suffered serious damage, and he needs a great amount of Meridian Moistening Pills. They don’t need to be too high-level, second grade ones are fine. Second grade ones would be sufficient."

It’s damaged Meridians again. Naturally, Su Tingyun know how serious it is to damage the Meridians in the Cultivation world. She nods repeatedly, "I can, I will, but I have to buy a Pill Furnace first."

Meridian Moistening Pills are what she has refined the most, and her refining success rate is more than ninety percent, with very few impurities. One can say they’re perfect.

"Alright, alright, then let’s go to the market lane first to buy a Pill Furnace and medicinal materials."

"Yes, yes, let’s go together, that’s better for haggling, so that no one would swindle Martial Niece."

"Well, I’m a Tool Refiner, and I can tell if it’s good quality. I’ll also go and give Martial Niece a hand and an eye." Third Martial Uncle Cangwu adds.

Everyone voices their opinions one by one, and just makes up the itinerary, a smile on each and every one of their faces. How could there be any lingering tension from escaping death by the skin of their teeth.

Zhan Yu claps his hands, "Then let’s just go to Infinite Sect and have a look. They sell a lot of things there now. If we can’t find one at the foot of the mountain, there’s bound to be one at the Treasure Pavilion on the mountain itself."

Will they find a passable Pill Furnace in that noisy place, where it’s like a food market?  Su Tingyun thinks to herself, if it really can’t be done, she will first buy the medicinal herbs and medicinal seeds, and then go back and ask the Third Senior Uncle to forge a pill furnace. At her time under that cliff, she can make Pills using stones.  If it’s Meridian Moistening Pills, Su Tingyun is confident that she’ll succeed with an Iron furnace.

The Ren brothers three follow behind the group without saying a word.

"My Lord, I have a Pill Furnace, no wait, a Pill Cauldron. An Immortal artifact, the Heaven Mending Cauldron." Ren Yi (II) says.

"It’s nothing more than a boastful name." Ren Jia sneers.

"But in this Realm, it should still be one of the best top-level Pill Cauldrons, and taking it out would make those alchemists break their heads trying to obtain it." Ren Yi(II) retorts.

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