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Chapter: 177

Even so, Jiang Yiming had already obtained a lot of information. The next step was to find the person.

Besides, Yan Shangqing had said that the person had told him that he was expecting Yan Shangqing to go to him again in the future!

Was it this time?

Although Jiang Yiming wasn’t sure, this matter was definitely not simple!

"Master, are you sure? This matter isn’t simple. Although the Divine Phoenix Region isn’t very big, finding someone we don’t know is like finding a needle in a haystack. It really isn’t simple!"

His few disciples were naturally worried. After all, to find such a person in a region that wasn’t small simply didn’t sound like it was going to be a simple matter!

"Hahahaha, what all of you are saying is naturally logical on its own, but have you forgotten who your Master is? Is there anything simple in our sect?"

Indeed, compared to him wreaking havoc in the Shangguan Family, destroying the Huoyun Sect, or bringing Dong Mi to the underworld, finding a person in the Divine Phoenix Region seemed to be the easiest task.

"HMM… what Master is saying is true, but Master, where should we… start looking?"

Jiang Yiming didn’t have an answer to this question. It was indeed so that it seemed to be quite difficult to find an opening to start whatever he had to do.

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"It’s fine. Although it’s indeed a bit difficult, there’s still a way to do it! Shangqing, do you still remember the appearance of that person?" As soon as these words left his mouth, Jiang Yiming did realize that this was a careless question. After all, such a person would definitely not casually reveal his appearance.

Moreover, the other party had already traveled the world for many years. As such, such transformation techniques should not be difficult for him.

Just as Jiang Yiming was still thinking, he heard someone coming into the main hall and had something to say.

"Disciple, don’t be anxious! The sky won’t fall! Speak slowly!" Jiang Yiming frowned and waved his hand, indicating that there was no need for the disciple to be anxious and he would listen to him speak slowly.

"There’s a strange stone in front of our sect gates, and none of us know where it came from. It seems to contain some energy. We didn’t dare to act rashly, so we have quickly brought it over for you to see."

Jiang Yiming became excited. It seemed that this matter was really a chain of events. No matter how he looked at it, it seemed to be a fortuitous opportunity for him!

"Stop talking and hurry up and take out the stone then!"

That disciple nodded. With a wave of his hand, a few people came into the door, carrying a stone.

This stone was not small. Upon seeing the strange stone they were talking about, Jiang Yiming immediately stood up.

Because even he could feel the energy within!

Under his sect protection array, he could still feel the power within!

Jiang Yiming was a little confused. Why was this so?! With his cultivation, he should not be moved even in the face of such a level of energy!

But this time, it was different!

The energy within seemed to emit an ancient aura of desolation!

Could it be that the secrets contained within were really related to the two matters in front of him right now?!

Could it be that there was a connection between Gu Lingfei’s bloodline and the scroll that the mysterious person had sent over?!

Jiang Yiming’s spiritual energy transformed into tens of thousands of threads that slowly attached themselves to the strange rock.

"Disciples! All of you, step aside now! Don’t disturb me!" Jiang Yiming’s voice was loud as he slowly floated in the air. The energy in his hand seemed to have a consciousness as it snatched the stone away!

At the same time, as id ti had felt Jiang Yiming’s summon, the huge rock slowly floated!

Jiang Yiming was a little puzzled. After all, he had seen clearly that his disciples had spent quite some effort to lift the rock together just now!

"Not simple…"

The few disciples understood that their Master must have discovered something to have such a reaction! All of them retreated to the side and watched their Master’s performance alone.

In the strange rock, only the center point was truly covered with energy.

It seemed that there should be some kind of spirit stone or jade stone hidden within.

His job now was to disintegrate the rock and find out what was inside!

The process of doing so was actually similar to when Jiang Yiming was refining pills himself!

It was the same process of constantly mixing and disintegrating the energy inside!

This wasn’t difficult for Jiang Yiming, but he could feel that the most essential energy inside was like an extremely precious medicinal ingredient!

As long as the strength he used was a tad too powerful, it might directly cause its destruction!

Jiang Yiming frowned. No matter what was inside, he would definitely find out the secret today!

All the disciples were engrossed in watching. They watched as the spiritual energy from Jiang Yiming’s body continuously seeped into the stone before pulling it apart!

The scattered pieces of stones fell in the main hall. Jiang Yiming was constantly disintegrating it, separating it, and refining it until the energy within could completely be used by him!

This was what Jiang Yiming was thinking!

"Come! How many more streaks of energies are there?! Break now!" He roared angrily because he could sense that the more he took the rock apart, the greater the resistance within was!

Finally, with a loud explosion, a pile of rubble appeared on the ground.

Everyone stared at their Master in shock. Before bringing the rock into the sect, they had been quite fearful. After all, if there really was any danger in the rock, wouldn’t the entire sect be affected?!

However, from their Master’s reaction, it seemed that they had been overthinking.

Jiang Yiming looked at the stone ball in his hand with satisfaction.

This stone ball was the object in the center of the huge rock!

The energy contained in it was something that could even move him when he touched it!

Now, the most superficial problem had been solved. It was time to see what use this thing had!

However, before Jiang Yiming could have any ideas, the eerie stone ball slowly floated out of his hand as if it had gained intelligence!

"Master! This?!" Seeing this, Huang Chaoyu was naturally a little anxious. Having just obtained this thing by disintegrating the huge rock, how could they allow it to leave just like that?

However, Jiang Yiming was unhurried. He simply smiled and threw the stone ball in his hand out, "It doesn’t matter! Let it go! Let’s see where it can go!"

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