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Chapter: 178

Jiang Yiming’s plan was indeed as such. Such strange and chaotic matters had already happened many times in his sect.

If he racked his brain to think of a way to break it, he was afraid that his thoughts would end up falling into an unexplainable loop!

Such a thing was formed from the concentrated spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth!

"Humph, it seems that there is some explanation for this," Jiang Yiming laughed coldly.

He already roughly knew the location that the stone ball was at!

The ball seemed to want to leave his hand and enter the divination plate!


From the looks of it, there should be some kind of connection between the two things!

If that was the case, it would be a great help to him.

When the stone ball came into contact with the divination plate, there was a reaction. The minute the energy within it came into contact with the plate, it began to show signs of overflowing!

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"Wait… Master, I think I have seen this in a book before! It’s not that simple!" Dong Mi couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw this.

He had seen such a scene in the ancient books that his family had brought to the sect.

The Dong Family was, after all, one of the big families in the ancient times. It wasn’t strange for them to have such a reserve!

As such, this thing in the Lingyun Sect wasn’t that simple!

It could be considered something that many big families and sects yearned for!

Similar to the Green Lotus Creation Technique and various secret realms in the sect, if this was to be displayed before everyone and clearly marked with a price, then needless to say, it would definitely be fought over among the various sects!

This was the kind of treasure that could only be encountered by chance but not sought after!

An ordinary person could only look at it even if they encountered it!

The two items slowly intersected. After which, the stone ball turned into a few rays of light in front of everyone’s eyes.

Everyone in the main hall clicked their tongues in wonder. Such a wondrous and beautiful scene was something that they couldn’t have seen normally!

The rays of light that filled the sky slowly scattered down. With that, the main hall would completely turn into a training hall for a few days.

The flowing lights that had sprinkled down quickly gathered again! In the end, a few stars slowly appeared, lit up on the divination plate.

"Master! This is a star map and a star formation! As long as we deconstruct and understand it thoroughly, we will be able to find the location that this thing is guiding us to!" Dong Mi was a little excited. From the ancient books that his sect had brought, he had learned that such a star map could point out the direction of what they sought after!

"That’s right, but what exactly is it pointing for?" When Jiang Yiming had nothing to do, he read books as well. There were some books in this world that were quite helpful and attractive to him.

"If that’s the case, what exactly is the object it’s pointing to?"

There were three things that were troubling Jiang Yiming right now. One was the situation of his eldest disciple, Gu Lingfei. The second was the scroll that the mysterious person had sent over. The last thing that he needed to uncover was the mysterious person that his disciple, Yan Shangqing, had told him about.

The three things were to be resolved by Jiang Yiming, but the strange rock and the thing behind it were not simple!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yiming hurriedly looked at the star map in front of him and recalled the things in his heart.

A star map was used to point out the direction. No matter what was waiting for him in the end, he would definitely be able to find a way to resolve it!

"This… Master, this is the star map of the Divine Phoenix Region!" Dong Mi had seen something like this at home before!

"This seems to be pointing at a location in the Divine Phoenix Region!" Dong Mi was a little excited. This thing was not simple!

Jiang Yiming had also noticed it. With this, he was certain the star map was directly pointing out the direction for him!

It seemed that this should be the location of the mysterious elder that Yan Shangqing had mentioned!

After finding him, Jain Yiming could invite him back to the sect to help check on his eldest disciple’s situation. The rest of the matters might also be solved easily!

The heavens were helping him!

"Hurry Up! There’s no time to lose! Bring all the books related to this over!" Jiang Yiming turned around and said. Right now, he only wanted to solve this problem quickly to find the location indicated by the star map!

"Yes!" The few disciples turned around at the same time and went to look for the books.

Although they couldn’t use the divination plate directly, having the star map as the foundation, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the location indicated!

After a while of research, the sun was already setting. One could even vaguely see the bright moon hanging in the sky.

It was a cloudy night, so the moonlight could only find the gaps between the clouds to illuminate the earth.

"Master, we can make a rough calculation of the location in the star map now," Dong Mi raised his head in satisfaction, wiped off his sweat, and said.

Jiang Yiming had also deduced the general location, and hurriedly took a pill to help stabilize his spiritual energy.

"Master… What are you doing?"

"What nonsense are you asking? Your eldest senior brother is still lying in bed! Come with me! Let’s go and take a look!" Jiang Yiming smiled. With his current cultivation, he could travel through the entire Divine Phoenix Region without any obstacles.

The small distance was nothing to him!

"Yan Shangqing, Huang Chaoyu, Dong Mi, the three of you come with me!" It was a good opportunity for his disciples to see the wonders of divination too.

After all, in this world, such unfathomable methods were a great help in increasing one’s strength!

If one could master this kind of knowledge, one would be able to solve a large number of problems!

"Okay! We’ll listen to Master!" Everyone nodded. After asking some people to clean up the mess in the main hall, Jiang Yiming led his disciples on the journey to find the person.

"Master? Do you think the person would be kind of stubborn? Would he refuse to see us no matter what?"

"You’re thinking too much, Chaoyu! The strange rock was originally the work of Heaven’s will. Since he had said to Yan Shangqing that everything depended on fate, then the rock must be related to this so-called fate!"

"What Master means is that if we go to look for him, it is the will of heaven? Isn’t that what we need the most?" Huang Chaoyu nodded. What others said was right. The will of Heaven was indeed the most important thing.

Although her Master had helped his disciple change his fate, the fate as determined by the will of Heaven could not be so easily changed.

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