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Chapter: 180

"There is indeed such a person in your sect. It seems that what I’ve said is true. However, I didn’t expect it to be him…"

Hearing this, Jiang Yiming was shocked. The old man seemed to have known even before all this that there was such a disciple in the Lingyun Sect!

On top of that, the way the old man was speaking of the matter, it felt like he was familiar with the disciple.

"I’m sorry, but this shouldn’t be your real body, right?" Jiang Yiming asked carefully. He had already caught a glimpse of the truth from the other party’s words! This wasn’t a choice that a person of this age could make. At the same time, a person of this age naturally wouldn’t have such experience!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yiming was a little dazed, so asked this question with some doubt.

"Hahaha, as expected of you. Indeed, being so young and promising, how could you not have thought of it?" The man that looked young laughed lightly. The aura around his body slowly receded, and in the end, an old man appeared.

Wait a minute, the Celestial King’s Privilege that came with his system shouldn’t have allowed his cultivation to be detected by others!

"I don’t know what method you used to hide your strength. Even I can’t detect your true cultivation, but I think it shouldn’t be lower than the late stage of the Incarnation Realm, right?" The old man seemed to have completely seen through Jiang Yiming’s thoughts. Just as the latter was thinking about this question, the other party answered his question right away.

Hearing these words, Jiang Yiming felt much more at ease instead. After all, the Celestial King’s Privilege had clearly stated that no matter how much higher the other party’s cultivation was, it was impossible for the other party to detect his strength!

All of this seemed a little too strange. The other party was like a god who was higher above and could see through everything. It was as if his every move was practically in the other party’s eyes!

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Such power that was affecting him was like an invisible net that had been formed around it. Under the net, nothing could hide, including himself.

It seemed that there were still a lot of things that he needed to learn in this world!

If just in terms of strength, his current condition might be considered pretty good, but there were still countless things waiting for him to explore in this world!

When he thought of this, even Jiang Yiming could not help but shiver.

"Sect leader, there’s no need to worry. I’ve already said that I can at most play an enlightening role by your side," That person smiled and slowly shook his head.

Perhaps Jiang Yiming was regarding him as his savior, but this was really overestimating him.

If it were any other time, he might really be able to help, but it was different now. This favor was not simple.

On top of that, it had to be completed by themselves, on their own.

"Seeing that we are fated, I’ll give this to you. However, I can’t tell you how to use it. You can only rely on yourselves to comprehend it!"

Jiang Yiming and the disciple behind him felt a little dizzy when they heard this. They didn’t expect that after they had already traveled thousands of miles to find this place,, the answers still couldn’t be said out loud. It could be said that to be exactly the same as the situations that they had encountered before this.

"Hey, don’t beat around the bush! Everyone knows that you must be very good at divination. Enlightening us is just a matter of a few words for you! If you say it clearly, won’t everything be resolved?" Huang Chaoyu was a little anxious. Perhaps becasue she practiced a fire-type cultivation technique, or rather she was just a fire attribute cultivator, but she was quite short-tempered.

They had already spent so much effort to have finally reached this step. She had thought that they would be able to save Gu Lingfei easily after they returned from this trip, but she didn’t expect that there would still be so many twists and turns.

"Hahahaha! To be honest, the biggest taboo for such things is to be too hasty. Such things can never be rushed. For me to have allowed all of you to find me here was becasue I’m fated with you! Such things can not be forced. If it is possible, you can naturally resolve it yourselves," As the man spoke, he revealed a strange trace of deep affection, "I advise you to return quickly! After this, the matter will definitely become more and more troublesome!"

Jiang Yiming could hear that the other party’s words seemed to have some hidden meaning!

"You don’t have much time left. If you go back now, you might be able to make it."

Make it? Make what in time?

The person then directly threw the item in his hand to Jiang Yiming. While everyone was still in a daze, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

It was as if he had suddenly gone with the wind and disappeared without a trace.

Not only did the trip not answer their doubts, it made them even more confused!

Everyone was somewhat puzzled.

But before he left, the old man did say to everyone, "Return quickly."

What did this mean?!

Jiang Yiming only thought for a moment before he immediately reacted!

"Hurry up and let’s go! Head back to the sect! Faster!"

If the other party couldn’t say it out loud, it might be something that couldn’t be said out loud!

Although his eldest disciple, Gu Lingfei, wasn’t under any life threats for the time being, his condition might be just like Shangguan Qingyun from before!

In Shangguan Qingyun’s family back then, someone had used all sorts of methods to turn him into the abandoned child of the family!

Not only that, their attitude towards Shangguan Qingyun had been of one eager to exterminate the boy, and this was saying it withought any exaggeration at all!

How could the story behind Gu Lingfei be any better?!

The family behind him was probably an ancient family that only existed in legends, the Gu Family.

For some unknown reason, the family had directly angered the other families back then!

Then, under the encirclement and suppression of the other families, the family had been directly annihilated!

If what Old Ling said was true, for Gu Lingfei tp be able to awaken his bloodline and constitution, it meant that the blood flowing in his body was not simple!

After this awakening, would the descendants of the rival families come looking for trouble?!

Or perhaps, they were already on their way. After all, the mysterious old man har urged them to hurry back just now!

Their opponents might already be on their way!

Jiang Yiming looked at his disciple who seemed to be in a daze, and immediately roared, "Let’s go!"

When everyone saw their Master’s reaction, they knew that their Master must have discovered something!

There was no time to lose! It was time to leave this place!

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