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Chapter: 68

Chapter 68: Huang Chaoyu Makes a Move, a Mysterious Opponent Requests For 3v3

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Alright, lie down and rest well," Jiang Yiming helped Gu Lingfei apply some medicine for knife wounds.

"You brat, to be honest, your moves were really ruthless! Not bad, you have my bearing!"

The Zhenlei Sect’s disciple was now in a state where one didn’t know whether he would live or die.

Although this was just a sparring match, since both sides had used their killing moves, there was no right or wrong.

Jiang Yiming called for Old Ling to look after Gu Lingfei.

He then got up and returned to the training ground.

At this moment, his emotions were somewhat complicated.

His eldest disciple had won a miserable victory in the first round.

He only had five disciples, to begin with.

Now, only four of them were left who could fight.

Although the rules were that the challengers couldn’t be of a higher realm than them, no one could guarantee that the remaining few disciples could persevere the rounds of challengers. This was the main problem that he had thought about back then.

Although his disciples weren’t weak, facing so many challengers would wear them down, and their abilities were bound to fall short of their ambitions. Fortunately, they were now only seeking to rise from a fifth-rank force to a fourth-rank force.

‘As such, the opponents they had to face were only from fourth or third-rank forces.

With the strength of his disciples, they should be able to last these five days.

After sorting out his thoughts, Jiang Yiming straightened his body once again.

He looked at the vast crowd in front of him.

"Who is the next one? If these few days pass just like this, isn’t it a little too easy?"

A so-called "genius" had just been beaten to a pulp by one of the Lingyun’s Sects disciples.

Even though the Lingyun Sect’s disciple himself was also severely injured, no one dared to look down on those from the Lingyun Sect anymore.

Seeing that no one dared to come forward for the challenge, directly jumped into the training ground and said, "What? Are all of you afraid now?"

Immediately, another person jumped into the training ground.

It was also a woman.

"Tm Lin Min, a disciple of the Qinghui Sect, here to seek advice!"

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The Qinghui Sect?

Jiang Yiming, who was below the platform, was confused.

It seemed that the Lingyun Sect was being treated as a pushover.

Since that was the case, he would just allow his disciples to display their full strength!

"Good!" Seeing that the person who had come forward wasn’t arrogant, Huang Chaoyu’s expression eased up a little.

After they looked into each other’s eyes, the Qinghui Sect’s disciple’s eyes turned cold, and she made a move first!

Cold air filled the entire training ground.

With this, Huang Zhaoyu already knew that the opponent cultivated a technique that focused on hiding and assassination.

Just as she was in a daze, the cold air had already circled behind her.

Everyone cried out in surprise because the female disciple was just too fast!

Inan instant, she had appeared behind Huang Chaoyu!

"Junior sister, be careful!" The other Lingyun Sect’s disciples in the audience exclaimed.

"Sigh, the opponent is simply not strong enough," Huang Chaoyu sighed softly.

With that, magnificent flames poured out of her!

‘The Qinghui Sect’s female disciple was then swept up by great pressure and sent flying.

"Junior sister!" Someone from the Qinghui Sect exclaimed, and with a tap of his toes, he was on the training ground as well.

"Lam Lin Yun from Qinghui Sect! Fellow cultivator, I will restrain my strength but not my tactics and go all out! Please be careful."

"You’d better be careful of yourself," Huang Chaoyu said lightly.

The Qinghui Sect’s disciple used his spiritual energy and transformed it into a sword that he held in his hand.

"Full White!" With his command, the sword in his hand turned bright white.

Huang Chaoyu raised her eyebrows.

‘The Qinghui Sect was quite interesting.

Looking at the sword that was constantly magnifying in her eyes, Huang Chaoyu merely raised her hand and waved it gently, and spiritual energy spurted out from her sleeve. Another person was smashed onto the barrier of the training ground.

"This little girl really is so tactless with her attacks," Jiang Yiming shook his head and said with a smile, "Makes sense though. Perhaps she’s been suppressing it for a long time now." ‘While the few of them were chatting and laughing, another few people from other sects were defeated by Huang Chaoyu.

"These fifth and fourth-rank sects just don’t know their limits," Ye Yunfan crossed his arms and shook his head.

Among the sects that came to accept the challenge today, there were quite a few that had bullied the Lingyun Sect previously.

Knowing now that Jiang Yiming was not someone to be trifled with, they had come in groups.

Currently, the number of cultivators that had been defeated by Huang Chaoyu was no less than double digits.

‘As such, these sects finally understood that the Lingyun Sect was no longer the shabby sect from before.

After defeating another challenger, none of the sect members that came to watch the battle dared to accept the challenge anymore.

After a long time, someone finally leaped onto the arena.

"Which sect are you from?" Huang Chaoyu sized up the person who came.

Although the person’s strength was indeed above those ineffective troops from before, before her, she could definitely defeat him within three moves.

"You are truly skilled! To have such a cultivation at such a young age, you must truly be a gifted genius!" That person cupped his hands and bowed, "However, your sect has quite a few disciples. If you were the only one to accept the challenges all the time, wouldn’t there be some gossip?"

Huang Chaoyu frowned.

Even though this person seemed respectful, he was beating around the bush, and there was a hidden meaning behind his words.

"Speaking so ambiguously, aren’t you afraid of gossip yourself?"

"Tve long heard that there’s a female disciple in the Lingyun Sect who’s straightforward and frank. I’ve seen it for myself today!" That person paused for a moment before speaking again, "Then, can I ask the other Lingyun Sect’s disciples below the stands to join in as well?" Upon hearing this, Huang Chaoyu raised her eyes in disbelief, "You want to fight against three by yourself?"

"No, no, no, it’s three against three. I’ll bring my two junior brothers to spar with you and your two senior brothers. This request isn’t too much, right?" Huang Chaoyu had just entered the Core Formation Realm.

As for the disciple before her who hadn’t revealed his sect, his cultivation was similar to hers.

For someone from a fourth-rank force to have proposed to fight three against three, he must have already thought of a countermeasure.

He would probably use three Core Formation Realm cultivators to deal with them.

It didn’t matter. Since the other party wanted to spar with the Lingyun Sect, so be it!

"Hmph, your request is not too much, but you’ve already seen the fate of those sect disciples," Huang Chaoyu said coldly.

"Of course, of course," With this, two more figures jumped onto the arena and stood on both sides of the person.

"Ha, three Core Formation Realm cultivators. I do wonder which fourth-rank sect this is to have such a lineup?" Jiang Yiming laughed.

"Junior brother! Let me and Junior Brother Dong Mi take this round. You don’t make a move first."

Shangguan was also aware that if he were to join a battle between three Core Formation Realm cultivators, he would only be a burden.

"Wait!" Just as the two were about to jump into the array, Jiang Yiming smiled slightly and stopped them, There’s no need to be anxious. I think it’s okay to let Shangguan go ahead." "Ha?" The three disciples looked puzzled.

Now, the opponents were three Core Formation Realm cultivators, while Shangguan had just broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm. If they were to let him face the challenge, wouldn’t it be a bit risky?

"That might not be necessarily true. Disciples, please listen to me.."

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