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Chapter: 73

Chapter 73: The Zhenlei Sect Comes to Look for Trouble. Anyone Who Dares to Provoke the Lingyun Sect Will Not Li

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The time was nearing the end of the day. If the people were here to challenge them, why didn’t they come in the moming and chose such a time instead?

The Lingyun Sect’s disciples were puzzled, so they ran to the sect’s gates to check.

"Hey, why does it sound like those people are also beating drums and gongs? Oh no, could it be that the Zhenlei Sect’s disciple really lost his life and his father has now brought people here to cry?" Hearing the sound of drums and gongs, Gu Lingfei’s expression changed and he quickly went out to check.

As expected, he saw a group of people dressed in mourning clothes heading towards the Lingyun sect.

"Damn these people!" Gu Lingfei spat angrily as he cursed.

Although his injuries had not fully recovered, he was basically fine.

"Since you dare to cause trouble on the day our sect is celebrating, fine! I’ll make sure none of you can return!"

As he said this, the group of people had already arrived in front of the Lingyun Sect.

Along the way, they had also attracted quite a number of onlookers.

"My poor son! He had reached the Core Formation Realm at such a young age. His future should have been boundless, and the road ahead for him should have been bright and broad!" The old man in the lead cried and looked extremely sorrowful. The surrounding people were also discussing animatedly.

With the strength of those disciples, the news that the Lingyun Sect was about to advance to become a fourth-rank sect had spread like wildfire recently.

They had thought that everything had been settled and the show had ended.

No one expected such a show to be put up.

"Who are you? If you’re in mourning, please find another place to do so! The Lingyun Sect is no place for you to mourn!" Gu Lingfei stood before the sect’s gates and shouted sternly.

"I’s you! You! The sparring between sects shouldn’t have gone beyond, but you, the Lingyun Sect’s disciple, had mercilessly beat my son to death!" The person pointed at Gu Lingfei’s nose as he wailed, "To think you’re so ruthless as a cultivator! Your Lingyun sect! What kind of sect is the Lingyun Sect?! My son! If I can reveal the ugly face of the Lingyun Sect today, your spirit in heaven should be able to rest in peace, right?"

Hearing the old man say this, Gu Lingfei, who was in the lead, was also about to explode from anger.

"You shameless person! Don’t you dare bark in front of my sect! Everyone has witnessed what happened that day! Your son had been the one to speak arrogantly and humiliated my sect first. In the sparring match, it was your son who had dished out the killing move first too!" e Yunfan’s spiritual energy surrounded his body as he said angrily, "Many of the villagers have witnessed it. What intentions do you have for coming to our sect and provoking us without reason? If you want to fight, then let’s fight. If you have the guts, then come and try to avenge your son!"

The Lingyun Sect’s disciples were both angry and laughing.

Looking at the old man who was acting unreasonably in front of them, it was probably because he knew that the Zhenlei Sect’s strength was far inferior to the Lingyun Sect’s and thus, he didn’t dare to directly make a move.

After all, no one wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Huoyun Sect.

As such, he used such a ridiculous method, trying to deceive others!

"You juniors, aren’t you all arrogant just because your sect leader has some strength? Well, where is your sect leader now?" The old man’s eyes were filled with grief as his saliva flew everywhere, "Huh? Is that sect leader of yours a coward now? Or is he going to find your real Master to ask for help? Today, I will seek justice with him!"

"You vicious old thief! If you dare to say anything humiliating about my Master again and not get lost with those unlucky things behind you, don’t blame me for being rude!" "Get into formation! Protect the sect leader!" Someone in the mourning line gave the order, and some cultivators immediately surrounded the old man.

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"What’s going on? To think I can even hear the noise in front of the sect from my residence!"

The Lingyun Sect’s gates opened and a young cultivator walked out slowly.

It was the sect leader of the Lingyum Sect, Jiang Yiming.

"Master! This old thief wants to break into our sect, and he’s even talking nonsense to confuse right and wrong! Look! What should we do?!"

‘The Lingyun Sects sect leader looked carefully at the people who came and laughed out loud!

"Hahahahaha! Is this the sect leader of the Zhenlei Sect? At such an old age, why are you not enjoying your family life, but here at my sect to cause trouble? Oh! Is it because your useless son had made a killing move against my disciple when he realized he wasn’t strong enough? He probably didn’t expect to have been killed by my sect’s disciple for not being skilled enough, huh? This is literally throwing the helve after the hatchet! Hahahaha!"

Jiang yiming laughed so hard that he almost lost his composure. ‘When he stopped laughing, his killing intent was already boiling.

"You didn’t think that I, Jiang Yiming, will compromise with you just because you guys made such a move? What a joke! I’ve said it before, those who dare to offend my sect will die!"

‘The surrounding crowd was trembling as they wanted to leave.

The Lingyun Sect’s sect leader’s strength was unfathomable.

When the Huoyun Sect had come to provoke him back then, just the shockwaves of the battle between him and the Huoyun Sect’s Incarnation Realm elder had made it so that they only dared to watch from afar! "Hmm, that being said, if I were to act rashly today, it would be a little unkind," Jiang Yiming shook his head.

The spiritual energy that had just skyrocketed instantly dissipated.

"My cultivation is too high. In my eyes, you bunch of trash aren’t even as good as a chicken. Gu Lingfei! Why Don’t you lead your junior brothers and sisters and use them for practice today?"

Everyone from the Zhenlei Sect was panicking.

They had originally thought that they could place the Lingyun in an unrighteous position and thus defeat the enemy without a fight.

But why did things seem somewhat off course?

"My sentiments exactly! I didn’t know the father to be even more stupid than the son! Leave the old thief to me!"

Upon getting their Master’s permission, the Lingyun Sect’s disciples were excited.

The several Zhenlei Sect’s elders who had come along were also shocked.

However, those who were here today from the Zhenlei Sect were five Core Formation realm cultivators and a bunch of Foundation Establishment cultivators.

As for their opponents, there were only five of them, with three in the Core Formation Realm and two in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

No matter how they looked at it, the advantage was theirs!

Even if they couldn’t do anything to the Lingyun Sect’s sect leader, they could at least hurt his disciples!

"Cutting-edge Jingyu!"

Before they could react, blades of spiritual energy were already in the air.

"If we had sparred in the arena, I would have held myself back, but since the lot of you have a death wish, then I won’t be polite!" Shangguan Qingyun waved his spiritual energy blades, and a silver spear appeared in his hand. In an instant, he was already in the array of the Zhenlei Sect!

"Junior brother! Don’t just have fun yourself! Let senior brother have some fun too!" Ye Yunfan charged into the chaotic array.

"Alright, since senior brothers are in high spirits, then I won’t disturb you," Dong Mi chuckled and muttered a few words.

With that, a few strands of spiritual energy separated from his body and were injected into his senior brothers’ bodies.

After being injected with spiritual energy, Gu Lingfei could feel that the fighting spirit in his heart was pumped up even more!

"Alright! With my junior brother’s help, I’ll capture the leader first and send you old thing to meet with your son first!"

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