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Chapter: 75

Chapter 75: Underworld City? A Clue Regarding Dong Mi!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Ever since I became the sect leader of the Lingyun Sect, "I’ve already said it more than once," Jiang Yiming shook his head and turned around before he continued,

"I don’t want to waste my breath anymore. If anyone dares to come after my sect again, this will be the end for all of you."

Just as he was about to retum to the sect, he turned his head again and said, "Gu Lingfei, clean up the place before the gates. Don’t let it disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the sect."

With that, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

"Didn’t you hear what my Master said? Hurry up and clean up this place!" Gu Lingfei tumed his head again and shouted at the Zhenlei Sect members who were already scared out of their wits. Hearing Gu Lingfei’s order, they finally knew that they had escaped a calamity!

They hurriedly thanked him as they carried the people in the array who were unknown to be dead or alive away.

Then they started to clean up the traces left by the battle.

The sky was already dark, and the Lingyun Sect’s rank promotion trial had thus ended.

The Lingyun Sect had officially entered the ranks of the fourth-rank forces!

However, most people knew that it was just that the Lingyun Sect only had a few disciples at the moment.

As soon as they accept more disciples, with their hidden assets and strength, they would be able to take another step forward and become a third-rank sect immediately!

After Gu Lingfei led his junior brothers and sisters to settle the remaining matters then returned to the sect, he felt as if the burden on his shoulders had finally been lifted.

"Phew, the Lingyun Sect has finally returned to being a fourth-rank sect!"

"That’s right, even though something went wrong just now, at least it didn’t disrupt our plans."

Seeing that his disciples had finally returned, Jiang Yiming’s expression was naturally filled with joy.

"It’s still my fault for not working hard enough. I had thought that after my few times of making moves, no one would dare to provoke the Lingyun Sect," He smiled and shook his head, "But I really didn’t expect that there would always be people who aren’t afraid of death." "Master! In the future, there’s no need for you to make a move in such matters!" Gu Lingfei and Ye Yunfan said in unison.

With their strength, they were more than enough to contend with most of the fourth-rank forces.

"That’s right! If such a thing happens again in the future, just let me and my senior brothers deal with it!" Shangguan Qingyun looked as if he hadn’t had enough of fighting.

After all, if he had been told that he could defeat a Core Formation Realm cultivator head-on two months ago, he wouldn’t have believed it no matter what.

But now, his strength had turned it into reality!

"Oh right, junior brother Dong Mi, I see your cultivation technique isn’t the same as ours which focuses on attacking!" Huang Chaoyu seemed to have suddenly come to her senses as she asked.

In the battle just now, with the support of Dong Mis cultivation technique, they had felt that their realms had increased by quite a bit!

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"Impressive! Such cultivation techniques are not easy to cultivate to begin with, yet junior brother Dong Mi is able to have such cultivation at such a young age. Senior brother admires you!" Ye Yunfan praised.

Dong Mi, on the other hand, was a little embarrassed, "Senior brother and sister, you’re too kind. Just too kind! I’m just a little lucky."

"alright, alright! The lot of you still have to practice more in the future!" Jiang Yiming waved his hand, signaling the disciples to listen to him, "Since today is a joyous occasion of the Lingyun Sect, we’ll do as you say. Let’s go out and find a restaurant to celebrate!" As Jiang Yiming’s voice fell, the unhappiness from before was swept away.

The disciples surrounded Jiang Yiming like stars surrounding the moon as they left the sect.

"Isn’t this the sect leader of Lingyun Sect and his disciples?"

"Congratulations on the Lingyun Sect’s promotion! Your future must be boundless!"

"The only sect that can achieve such a rapid promotion in the Divine Pheonix Region is probably the Lingyun Sect!"

Walking in the night market, the surrounding shopkeepers exclaimed in admiration as they recognized the disciples.

After Jiang Yiming and his disciples discussed among themselves, they finally decided on a restaurant.

"Oh my! I had wondered who had arrived? For the sect leader of the Lingyun Sect to have brought his disciples here, this small shop of mine has truly been honored by your presence!" The moment they sat down, the waiter quickly came over and his mouth was full of praise. "Hey! I say! Usually, when I come over to have a drink, I didn’t see that you had been so attentive!"

"Hey! Look at you, Gu Lingfei! To think you’re acting so proud of yourself just after I praised you! Bringing your Master and juniors to my little shop, what would you like to have today?" The waiter joked around with Gu Lingfei and didn’t seem like an outsider at all.

"This isn’t a small shop! Huh? Hurry up and serve the best dishes in your shop!" Gu Lingfei had just finished speaking when he looked at Jiang Yiming with a little nervousness as he said, "Master, you know this as well, but I’ve been devoting myself to cultivation these days, so it’s inevitable that I’m a little short of money…"

"Wow! Gu Lingfei, you’re thinking of taking advantage of your Master now? It’s no big deal! I don’t believe that the lot of you can empty our sect’s treasure trove!" "alright!"

The few disciples were actually very curious.

Their Master had obtained countless precious cultivation techniques recently, and it also seemed like he had an endless amount of money.

Although they were puzzled, since their Master didn’t talk about it, they didn’t probe further.

After three rounds of drinking, the other customers in the shop had already left and new ones had arrived.

Just when Jiang Yiming and his disciples were drinking to their heart’s content, two people who seemed to be travel-worn travelers sat at the next table.

As his cultivation improved, if Jiang Yiming didn’t want to get drunk, then he would not.

As soon as the two people sat down, he realized that they were not simple.

‘They were actually two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

From the looks of it, they seemed to have just returned from somewhere.

"Whoa, after half a year, we have finally returned to the Divine Phoenix Region!"

"I wonder if the restaurant’s chef has changed. If the taste of the dishes is not right, let’s go to another restaurant?"

"It can’t be wrong. This smell, the dishes must be the work of that person!"

"Okay. Thinking back, we had such a slim chance of survival in the Nether Turtle Region! Now that we have escaped, I don’t want to go to that place ever again." Jiang Yiming listened in on the conversation between the two half intentionally.

These two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators had actually returned from the Nether Turtle Region?

From their words, it seemed that they were saying that the Nether Turtle Region was dangerous and unpredictable?

His newly recruited disciple, Dong Mi had come from the Nether Turtle Region.

‘Was the new side mission possibly related to the Nether Turtle Region?

Jiang Yiming’s curiosity was piqued, so he listened carefully.

If there were useful clues, he could also go forward and ask about them.

"Yeah, if we had stayed for another two days…" The person who spoke downed a cup of wine before continuing, "When the Underworld opens, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to leave." "alright, we’ve already taken quite a lot of treasures from that place. Aren’t you satisfied yet?" The other person raised his glass and clinked it with his.

That place?

The Underworld?

The clues had been hard to come by, yet he had obtained it so easily!

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