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Chapter: 76

Chapter 76: Chaotic Celestial Phenomena! Humans and Ghosts Are Indistinguishable? What Secrets Are There in Unde

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

They were only out to celebrate, yet he could conveniently also solve Dong Mi’s problem?

If it was so, it can be said that blessings came in pairs!

Jiang Yiming could no longer hold back the excitement in his heart.

He stood up and sat at their table, next to the two who had been talking about the Underworld.

"Fellow friends, how can you drink such bad wine? Waiter! Two pots of good wine!"


Seeing this stranger suddenly sit down at their table and order two pots of good wine for them, the two men were confused.

"The two of us aren’t cultivators, and we don’t have that kind of talent either."

"Your cultivation isn’t bad, so there’s no need to hide it anymore, right?"

The two were shocked.

They had used a secret technique to conceal their aura, yet this seemingly ordinary fellow in front of them had seen through it with a single glance?

"Tm afraid you have probably mistaken us for someone else, no?"

"No, I’m just quite interested in the content of your casual conversation. I wonder if you can tell me a thing or two?" Jiang Yiming smiled and cupped his fists at the two.

"Tcan be considered a cultivator. My surname is Jiang. May I how you would like me to address you?"

"My surname is Tang, and his surname is Fang."

"Brother Tang! Brother Fang! Sorry to bother you! However, the things you know might be useful to me, so I came forward to inquire," As Jiang Yiming spoke, he took out a small pile of spirit stones and continued, "I am also clear about the rules of the martial world. What do you think?" Looking at the generous cultivator before them whose cultivation seemed mysterious, Tang and Fang exchanged glances.

Then, they took the spirit stones on the table.

"The things we were talking about happened in the Nether Turtle Region. There’s a place there called the Underworld City," The two lowered their voices and said, "And the Underworld City is at the northern end of the region. Beyond it is a vast ocean." Jiang Yiming nodded and listened attentively to what the other party was saying.

"It is said that the Underworld City is a city built by the souls of the dead that had accidentally entered the human world from the Underworld when the celestial phenomenon had been in disorder, which had caused the Underworld and the human world’s boundaries to have overlapped." Jiang Yiming sucked in a breath of cold air when he heard this.

The keywords like "the celestial phenomenon were in disorder" and "the Underworld and the human world’s boundaries had overlapped" seemed to be closely related to the side mission of Dong Mi.

"No one knows the origin of Underworld City, but it is widely spread as such. No ordinary person is willing to go to Underworld City. However, an unknown time ago, a group of sinners who had been unable to escape from pursuit had hidden in Underworld City," A trace of fear appeared in the eyes of that person as he spoke.

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"As such, Underworld City had thus expanded and developed. Countless shady deals have been carried out in the city. Up until now, a set of rules has already been formed in the city. All in all, that place is a pool of muddy water, and no one is willing to step into it." "But if it really does invoke the wrath of Heaven and Earth, have no experts attacked and annihilated it?" Jiang Yiming questioned.

"Of course there are. The Underworld City has developed for an unknown number of years, and there are countless experts hidden within it. What you said had indeed happened a few times in the past, but now, the Underworld City has formed a very delicate balance with the outside world," The two raised their glasses, and Jiang Yiming nodded.

Another glass of wine was downed.

"Although Underworld City is extremely dangerous, there are also many opportunities hidden in it. Brother Fang and I entered the city to seek wealth. Brother Jiang, you don’t know this, but we had gone there in a group of five. Now, only the two of us are left," As he spoke, the man surnamed Tang poured the remaining wine in his cup onto the ground.

"Theard from the both of you just now that your trip could be considered to be quite profitable, right? You have been in the city for half a year, but you still haven’t found your footing? Why did you come back?"

"Hehe, Brother Jiang, don’t be anxious. It’s only because I see that we’re fated that I’ll tell you this," The two of them lowered their voices and bodies, looking mysterious as they continued, "It is said that the celestial phenomenon has once again entered the cycle of reincarnation, which is to say that soon, the Underworld will be opened again!"

‘When he heard this news, Jiang Yiming was naturally shocked!

How could there be such a coincidence in the world?

The mission regarding Dong Mi had just been released, and the Underworld was going to be opened once again in the Nether Turtle Region!

"Brother Jiang, it is rumored that when the Underworld is opened, humans and ghosts will be indistinguishable there! The entire Underworld City will become extremely dangerous!"!

"That’s right, Brother Jiang! It’s just as Brother Tang had said. We both know that you must be quite profound in cultivation and the two of us are definitely not comparable to you, but even if you want to enter the city to look for opportunities, do wait until the chaotic phenomenon is over!" Seeing that Jiang Yiming looked like he was eager to head over immediately after hearing their words, Fang said.

If he entered Underworld City now, it would be no different from seeking death!

"Hahahaha, I’m very grateful that you were willing to tell me about it! As for whether or not to enter Underworld City later, I have my thoughts!" Jiang Yiming cupped his hands and bowed, then stood up and returned to his disciples. "Eh? Master? We were wondering where you had gone. Why are you looking so happy upon your return?"

"It’s not appropriate to say anything here. I’ll tell you all when I get back."

What he had learned today made him very excited!

He finally had a clue about Dong Mi’s matter!

"Master is always so mysterious!" The one who spoke was Huang Chaoyu.

The other male disciples, including Dong Mi, were all drunk and staggering.

"Sigh! It seems that you have to contribute along with me today, Xiaoyu!" Jiang Yiming shook his head with a smile. After paying the bill, he asked Xiaoyu to help him, and they carried the few drunk male disciples back to the sect. After settling the disciples down properly, Jiang Yiming returned to his own residence.

He called out Old Ling who was cultivating.

Old Ling had been allowed to cultivate and move around in the sect. When he heard his Master’s call, he hurried over. "Today, Master’s sect has gone up another level! Congratulations! Congratulations!"

Jiang Yiming chuckled.

His sect had clearly fallen to the bottom, so where did the saying that he had "gone up another level" come from? "Don’t say such flattery in the future. I don’t like it, anyway."


"Let me ask you, there is a place called Underworld City in the Nether Turtle Region, have you heard of it?"

Hearing this, Old Ling narrowed his eyes and began to rummage through his memories, "Hmm, when I was traveling around the world, I had gone to such a place. I even obtained some unrated cultivation techniques there." "Then, have you ever heard of the saying, ‘when there are chaotic celestial phenomena, the Underworld will appear?"

Hearing these words, Old Ling frowned, "This, I have heard of it, yes. It seems that when the Underworld and the human world overlap, the entire Underworld City will be covered in the area. If someone is trapped inside, it is not easy to enter the Underworld, but whether is it easy for the creatures to leave the Underworld, I am not sure."

Jiang Yiming nodded, indicating for him to continue.

"But it is said that at that time, ferocious beasts from the Underworld will appear and devour people wantonly.. In short, if one goes deep into the Underworld, one’s chances of survival will be very slim!"

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