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Chapter: 77

Chapter 77: Arrived! Master and Disciple Made Preparations to Enter the City!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After Old Ling finished speaking, he raised his head to look at Jiang Yiming, "Master, do you want to go to Underworld City?"

"Don’t ask about these things. You may leave now," Jiang Yiming waved his hand, indicating for him to leave.

It seemed that Old Ling wasn’t too sure of the matters there either.

Old Ling had just left when someone knocked on the door again.

It was Dong Mi.

He stuttered as if he had something to say but was too embarrassed to say it.

"If you have something to say, just say it. There’s no need to hide anything between master and disciple."

Dong Mi spoke slowly, "Just now, I had drunk too much and had been in a state of half-consciousness. In this daze, a chaotic image had kept appearing in front of my eyes. I had tried my best to control it, but those chaotic images kept appearing in my mind." Jiang Yiming stood up.

The incident in Underworld City seemed to really have something to do with the prophecy on Dong Mi!

"Dong Mi, there’s no need to be anxious. Speak slowly."

"That scene was indescribably chaotic. It was as if there were a few ferocious beasts continuously devouring some people with sluggish expressions, but it was also as if someone was constantly whispering in my ear, saying that I couldn’t escape fate or something like that." The people with sluggish expressions should be those who were preparing to enter the Underworld!

And the ferocious beasts were the same as what Old Ling and the people in the restaurant had said!

It seemed that the solution to Dong Mi’s problem was there!

"Master, why do you seem happy and excited instead?" Seeing Jiang Yiming’s reaction, Dong Mi found it strange.

"Dong Mi, don’t panic. I already know the solution to your prophecy."

"Master? You only took me in as your disciple in a few days!" Dong Mi’s face was full of disbelief!

"In these few days, Master, you’ve already figured out the solution? !"

"Yes, don’t underestimate your Master."

According to what Old Ling had said just now, when the Underworld opened, the entire Underworld City would be engulfed within!

If he was a step late, he would miss the opportunity!

Such a spectacle was rare in a thousand years.

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There was no time to lose!

He and Dong Mi had to leave immediately!

"How about this, you leave with me first thing tomorrow morning. Go along and quickly go to bed. Right, bring more clothes."

Dong Mi was stunned.

"We’re going to the northernmost land?"

"That’s right."

The next morning, Jiang Yiming called his disciples over.

He told them the general situation.

"Does this mean that the Nether Turtle Region is extremely dangerous?" Huang Chaoyu asked first with a worried look on her face.

"Which of the situations we encountered before were not dangerous? You don’t need to worry about it," Jiang Yiming smiled.

Since it was his disciple’s matter, let alone entering the small Underworld City, even if he was asked to climb a mountain of knives or dive into a pot of oil, he would definitely not refuse.

"For these few days Dong Mi and I are away from the sect, you guys must not delay your cultivation. If you meet any talented people who have the intention to join our sect, you can also bring them back here."

Gu Lingfei nodded, "Don’t worry, Master."

"If strong enemies come attacking, use the Thousand Miles Same Wind. Old Ling’s current strength is above the Nascent Soul Realm, so he can also help everyone in the sect protection formation," Jiang Yiming raised his eyebrows at Old Ling. "Yes, I will do my best in what Master has entrusted me."

"Master and junior brother, you must be careful on this trip!"

"We will wait for Master’s return in the sect!"

The disciples, including Dong Mi, all had some fear in their eyes.

But they believed their Master always had a backup plan!

He would definitely return safely with Dong Mi!

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi called out their swords, then rode on their swords and left.

"Master, you said that there’s really a way to break the curse on me in Underworld City?"

The Master and disciple had been flying on their swords for almost a day.

‘When they saw that the sky was getting dark, they finally stopped to rest.

Dong Mi still had some doubts in his eyes.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his Master’s strength, it was just that he was wondering how could his Master be so sure that they could find a solution in the region?

"Don’t all the clues we know now all point to Underworld City? Don’t worry, Dong Mi. Ina few days, you and your family will be safe and sound."

Dong Mi nodded and took a pill to recover the spiritual energy that he had consumed today.

Indeed, if he didn’t place his hopes in the Nether Turtle Region and were to search for other clues, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Underworld City was located in the north of this world.

It was a town that had suddenly appeared in the extremely cold wilderness overnight.

No one knew who had built it and why.

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi had been traveling through the night for two days.

Although they were already in the Nether Turtle Region, they were still quite a distance away from Underworld City.

The two of them were somewhat exhausted, so they found an inn to stay in the city.

"Wow, the closer we are to the north, the colder the temperature is."

It was also Dong Mi’s first time here, so he was quite curious about everything.

"Hehe, dear guests, you must’ve come by riding on your swords, right? Please, have some warm wine to warm your bodies first!" The boss placed two pots of wine in front of the two of them.

"Dear customers, may I ask something? My small shop is usually frequented by merchants. However, you two are obviously not merchants, it can’t be…" The boss said in a low voice, "Don’t tell me you’re going north to Underworld City?"

Jiang Yiming raised his eyes and sized up the boss, "From what you said, you seem to know a lot about Underworld City!"

This place was not far from Underworld City, so there were probably many who were struggling to live in Underworld City staying here.

Since this person was able to run an inn at such a location, he must have some strength.

"Tdon’t know a lot, but my inn is not far from Underworld City, so I do know a little of the rumors. I don’t dare to say much about Underworld City, and I can only advise you two…" Jiang Yiming raised his head.

"Don’t overestimate your strength in Underworld City. Try not to be out after sunset."

"Hmm, thank you," The master and disciple nodded.

They wanted to ask more questions, "Boss, in Underworld City…"

"Tcan only help you up to here. I don’t know anything else. If you want more wine, just call me."

That boss probably also knew that saying too much would lead to disaster, so he stopped talking.

‘The mysteriousness of Underworld City had increased in their hearts again.

Nether Turtle Region, Underworld City. Jiang Yiming and Dongmi finally arrived in the mysterious city.

From its appearance, it was no different from the other cities.

It was just that there was a faint fishy smell mixed in the air.

The strange thing was, there were no other people except for Jiang Yiming and Dongmi outside the city.

"Master, why do I feel that this place is strange?" Dong Mi took a deep breath of the cold air in the air.

He could hear the sound of the waves.

In this extreme north, it always wintered.

The only thing that greeted their eyes was pure white..

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