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Chapter: 81

Chapter 81: A Double Trap! Many Form a Thousand-Feet-Tall Body!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

How could this be?

When he had fought against the members of the Huoyun Sect back then, he had been able to directly break through the joint defense of five Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with just this skill. From the aura they had been exuding now, the opponent was at most five Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

So why was it that this time the Chaos Finger was somewhat suppressed?

Just as he was thinking about this, the Chaos Finger had already arrived before those people.

Jiang Yiming had no intention of letting them live.

Ina place like this, he simply couldn’t let the tiger return to its mountain.

Just as he defeated the Nascent Soul cultivators, he could already feel some other people coming over.

This was the most vexing situation that he had anticipated!

Making a move here would expose his aura, which would probably attract wave after wave of enemies!

This place was filled with demons that killed without batting an eye.

‘As long as there was profit to be made, they would be like tarsal maggots and simply wouldn’t let go!

It seemed that he had to quickly get rid of his opponents and escape.

‘The first group of bandits was only a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and could be easily defeated.

However, in this city, it was still unknown what experts there were.

If they made a move against him and his disciple, Jiang Yiming couldn’t be sure that he could protect him and Dongmi’s safety!

The sound of someone breaking through the air gradually neared.

The leader of the group shouted in a stern voice, "Good! Good! I wonder where you came from, fellow friend! The fact that you have won the battle so easily has already resolved the hatred in my heart! Wonderful! Just wonderful!" This person probably had some conflicts with the group of people before.

‘The encirclement and suppression of a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators was nothing to Jiang Yiming.

So would this person still dare to make a move? Or did this person have that kind of strength?

Jiang Yiming narrowed his eyes slightly.

‘The enemy who had arrived before him didn’t seem like the group of people just now who was brainless and only knew to attack forcefully. ‘The middle-aged man in the lead narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jiang Yiming, who was already in the air.

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"Tsk, I had been wondering. There aren’t many people in the entire Underworld City who can make such a big move. Since you’re an outsider, I’ll tell you the rules of Underworld City today," The middle-aged man curled his lips, "Attack!"

"Cut the crap. Since when were there rules in this city? Or are the acts of you people robbing everyone you see the so-called rules?"

"Hahahaha! That’s true! Very true! But it doesn’t matter! You will fall into our hands soon!"

Dong Mi was naturally a little nervous.

After all, this was only the second wave of opponents.

If they continued to fight like this, this place would just become a chaotic battlefield.

Then, several cultivators appeared from the horizon and landed behind the middle-aged man.

The spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth in the area had already increased several times in an instant!

A terrifying aura was rippling between Heaven and Earth.

He couldn’t allow this to drag on any longer!

The matter at hand had to be resolved quickly!

Jiang Yiming had been hiding his aura.

Even the Chaos Finger that had instantly killed several people just now had only used less than 30% of his strength!

No, this can’t do. He couldn’t let these people leave alive!

The power of desolation rushed over from between Heaven and Earth once more.

However, the leading middle-aged man was still quite relaxed as he said slowly,

"Not bad! Not bad! No wonder you were able to kill a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators the moment you made a move!"

Heh, why don’t they take this then?

"Chaos palm!" Countless power of Chaos condensed in Jiang Yiming’s hand.

"Master! Let me help you!" Dong Mi also quickly circulated his cultivation technique to help Jiang Yiming complete this terrifying attack. ‘The several cultivators behind the middle-aged man jumped, and threads made from spiritual energy formed between them!

Jiang Yiming was no longer unfamiliar with such a scene.

After all, during their sect rank upgrade, he had already seen someone use such a combined cultivation technique!

That being said, the combined cultivation technique before him now was a few times stronger than the cultivation technique cultivated by those fourth-rank sect disciples! The hand seals that they quickly formed a shield before them!

The Chaos Palm smashed onto the barrier!


The barrier cracked, and then shattered!

Humph! They were simply overestimating themselves!

‘The few cultivators were naturally unable to see through Jiang Yiming’s strength, but they could see that the Chaos Palm had already broken through their defenses! "Leader! You should retreat first!"

"Whoa, looks like this outsider’s bones are quite hard to crack. Keep his head intact for me."


The middle-aged man who was called leader had the habit of making others’ skulls into wine vessels.

Now, he was determined to get Jiang Yiming’s skull too!

More cultivators flew out, circling Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi.

"Master, what… What should we do?!"

Dong Mi was more or less aware that there was no more miscellaneous trash within the group of enemies before them that he could deal with. The weakest of them was in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm!

Just facing the terrifying strength and pressure alone had made him a little breathless!

"Don’t worry, we’ll find a way out of it. I have my plans," Even though Jiang Yiming was saying so, he had already hidden a Hunyuan pill up his sleeve. "Chaos Finger!"

This time, it was not just a few fingers, he had directly formed dozens of them!

‘The opponent already had a rough idea of Jiang Yiming’s strength and they didn’t dare to underestimate their opponent anymore.

The leading cultivator shouted, "Combination array!"

Everyone gathered.

"Gather Qi!"

"Buse body!"


After the group of cultivators gathered, Jiang Yiming’s Chaos Finger couldn’t break through their defense at all!

"Master!" At this moment, Dong Mi anxiously shouted, "What they’re using now seems to be a combination array technique!" Combination array technique?

To think the dozen Chaos Fingers he had just formed had been unable to break through the defenses of these twenty over cultivators. No, he couldn’t wait any longer!

"Chaos Palm!" Jiang Yiming angrily shouted.

He pushed his palm out!

‘The size of the palm was originally the size of a human hand, but with the infusion of spiritual energy, the closer it got to the opponents, the bigger it grew! Even a strong Incarnation Realm expert shouldn’t easily dare to take this attack, right?!

"Myself as the center! Break!"

Just as the palm was about to hit the enemy, fear appeared in Dong Mi’s eyes!

This was because the palm that Jiang Yiming had pushed out had been blocked by the cultivators, or rather, giant, in front of him.

They had also pushed out a palm, and the two forces were completely offset!

Even Jiang Yiming was a little surprised!

"Hahahahaha! I advise you to accept your fate as soon as possible!"

The giant was surrounded by black gas.

As it spoke, even the vast ocean seemed to be shaken a little!

"know. You must be at the Incarnation Realm, right? But the more powerful the person at the center of the array is, the more powerful the evil God will be! I am an Incarnation Realm cultivator, to begin with.. With the support of the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators around m, even if you have those

ultimate techniques, you can’t do anything to me, can you?"

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