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Chapter: 82

Chapter 82: Jiang Yiming’s Counterattack! The Chaos Buddha Reappears!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


This was the first time Dong Mi had seen such a scene.

An evil demon that blotted out the sky.

‘Who wouldn’t feel fear upon seeing it?!

Jiang Yiming knew in his heart that since the person who formed the array was an Incarnation Realm powerhouse, he absolutely could not slack off even a little! It seemed that he was fated to use the Hunyuan Pill today!

"Dong Mi, don’t be afraid! Although the enemy is strong, your master naturally has a way to deal with them!"

With a flip of his sleeve, the Hunyuan Pill was in his hand!

"Dong Mi, you must protect yourself well! Stay behind me!"

After swallowing the Hunyuan Pill, Jiang Yiming’s aura soared!

"Master? What are you doing?!" Dong Mi knew of the Hunyuan Pill that his Master had made and left behind in the sect!

"Master! Didn’t you say that this kind of pill will have a great effect on the user?"

"Now that things have come to this, we have no other choice! Don’t worry, Dong Mi! As long as I am still alive, I will try my best to protect you!" Chaos Celestial Technique!

Third form!

Chaos Buddha!


The giant had sensed the surging aura on Jiang Yiming’s body!

It couldn’t allow him to continue circulating his energy!

With that, the giant raised its foot and stomped down hard!

Just as the foot was about to come into contact with the master and disciple, at the critical moment, it was bounced off by something!

The giant looked carefully again, and an evil Buddha that was the same size as itself rose from the ground while sitting on a giant lotus.


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They had gathered more than 20 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators combined with the power of one Incarnation Realm cultivator to build this evil God together! But Jiang Yiming could transform into a giant that could fight them on equal terms by himself?!

This was a little too terrifying, wasn’t it?

‘What realm was he exactly in?!

In Underworld City, there had originally been some small gangs that were eager to give it a try to rob Jiang Yiming, but when they saw the two colossi appear by the sea, all of them dispelled their inner thoughts! Mortals shouldn’t get close to Celestials fighting!

At their realm, even if they went close, even the shockwaves of the battle could probably devour them!

"Good! Just great! Damned thing! You’re at most in the Incarnation Realm. For you to support this evil Buddha by yourself, I wonder how long can you hold on?" The evil God started running.

Every step he took on the snowy plains shook the snowy mountains hundreds of miles away to the point there were faint signs of an avalanche!

Facing the enemy’s charge that came with tremendous strength, the evil Buddha remained calm.

He simply pushed out a palm in response!


The two bodies formed by spiritual energy finally collided!

‘The power of Chaos and the power of Evil fought between Heaven and Earth!

"Cough, looks like you do have some ability! Again! I want to see how long you can last!"

‘The two forces that carried endless spiritual energy used the most primitive method to collide under the moonlight!

The two were evenly matched!

The shockwaves from the collisions set off monstrous waves in the vast ocean at the side!

After a few more moves, Jiang Yiming was already feeling a little tired.

To begin with, he had entered the Incarnation Realm with a foundation that had yet to completely stabilize.

Back when he had fought against an opponent like Sima Zhen, he had first taken two Hunyuan pills in a row, then he had observed the impure spiritual energy in Old Ling’s remains. Even then, he had only been able to last a few more moves against the opponent.

In the end, he was also knocked out by the backlash of the pills.

But now, although his cultivation was a little more stable, he didn’t have the demonic energy he did at that time.

‘As such, facing a peak Incarnation Realm cultivator and several Nascent Soul Realme cultivators, he really didn’t have much strength left.

He couldn’t find a way to break the opponent’s array.

‘The opponent’s aura was a little stronger than his own, to begin with.

His cultivation had only matched the opponents because he had taken the Hunyun pill.

But in the end, the enemy was a group of people.

Thanks to their interconnectedness and defense, the evil God that they transformed into was almost unbreakable!

Just a few more moves and he would probably be done for.

In reality, Jiang Yiming was not the only one feeling tired.

The eyes of the evil God were already filled with confusion.

How is this possible? How is this possible?

This fusion and combination array with himself, an Incarnation Realm expert as the heart, could even fight against an expert in the middle stage of the Incarnation Realm! What the hell was the realm of the person before him?!

Both sides were pondering and trying to read each other’s minds.

"Ahahahaha! You’re not afraid, are you? Hmm? Again! Again!" After the evil God gradually recovered its strength, it once again pounced on the evil Buddha that Jiang Yiming had transformed into! Since this was the case, there was no other way but to accept the challenge.

Jiang Yiming focused again, preparing to clash with it!

This time, both sides did not hold back anymore!

‘The strikes they threw out seemed to even shatter the space around them.

Either the opponent died, or he died!

But just as the two were about to come into contact, they stopped as if they had both been frozen.

‘They had clearly used all of their strength to throw out the attacks just now, but now, they could not move an inch in the air.

It was the same for both parties.

"Ma-Master!" Dong Mi cried.

It wasn’t that the two of them had stopped moving at this moment!

It was that there was one person standing between the evil Buddha’s giant palm and the evil God’s giant fist!

Both of them were shocked!

Who was it that had such terrifying strength?!

Before they had time to think, the person between the two of them exerted his strength at the same time.

A surge of spiritual energy from the third party broke into the body of the evil God and the evil Buddha inch by inch!

‘The two were already somewhat exhausted, to begin with, so how could they withstand this vast spiritual energy?

With that, the two giants disappeared together and a group of people fell from the sky.

Dong Mi quickly used his spiritual energy to catch his Master.

Jiang Yiming stood up and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at the person in the middle in disbelief.

Just how strong was he?

To be able to resolve the combined attacks of two who were probably in the early stage of the Incarnation Realm and to be able to easily destroy the giants that they had transformed into at the same time… If he were to want to kill Jiang Yiming and his disciple now, they wouldn’t have any chance of resisting!

"Noisy! Too noisy! A bunch of ignorant juniors! How dare you disturb my cultivation! You’re too noisy!"

Looking at the old man who was floating in the air and cursing loudly, Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi couldn’t believe it, but could this be the old man, Old Hai, that they were looking for in Underworld City? Shouldn’t Old Hai be someone crazy and poorly dressed as well as full of nonsense?

In the end, he turned out to be a peerless expert who was even stronger than Jiang Yiming!

"You bunch of ignorant juniors, it’s fine if you had fought on any other usual day, but do you know what today is? Do you juniors know?!"

The group of cultivators who had summoned the evil God also had a look of disbelief on their faces.

No one had probably ever seen Old Hai making a move here.

They all thought he was just a crazy old man with an obsession.

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