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Chapter: 83

Chapter 83: The Gate to the Underworld Opens! Blood-red Engulfs the World!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

What day was today?

All the cultivators present were stunned.

What day was it?

It couldn’t be, right?

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi were even more shocked.

‘The two had just arrived in Underworld City today and had just obtained the method related to cracking it not long ago.

Could it be that the day the gate to the Underworld would open was today?!

Just as Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi were still in a daze, the snow ground that was originally snow-white under the moonlight actually began to slowly change color. ‘What was originally a bright white world was slowly turning blood-red!

Everyone abruptly raised their heads and saw the moon turning red bit by bit as if it was being devoured by some kind of monster.

"Hahahaha! I’ve waited for so long! I’ve been waiting here for God knows how many years!" The old man hovering in the air looked a little ghastly and terrifying under the illumination of the scarlet moonlight as he laughed, "Finally! Finally! I knew it! It can’t be wrong! It just can’t be wrong!" At this time, everyone in Underworld City had already felt the creepy aura that suddenly overflowed from Heaven and Earth.

Knowing something was wrong but still choosing to stay, all of these people were here for the Underworld!

At this moment, countless auras dashed to the spot from inside the city.

‘They were here either for the treasures in the Underworld, or the wishes in their hearts to find the people they were missing in the Underworld.

No one cared about the two parties who had just been fighting.

"Master?" Dong Mi was also at a loss.

He knew very well that his Master had just exited that state, so his strength had naturally been greatly reduced.

But now, the gate to the Underworld had been opened.

With their current state, eas it really the best choice to enter rashly now at the moment?

Jiang Yiming quickly stood up while taking a pill.

His gaze turned cold.


The whole reason they had come to this place was to enter the Underworld to find the treasures they needed.

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No one knew what the situation was like inside.

If they were to wait for their strength to recover completely then only enter, everything would have been over by then!

"No! Absolutely not," Jiang Yiming shook his head.

He stood up and felt his strength gradually recovering.

"We don’t have much of a chance. I’m afraid this will be our last!"

Dong Mi could see his master’s expression.

Such determination, it was definitely for him to deter him.

He immediately nodded his head.

Following this, with a light tap of their feet, the Master and disciple flew out together.

‘When they were in the air, only then did they suddenly realize that the sea before their eyes had turned entirely blood red and was exuding a terrifying aura. The red was not simply formed by the reflection of the moonlight.

It seemed more like there was scarlet blood water constantly rolling out from below to the sea surface.

But where exactly was the entrance to the Underworld?

Looking at the scene before their eyes, it was simply impossible for them to tell where was the entrance to the legendary Underworld.

"Dong Mi! Can you still find Old Hai?" Jiang Yiming said as his eyes searched among the countless figures in front of him.

Since Old Hai had been at the seaside studying the mysteries of the Underworld for so many years, if they could now find his figure and follow after him, they might be able to find the entrance effortlessly! "This… Master, I can’t find Old Hai, b-but look over there!" Dongmi exclaimed again.

Everything that happened tonight had been just bizarre, but what he was seeing now was even more unbelievable!

Jiang Yiming looked ahead along with Dong Mi’s finger and saw that a crack was slowly opening up on the surface of the sea before him.

‘The seawater that had been divided into two sides kept falling into the abyss that had appeared from the sea being forcibly separated.

Under the surface of the sea, a blood-red light burst out from the abyss!

Jiang Yiming and Dongmi flew to the side of the abyss.

However, they couldn’t open their eyes because of the bright red light.

This abyss was right under them now, and they couldn’t see the end of it.

"Could this be the entrance to the Underworld? The extreme north is turned upside down. This should be the place, right?" Just when Jiang Yiming was excited, he saw that countless figures were trying their best to crawl out from the crack at the bottom of the abyss. All of these figures had ferocious expressions, and some had disfigured bodies.

They looked simply terrifying!

"These are the spirit souls that want to escape from here!" Jiang Yiming hurriedly controlled his spiritual energy to block off a few souls that were charging at him.

"Dong Mil It seems that you and I have to go down to the gates of the Underground and take a trip there," Looking at the spirit souls that were constantly escaping from the crack, Jiang Yiming took a deep breath of the fishy smell in the air, "The curse on your family must be removed by you personally. If not for that, I really don’t want you to take this risk!"

"Master! I can’t repay you for your kindness!"

"Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go down and take a look first!"

The Master and disciple looked at each other, then rode their swords down together!

But the closer they got to the crack, the harder it was to hold on!

The skin on their bodies felt an intense burning pain while the bones in their bodies were shivering from an extreme cold!

In front of their eyes were all kinds of evil-looking and terrifying souls that kept coming out of the crack.

All of them were filled with malice and resentment.

"These guys who are desperately trying to escape are all unwilling or resentful, right?"

‘The same went even for Jiang Yiming.

‘The closer he got to that strange crack, the harder it was to resist the pain all over his body.

Using spiritual energy to protect his body was completely useless.

This was because this combination of heat and coldness was not caused by any energy-based attack.

It was more like burning their souls from the inside out!

Therefore, using spiritual energy to protect their bodies was completely useless!

"Ugh! Master! I can’t hold on any longer!" Dong Mi cried as he followed behind Jiang Yiming.

‘They were less than 200 feet away from the abyss, but now he finally understood why the souls that had escaped from it were all in such a miserable shape. His body was now under tremendous pressure!

‘The second he relaxed a little and did not use his spiritual energy to help him resist the power within, he would be directly torn apart in the next second! "Dong Mi, don’t panic! Give the last spurt!"

But it was the same for Jiang Yiming.

Even with his cultivation, he found it unbearable when faced with this strange power, let alone his own disciple? !

"Body and soul separate! Enter!"

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi had already reached the blood-red crack that was emitting an endless amount of strange power! They had no other choice.

‘The door before them that was wide open was their only chance!

Just as their hands touched the crack, the discomfort in their entire bodies instantly disappeared.

‘The scene before their eyes turned black, and a huge force directly pulled them into the crack.

‘When Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi slowly opened their eyes later, they found that the huge force just now had pulled them into an area underneath a piece of water..

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