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Chapter: 84

Chapter 84: Jiang Yiming Understands the Mystery of the Poem! The Two Walk in the Styx!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The two of them submerged in the water together.

Then, they saw faint light above their heads.

Dong Mi was delighted.

They should have entered the Underworld by now, right?

With a thought, he wanted to speed up and follow the light.

But before he could move, his Master who was beside him pulled on him twice.

It was a pity that they were underwater.

Neither of them had leamed the underwater Sound Transmission Technique, so how could he know what Jiang Yiming was thinking at the moment?

But at the moment, Jiang Yiming had already figured out the mystery behind the poem.

He could vaguely sense that the "water surface" as reflected by the light and ripples was instead a deep and unfathomable trap!

Although it was also his first time stepping into this mysterious place, recalling the battle he had encountered in the secret realm that Old Ling had created, such places were simply dangerous, unpredictable, and extremely strange.

‘The moment he had been pulled into this water area, Jiang Yiming finally understood that the words "upside-down" in the poem didn’t actually refer to the human world and the Underworld swapping places, but that the ‘water surface" they were seeing upon entering this space wasn’t the real water surface.

Instead, the endless darkness under their feet was the real "water surface!"

Seeing his Master’s hand gestures, Dong Mi understood that his Master was hinting for him to follow him.

However, his Master went in the opposite direction to the light above their heads.

Instead, he turned around and swam into the darkness beneath them!

Although Dong Mi did not know what his Master was thinking, his Master had helped him countless times along the way, so he must have his own considerations, right? Dong Mi clenched his jaw and followed Jiang Yiming to swim towards the darkness beneath them.

Soon, their eyes were no longer filled with endless darkness but specks of light.

Jiang Yiming was ecstatic.

He had finally cracked the meaning of "upside-down".

There was no doubt about that now.

‘The Master and disciple finally poked their heads out of the water.

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"Master! How, how did you guess that?"

"Ljust felt that the light and the ripples were a little strange, so I thought it was a trap. In fact, the words of the poem were about a way to escape here!" Jiang Yiming chuckled.

Just as the duo was about to carefully observe their surroundings, two small boats slowly drifting with the current stopped right in front of their eyes.

Only then did they realize that they were now in a river.

Above the river were countless small boats just like the ones before their eyes, but on those small boats, only one person sitting on each of them. ‘The small boats were very small and could only accommodate one person.

On the bow of each small boat was a small light.

The people on the boats were all expressionless and without any movement as they allowed the boat to just drift in the direction of the river. Some’s expressions couldn’t even be seen because their faces were already disfigured.

Looking carefully at the scene in front of them, Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi didn’t dare to converse again.

In this area, there were only the faint sounds of the river flowing.

Even the ripples and water droplets caused by them two merely maintaining their balance in the water seemed a little out of place here.

The small boats in front of them were clearly not under the control of any external forces, yet stayed beside them in the constant flow of water. After a series of eye contact, the two of them climbed onto their respective boats.

As the two of them sat down, the small lights at the ends of their boats also slowly lit up.

However, unlike the small lights on the other boats, Jiang Yiming’s was abnormally bright to the point it was a little out of place.

On the other hand, Dongmi’s small light was flickering.

The other people’s small lights were also similarly dim.

Could it be that the brightness of the light represented one’s own destiny?

Dong Mi was a little disappointed.

Looking at the brightness of his small light, perhaps it was hinting that he didn’t have long to live?

‘Was anything he was doing now nothing more than a death struggle?

No! The responsibility he bore was not only for himself but also for the mysterious family behind him.

There was no room for mistakes!

At this moment, Jiang Yiming was racking his brain thinking about the meaning of the poem.

The poem had read, "Do not ask about the matters of the Underworld, and only devote oneself to obtaining life-trading money."

Other than that, he hadn’t found any trace of the "origin" mentioned in the poem until now.

To not ask about the matters of the Underworld should mean that they shouldn’t say anything here to disturb the peace of the Styx.

Jiang Yiming couldn’t help but secretly observe to see if other people had the so-called "life-trading money’.

However, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

The environment here was filled with a kind of peace that he had never felt before.

He couldn’t feel the cultivations or spiritual energy of the other corpses, or rather, spirit souls.

No wonder Old Ling, whom he had brought back to the sect would rather choose the demonic path cultivation techniques than dying.

Perhaps when one died and returned to the Underworld, all of one’s cultivation would dissipate.

Probably nobody would be willing for that to happen.

At this time, a familiar face appeared in Jiang Yiming’s eyes!

Not far to his left, the person sitting in the boat wasn’t anyone else but the person who had, with a single move, easily defeated Jiang Yiming and his opponent while they were still in a confrontation. He was the Old Hai that they had spoken of!


It seems that this person had really cultivated for many years in the Underworld.

Not only was his cultivation is unfathomable, but Old Hai may also have some information similar to the poem he had.

Though, he wondered what Old Hai had come for.

If it didn’t conflict with what they wanted, perhaps he could propose an alliance?

After all, by doing so, they could be considered to have a backup in the Underworld.

Old Hai’s expression wasn’t natural either.

He may have studied the mystery of the Underworld for years, but he was probably the same as Jiang Yiming and his disciple in the sense that this was their first time in the Underworld. The minute their eyes met in the air, Old Hai’s originally uneasy expression suddenly became alert.

If there was someone other than him who could crack the mystery of the river just now, who knows how many people might be mixed among the souls? Jiang Yiming also felt the hostility in the other party’s eyes.

In such a place, to make enemies with an expert whose cultivation was unknown was definitely not a good choice.

Just as Jiang Yiming wanted to show his goodwill, Old Hai turned his head away and ignored him.

About an hour later, a light finally appeared at the end of the seemingly endless river.

The faint blue cave abode was the end of the journey of the travelers on the boat.

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi, who had been somewhat relaxed, became anxious again.

‘There were naturally many legends of the Underworld in the human world.

However, as the cave abode in front of them gradually became clearer, Jiang Yiming was somewhat surprised.

He had thought there would be a terrible scene here, but now it seemed not so?

‘The palace at the end of the river gave off a dark blue light while red lanterns hung under the eaves.

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