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Chapter: 85

Chapter 85: Is Old Hai a Friend or a Foe? He Helps the Master and Disciple!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In fact, the style of the palace was exactly the same as the hall Jiang Yiming had built back in the sect.

It was just that this building had been built in this dark place and everything seemed to be in order.

When it’s their tun to go to the building, what will happen?

Jiang Yiming didn’t dare to ponder about it in depth.

He could only follow the flow of the river as the boat slowly inch forward.

Only when he was not far from the palace did he realize how unimaginably big the palace was.

Even the evil Buddha formed by the Chaos Buddha techniques was slightly inferior in size to the palace!

After the spirit souls got off their boats, as if being guided by something, they didn’t say a word as they just walked into the dark hall in a daze. It was finally Jiang Yiming and Dong Mis turn.

The boat docked.

The two jumped off their boats and blended into the crowd.

At this moment, a pair of hands patted their shoulders.

To be patted on the shoulder in the midst of such a strange scene, even Jiang Yiming found it somewhat fearful.

They looked back, and the person who had patted their shoulders was none other than Old Hai.

Why had the somewhat crazy, and weird old man come to them at this time?

Old Hai simply shook his head and whispered, "Your strength is not bad, but do you know where this is?"

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi both shook their heads.

"Sigh, when I saw you just now, I originally thought you were here alone, so I was a little hostile towards you. But now, seeing that he has also come with you, I’m afraid I have no choice but to help you." Jiang Yiming was stunned.

This old man before them was unlike how he was in the outside world at all.

‘The meaning of Old Hai’s words was that what could make the old man lend a hand wasn’t him, but his disciple, Dong Mi? "Dong Mi? This is?"

However, Dong Mi himself was also clueless.

Dong Mi searched his mind for the memories of the old man, but he drew a blank.

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"I’s normal that you don’t know me. I’ve figured it out from calculations a long time ago that in a few days, someone will enter the underworld to search for some sort of secret technique or treasure. I’m not good at the calculations, so this is all I learned from my calculations," Old Hai shook his head, "But

aren’t you guys being too hasty? You can’t be blamed though, it’s true that there’s very little information about the opening of the Underworld. All these years, I’ve been wholeheartedly searching for information and deserted my cultivation. I’ve been studying divination and various other techniques, and

if what I know is true, we’ve passed the Styx just now. Now, as long as we enter the palace before us here, we’ll become existences of the Underworld."

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi nodded. The three of them were still some distance away from the main hall.

The countless spirits around them all slowly walked towards that place.

‘The doors of the main hall were clearly open, but there was only darkness within.

They tried their best to see what was inside but found it impossible.

"The ancient book that I found had read ‘cross the River Styx, enter the Hall of the Dead, remove the physical body, and purify the soul’."

"In other words, by only taking one more step and entering," Jiang Yiming frowned and said, "We’re going to be stripped of our bodies?"

"Yes, but what treasure are you here in the Underworld for?"

Dong Mi was just about to answer the question when he was stopped by Jiang Yiming.

"Lwonder what treasure are you looking for, sir?"

Now, he couldn’t be entirely sure whether the old man was friend or foe.

He may be here to get rid of both of them.

Who knew?

"Hahaha, there’s no need to panic, my two friends. If I really wanted to make a move, I could have killed the two of you just now."

"If you really have such thoughts, you can give it a try," A hint of coldness flashed in Jiang Yiming’s eyes.

Old Hai indeed had such strength, but if he wanted to make a move against him and Dong Mi, Jiang Yiming would definitely not just sit still and wait for death.

"Don’t worry, you are his Master, right? Young friend, you can be considered quite lucky to have found such a Master! Since you’re here, you should just settle down. This is the real Underworld, but most of the people have gone to the other side." The "other side" Old Hai had said was probably referring to the upside-down place just now.

"If you go there, you will most likely not be able to return. I won’t waste any more words. I’ve been studying this place for so many years to save an old friend of mine when the underworld opens up." What? Save someone? To come to the Underworld to save someone?

For one to have already entered the Underworld, how could one be saved and return to the human world?

"I know the two of you are puzzled, but my friend hadn’t entered reincarnation. Instead, he is suffering endless torment in the Underworld."

"So you mean you want to find him and save his soul?" Jiang Yiming nodded. He wondered though, for someone to suffer endless torment in the Underworld, what did the person do when he was alive?

"No, a spirit soul can’t be saved and removed from the Underworld. After a person dies, his soul returns to the sea and then enters the Styx. At this time, if one’s cultivation was strong when one was alive, one may have a chance of not being controlled by the Underworld. But once one enters the Hall of the

Dead, one will lose all of one’s memories and consciousness. One will only become a mindless puppet," Old Hai said with a bitter smile, "In other words, the only thing the spirit souls that you can see now can do is to walk into the Hall of the Dead and enter the cycle of reincarnation. Even if you have the

ability to take them away, they are no longer the people you know."

‘When the old man said this, his eyes were filled with unwillingness. "Wait a moment, if it is really as you said, how should we go in?"

The two stood and listened to Old Hai’s words for a while and finally came to their senses.

They were still in the Underworld!

If he really wanted to talk about his history that was filled with blood and tears, it was not too late to talk about it outside!

"Don’t be anxious, I’ll tell you soon," Old Hai smiled

With a flip of his palm, a few pills and talismans appeared in his hand.

"This is?"

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi were just about to stretch out their hands to take them when Old Hai retracted his hand again.

"If the two of you need these things, I’m willing to help. But I’ve also said that the two of you have to help me. Tell me what you’re looking for first. If I know…"

As expected, Old Hai’s true intention was for them to help each other.

"The item we’re looking for is called origin, but we don’t know what it is exactly. Have you heard of it, Old Ha

The moment the word "origin" came out, Old Hai’s face revealed a hint of confusion as he said, "This item is extremely obscure. I’ve only heard of its name, but I’ve never known what it’s used for."

The pleasant surprise that flashed in Dongmi’s eyes quickly faded away.

"However, as far as I know, this item is a, umm, a treasure plate."

"A treasure plate?"

"That’s right, its full name should be the Origin Treasure Plate.."

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