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Chapter: 87

Chapter 87: Beauty Saves the Hero?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Two figures, one red and one purple, suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Ping.

Before Jiang Ping could take a closer look, the red figure took a step towards Xue Ying and shouted, "Xue Ying, what are you trying to do?"

"The highest bidder always wins the auction. You can’t afford such a high price, and now you want to block the way and rob?"

Feng Dan pressed her hands on her waist and snorted contemptuously. She continued, "The Blood Fang Gang is indeed a group of shameless people!"

"You usually oppressed people, and I have long disliked you. Since I bump into you today, I will definitely teach you a good lesson!"

Feng Dan’s cold but very pleasant voice echoed in the surroundings.

"Daddy, who is this auntie?" Liu’er suddenly tugged at the corner of Jiang Ping’s clothes and asked in a low voice.

"Uh…" Jiang Ping was suddenly at a loss for words.

How would he know who this woman who immediately scolded Xue Ying was?

He could only send a pleading look to Fei Cai who was beside him.

Fei Cai immediately understood, she hurriedly explained in a low voice, "This red-clothed lady who is cursing is the Golden Door Sect’s sect master’s daughter, Feng Dan. As for the purple-clothed lady beside her, she is the daughter of the mayor from the mayor’s mansion, Zi Yue." "The two of them should have been in Room 3."

Hearing this, Liver didn’t have any reaction, but Jiang Ping couldn’t help but pause.

He had been in Fusheng City for almost half a month, so he naturally had some understanding of the various major forces in Fusheng City.

The mayor’s mansion was a well-deserved overlord force, but it had become much quieter in recent years.

Next was the Blood Fang Gang, the Golden Door Sect, and the Open City Sect. Among them, the Open City Sect was unusually low-key and rarely appeared in public.

Therefore, the two most popular factions were the Blood Fang Gang and the Golden Door Sect.

Unexpectedly, not only the Blood Fang Gang but the people from Golden Door Sect and the mayor’s mansion had appeared.

Moreover, according to Fei Cai, their appearance should not have been a coincidence. They had been waiting for him on purpose!

Sigh, if he had known earlier, he would have just slipped away after obtaining that item. How could there be so much trouble now?

"Feng Dan, I didn’t expect that the person from Golden Door Sect would be you!" When Xue Ying saw Feng Dan, his eyes couldn’t help but flash with an ominous glint.

In the next moment, his gaze swept past Feng Dan and landed on Zi Yue who was behind her. The ominous glint instantly turned into a ray of greed as he laughed sinisterly. "And the daughter of our mayor, Miss Zi Yue, has also come!"

His gaze immediately made Zi Yue feel uncomfortable. Her black brows could not help but furrow. Just as she was about to speak, Feng Dan blocked her from his view. She sternly said to Xue Ying, "Take back that disgusting gaze of yours!"

"Tm telling you since you’ve bumped into me today. Your doomsday has arrived!"

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"Ladvise you to quickly surrender. Otherwise, I won’t be polite!"

Looking at Feng Dan’s "aggressive" look, Jiang Ping could not help but shake his head indifferently.

The girl was not rude at all. She was obviously putting on a show!

With his sharp senses, he could naturally tell that Zi Yue and Feng Dan were both in the middle stage of the refinement realm!

In fact, they were already considered geniuses to have such a cultivation at their age, but in the end, they were still not as good as Xue Ying.

But don’t underestimate this slight gap. Jiang Ping could clearly sense that if the two ladies in front of him really fought with Xue Ying, they would definitely be completely defeated in less than thirty rounds!

"Feng Dan, do you really think that a middle-stage refinement realm cultivator like you can be my opponent?" Xue Ying stared at Feng Dan and said in an extremely cold tone.

"Do you think that you’re so great just because your realm is higher than mine?" Feng Dan was very unhappy with Xue Ying’s tone, and she said angrily, "Not to mention that you’re only a small realm higher than me, even if you’re a big realm higher than me, you might not be my opponent!" "How can the cultivation techniques and martial techniques of our Golden Door Sect be compared to a mere Blood Fang Gang?"

Hearing Feng Dan’s incessant confrontation with Xue Ying, Zi Yue could not help but feel a headache coming on. This girl was good at everything, but she liked to boast and was absolutely unwilling to let others win. That wasn’t enough. If the opponent was Xue Ying, then she really could not give in the slightest!

"Daddy, this auntie is so talkative!" Wan’er was a little impatient, and she stared with her big innocent eyes as she ridiculed.

"Does she want to fight with that guy who talks badly? Then just fight him directly. Why does she have to talk so much nonsense? If I want to fight with someone, I will just fight him directly. I won’t talk so much!" Jiang Ping couldn’t help but be stunned. How should he explain this situation to his precious daughter? He couldn’t say that Feng Dan was bluffing. No matter what, she was helping him out!

He hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, "Wan’er, do you still remember what daddy told you? Daddy said…"

"Lremember, I remember!" Before he could say anything, Wan’er cried out excitedly, as if she was taking credit. "Daddy said that a dog that barks won’t bite, and a dog that bites won’t bark!"

Jiang Ping really wanted to tell Wan’er that what he wanted to say was to have peaceful measures and if the other party doesn’t listen, then act with force. It really wasn’t what she had just said!

However, when he felt Feng Dan’s sudden murderous gaze, he consciously didn’t say anything.

He could only turn to Feng Dan with a helpless and complicated smile.

"Hmph!" Feng Dan snorted. She was so angry that her cheeks puffed up and she turned her head back.

Actually, she had already heard what Wan’er said. There was nothing much in the beginning. Wan’er was still young and did not understand why she had said so much. She did not blame her, but the last sentence was a little hurtful. This was called a tactic, alright? It was different from what she said.

It was rare to see her acting so childish. Zi Yue and Fei Cai could not help but secretly laugh in their hearts.

Of course, they did not dare to laugh out loud at this time, as it would be adding fuel to the fire.

Feng Dan naturally scattered this fire on Xue Ying and said fiercely, "Xue Ying, I’m warning you one last time. Your Blood Fang Gang’s crimes have long been unpardonable!"

"Do you think that your Blood Fang Gang has the final say in Fusheng City? Let me tell you, that’s because you did not bump into me. Now that you have met me, I’m going to cut you open!"

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly pulled out a fiery red long whip from her waist and whipped it in the air.


Immediately, a clear cracking sound erupted.

Xue Ying’s gaze also completely tured cold.

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