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Chapter: 88

Chapter 88: Guan Mingwang Is the Hall of the Dead! Jiang Yiming Unintentionally Obtains the Divine Secrets!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In this battle, they could only succeed.

Old Hai had only bought them time, but that in itself was already a huge help.

The rest could only depend on themselves!

The Chaos Fingers that Jiang Yiming had cast had once again drained his strength.

All he wanted was to buy more time for Dong Mi to find those two damn things!

The dangers in the trip to the Underworld this time could be said to be more than a hundred times more powerful than the dangers in the secret realm he entered before! Thinking of this, Jiang Yiming didn’t dare to slack off.

He was still too weak!

If it wasn’t for Old Hai’s help, it would have been almost impossible for him to help Dong Mi break the curse.

However, the opportunities along the way may also be a side effect of his system.

As long as one could become his disciple, one’s flow of divine secrets would be smoother than others.

At this moment, Dong Mi had barged into the Hall of the Dead.

No living person had ever been to the place, but the basic design here was no different from an ordinary palace.

However, when Dong Mi placed his hand on the items in the hall, an indescribable clamor filled his mind.

The voices that were like thunder and waves roared in his mind, "Soul of the human world, you want to take the items of the Underworld? No! This can’t do! Don’t even think about it!" One sentence after another echoed in his mind.

"Dong Mi! Quick! Have you found them?"

"almost! Master, hold on a little longer!" Dong Mi tried his best to control his body.

Everything in the hall seemed to have life as each of them kept warning him.

"Master! I can’t take the things inside!"

Jiang Yiming felt a chill in his heart.

It was as he thought. It was probably not a big deal if they were to take some small things with them.

But to take away such precious treasures, even with his strength, he might not be to do it!

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"It’s okay! I can still hold on for a while! Find out where Old Hai’s friend is imprisoned! Then find the Origin Treasure Plate and use it directly!" The number of troops that Guan Mingwang had summoned was increasing exponentially.

Everywhere he looked was a terrifying army of souls!

They were already dead, which meant they were no longer afraid of death!

Their goal was to execute the sole mission that Guan Mingwang had given them!

And that was to kill the intruders!

While Jiang Yimning was still dealing with the flood of soldiers, a phalanx of archers had already appeared in the enemy’s army. They drew their bows and under the command of the commander, a dense mass of arrows rushed towards Jiang Yiming!

Jiang Yiming was completely unaware of the power of the rain of arrows.

In the Underworld, the various rules here were completely different from that of the human world.

As such, he was also unable to determine whether his Celestial Demon Body would have the same effect here!

Jiang Yiming shouted in a low voice and squeezed the spiritual energy in his body further.

He had to buy enough time!

However, his space was being constantly compressed by the enemies that were surging in like a tide.

If this continued, he might have to retreat into the Hall of the Dead.

At this moment, a sound of an explosion could be heard from the hall.

"What’s going on?" As soon as he finished speaking, Dong Mi’s figure flew out from the hall directly.

Fortunately, Jiang Yiming had managed to split out a trace of spiritual energy at the critical moment to hold onto Dong Mi. "Master! The things inside are all protected by something! I can hardly get any closer to them!"

As expected.

Dong Mi was, after all, only a Core Formation Realm cultivator.

"Dong Mi, let’s enter the hall together! Let’s see if we can find a way to break the protection!"

Jiang Yiming was unwilling to admit defeat!

The current situation was already the most terrifyingly hopeless situation he had ever encountered.

If he died here, he would just fall into this endless purgatory and suffer endless torture.

Jiang Yiming left a trace of spiritual energy to block the door.

Looking in the direction where Dong Mi was pointing, he saw the two treasures they needed.

They were placed on the high platform in the palace!

Jiang Yiming was burning with anxiety.

With a light tap of his toes, he jumped, yearning to just get the two treasures directly.

But just as his hand was about to touch the treasures, a ray of light shot out from them that knocked him away.

Sure enough, with the energy wrapped around the treasures, let alone Dong Mi, even Jiang Yiming found it hard to just take the treasures directly. There must be a lot of traps in this hall, but none of them were under Jiang Yiming’s control.

The soldiers summoned by Guan Mingwang were crazily knocking on the door.

‘When Dong Mi saw this, he quickly waved his spiritual energy on the door, only hoping that it could hold on for a little longer. "This can’t do," Jiang Yiming was sweating profusely as he said weakly.

"Master? What can’t do?"

"The barrier protecting the Origin Treasure Plate is not unbreakable, but I need time."

"Let me block the soldiers for a while! Master, just go and break the barrier!"

Jiang Yiming shook his head.

Even he was already a little exhausted, let alone Dong Mi.

Jiang Yiming stood up.

He no longer looked at the treasures that the two of them needed.

If he could find something that could directly increase their strength or a powerful treasure that they could use to defeat the enemy, it would be enough to buy some time, and that would be good enough! Wait a minute!

Jiang Yiming quieted down.

He thought quietly.

The design of the hall was no different from a normal palace, but the aura it contained was not that simple!

Seeing that his Master was suddenly in deep thought, Dong Mi knew that his Master must be thinking about something that he wasn’t aware of. He didn’t ask, he just poured his spiritual energy into the defense line built they had built.

No, that’s right.

In this hall, if he wanted to take away or destroy anything, roars that sounded like they had been made by different people at the same time would sound in his mind.

Dong Mi had told him just now that when he had first come into the hall, he had found it very strange because everything here seemed to have a mind.

Jiang Yiming raised his head.

He finally grasped the thought!

That’s right, everything in this palace had a mind!

But these countless minds don’t belong to the same master!

A long-lost smile appeared on Jiang Yiming’s face.

Dong Mi was naturally overjoyed when he saw this as he was very familiar with the smile on Jiang Yiming’s face!

His Master must have thought of a solution!

Naturally, Jiang Yiming had understood the mystery behind it.

That’s right, this purgatory was Guan Mingwang himself!

Guan Mingwang’s body was the prison!

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