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Chapter: 89

Chapter 89: Mysterious Martial Skill? Turning Spiritual Energy into a Blade to Slash the Illusion!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In fact, everything they were seeing was all incarnations of Guan Mingwang!

Be it the torture instruments that filled the sky or the countless soldiers who were about to rush in, they were all part of Guan Mingwang!

Yet why did Guan Mingwang set up such a Hall of the Dead in this endless prison?

No matter what, there must be only one purpose!

And that was that there was something of utmost importance within the Hall of the Dead!

The Hall of the Dead could be where his heart was!

‘When Jiang Yiming thought of this, he didn’t waste any more time.

He directly struck out a palm, and a streak of sharp spiritual energy reverberated with his palm as the center.

‘The energy crashed into a few pillars in the hall!


The entire hall was shaking.

The plaster and reliefs on the walls of the overall magnificent, albeit eerie hall, started peeling off layer by layer!

Jiang Yiming was greatly delighted.

It seemed that he was right!

This was not just a Hall of the Dead as showed on the surface.

Behind it, there was definitely an even more shocking secret hidden!

"Nol!" As Jiang Yiming slammed his palm down, a furious roar came from the sky.

It was Guan Mingwang!

He had already gained the upper hand in the battle with Old Hai, but he didn’t expect that these two human souls that were like dust and not even worth mentioning in his eyes had injured his most important part! Old Hai, who was already showing signs of defeat, was also a little surprised.

To think the Master and disciple that he had just met were able to injure the vicious Yama in front of him?

"Old Thing! You and I haven’t settled the score yet! Die!" Since that was the case, he had to stall his opponent even more!

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Jiang Yiming struck out with his palm again.

The effect could be said to be immediate!

‘The Underworld soldiers who were originally outside the door and were ready to charge in with blades in their hands to kill the two in the hall actually began to retreat slowly! It wasn’t that they were afraid of this guy who could hurt their Master.

It was because, in this purgatory, everything was the product of Guan Mingwang!

Everything here was closely related to him!

With every palm strike of Jiang Yiming, the aura of the barrier on the treasures weakened a little.

‘A few more moves from him and this place would fall apart!

He knew very well that a crafty rabbit would have three burrows, so it was impossible for the other party to have all of his treasures in the same place.

But as long as he could destroy this Hall of the Dead, he could get the treasures they needed, and escape!

Jiang Yiming struck out with his palm again.

He was no longer in the state to consume the Hunyuan pill, so he could only rely on the recovery pills to continuously recover the physical strength that he was gradually losing to support the continuous release of his spiritual energy!

"No! No! No! You ignorant juniors of the human world!" Guan Mingwang roared, "Do you know what you have injured? Do you know the consequences of your reckless actions?"

‘The moaning of Guan Minwang was amplified in the entire purgatory.

At this moment, Jiang Yiming had already peeled off the seemingly magnificent outer layer of the Hall of the Dead.

There were countless interlocking chains on the dome of the hall.

Each of them seemed to be intertwined.

But in reality, when Jiang Yiming looked carefully, it was not difficult to notice that they were all locking a four-legged cauldron!

There was clearly no flame, but there seemed to be something that was being refined inside the cauldron!

Around the four-legged cauldron were huge chains.

On the few sides of the cauldron, extremely terrifying scenes were depicted, like gouging out the eyes, gouging out the hearts, disemboweling, and breaking bones!

It depicted the scenes of a person being tortured in the Underworld!

"Dong Mi, go! See if you can get the name list and the Origin Treasure Plate!"

"Master! My cultivation is too shallow! Although I have a vague feeling that they’re budging under my grip, I still can’t get the two treasures out!"

Dong Mi wasn’t stupid.

Looking at his Master’s actions, he naturally had a general understanding of the situation, but he was still helpless.

It seemed that he hadn’t destroyed the hall thoroughly enough!

Jiang Yiming looked at the cauldron that was trapped by the chains on top.

He had no other choice.

Since things had come to this point, even if there was only a sliver of hope left, he had to give it a try!

"Dong Mi, be careful! I’m going to give it another try!"

Dong Mi raised his head in confusion.

‘Then, he saw that his Master once again condensed spiritual energy condensed from his body!

From behind his Master’s back, a huge blade condensed from spiritual energy gradually formed!

Jiang Yiming himself was also quite surprised.

He had not fully comprehended the fourth form of the Chaos Celestial Technique, but this move of turning spiritual energy into a blade had actually slowly appeared in his mind, which he then learned. Dong Mi stared at his master with his mouth agape.

Now, even if one was to tell him that his Master was really a Celestial who had been hiding for a long time, he would not even have the slightest doubt!

The shock that his Master had brought him tonight was countless.

"Good!" Jiang Yiming roared.

The huge blade of spiritual energy behind him had been formed from his circulation of the somewhat unclear cultivation technqiue that had suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was still unclear where this cultivation, or rather, the martial technique came from, but looking at the situation in front of him, if he wanted to cut through these layers of chains, the spiritual energy blade should be a few times more useful than his Chaos Palm!

The battle between Guan Mingwang and Old Hai had already been dragged to a high altitude of 30,000 feet.

Both of them possessed extremely rich spiritual energy in their bodies!

‘Whether they were fighting head-on with their huge bodies or using the spiritual energy in their bodies that could move mountains and shake the seas to exchange blows, the battle was just terrifying beyond the imagination of ordinary people! "No!"

"Hehe, I’ve waited for so long," Although Old Hai still maintained his figure, he was very aware that he was already at a disadvantage.

To have been able to fight with Guan Mingwang, one of the Kings of the Underworld, in the Underworld until now, he was already worthy of his many years of cultivation! Guan Mingwang’s roar once again broke through the clouds!

Hearing the roar from the prison, it seemed that Jiang Yiming had found the right place!

It all depended on whether he could smash the thing in front of him in one go!

"Hal" Jiang Yiming pushed out the huge blade behind him with a palm!

The huge blade broke through the surrounding space!

Just as it was about to cut the chains, a terrifying figure suddenly appeared in front of the two!

The overwhelming sense of oppression made Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi kneel on the ground together!

Can’t even look up at each other!

What fearful strength was this?!

"Don’t be afraid, fellow friends! Let me try!" With that, another figure stood in front of them.

The pressure that weighed down on Jiang Yiming and Dongmi’s bodies was instantly lifted.

Two talismans floated out from Old Hai’s body and stuck onto the Master and disciple.

"The two of you can be considered to have helped me a great deal! It can also be said that we are fated today, so I will gift these Back-to-life Talismans to the two of you!"

The second Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi’s bodies came into contact with the talismans, they instantly felt an unprecedented sense of comfort all over!

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