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Chapter: 91

Chapter 91: Guan Mingwang’s Fell Into the Trap!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Jiang Yiming was carried along by that terrifying energy and slammed heavily onto the ground!

But contrary to his expectations, he wasn’t directly smashed into a pile of minced meat.

It was the talisman that Old Hai had given him just now!

The power of the talisman was still effective even after helping him block the wave of impact just now!

Jiang Yiming struggled to get up from the pool of blood.

Only then did he see the runes around his body slowly fall and dissipated in the air, no longer emitting any luster.

"Ho? I didn’t expect you to be able to withstand another attack! I wonder if the unrated talisman you have on you can protect you again after already protecting you once?" Jiang Yiming quickly got up and dashed with speed!

He had already experienced the terror and power of Guan Mingwang’s attack once just now.

Facing such an expert, the only thing he could do now was to run like a headless fly.

"Little friend, don’t be afraid! I still have a breath left!"

Jiang Yiming was overjoyed when he heard this.

‘As he expected, Old Hai was an expert of the same realm as Guan Mingwang who could fight back and forth with him, so how could he die just like that?! Old Hai’s clothes had been torn to shreds and his aura was erratic.

He stood up from the blood pool shakily and once again formed a seal in his hands.

"Ugh! You bunch of mortals! Ants! I didn’t want this! Why! Why did you force me to this point?" Seeing that both of them weren’t dead, a trace of anger finally showed on Guan Mingwang’s face! "Why! Why!"

As he roared, a bright red array slowly appeared behind him.

The array consisted of 36 small circles inside and 18 large circles outside.

They slowly rotated behind him.

"Hahaha! Good! To have been able to see such a scene, I can die without regrets!"

Jiang Yiming was clear that Old Hai was planning to fight with his life!

Who was this guy?

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Ever since Old Hai had entered the Underworld, he had been in a state of willingness to throw his life away for the sake of his goal.

‘What kind of old friend was so worthy of him using up his powerful cultivation to save?

However, Guan Mingwang seemed to be only slightly defeated.

As for Old Hai?

He was already at the end of his rope!

The strength of the other party was simply unimaginable!

Right now, their only chance of winning was Dong Mi!

That’s right!

They had entered the purgatory together, but the final key still depended on the Core Formation Realm disciple with the lowest cultivation!

At this moment, Dong Mi knew that he had the protection of the talisman given by Old Hai, so he just ignored the miscellaneous soldiers blocking his way. He had only one goal!

And that was the Hall of the Dead!

"Hahahahaha! I pity you! You’re an Incarnation Realm cultivator, yet you don’t even want your own life! To think you would use the strategy of luring me away! What a pity! What a pity! He’s a mere Core Formation Realm cultivator! Even if I let him in, what kind of storm can he cause?" Guan Mingwang’s voice carried a trace of regret.

It was because he had probably seen many people with the same talent as Jiang Yiming before he had become one of the Kings of the ten Underworld halls. "Humph! Then let’s give it a try!" Jiang Yiming sneered.

He could sense that Dong Mi had already arrived in the Hall of the Dead!

Just now, Jiang Yiming had compressed a spiritual energy blade he had formed and had handed it over to Dong Mi!

Most of his spiritual energy now was being used to control the spiritual energy blade that was getting farther and farther away from him. ‘As such, he was now completely exhausted!

Such a martial technique was rare in the world.

Not only was it silently engraved in his mind, but it could also be used in such a wonderful way at the critical moment!

"Master! I’m here!" Dong Mi transmitted his voice with all his strength.

Jiang Yiming nodded, "Don’t be afraid, Dong Mi! Just slash it down!"

Saying this, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile and a smear of blood flowed down.

"No! No! How could this be!" Guan Mingwang had originally thought that everything was now completely under his control.

After all, what right did these people before him have to be comparable to a god as mortals?

"Alright!" With that, Dong Mi had jumped to the front of the huge cauldron!

Behind him, countless withered bones extended their hands, wanting to take him down!

Dong Mi had just sprinted all the way here without bothering about the soldiers behind him.

As such, as he moved, the golden light given off by the talisman on him was also slowly fading.

The talisman could even block Guan Mingwang’s attack on Jiang Yiming!

So how could it be difficult for the talisman to block the harassment of some random soldiers for Dong Mi?

Dong Mi flew and threw the spiritual energy blade that had been compressed several times by Jiang Yiming!

Feeling that the power had regained its freedom, Jiang Yiming no longer restrained it.

He released all the spiritual energy in the blade!



Guan Mingwang’s angry roar sounded at the same time as the sound of the chains being cut.

They echoed in the purgatory!

Jiang Yiming was just about to turn around and tell Old Hai the news, but just as he turned around, Old Hai was nowhere to be seen!

Guan Mingwang had picked up Old Hai’s body and threw him into his mouth, crushing Old Hai completely and swallowing him!

Jiang Yiming had already broken the chains that bound the cauldron, and Dong Mi had already knocked the cauldron over, so why did it look like Guan Mingwang was still unaffected?

Could it be that he, Jiang Yiming, had fallen into the trap?

"You, you knocked over the Myriad Soul Cauldron! Unforgivable!"

Dong Mi and Jiang Yiming were in two different places.

This time, despair was widespread in their hearts.

They had already used all the methods they could, but the ending was just as tragic.

"Dong Mi, don’t bother! Just hurry up and get the Origin Treasure Plate and the prisoners’ name list!"

"M-Master, I think that the name list might not be useful anymore," Besides despair, there was also a trace of shock in Dongmi’s tone. Crack.



Suddenly, there was the sound of countless items cracking within the purgatory.

‘The sound of items cracking grew stronger, more, and more terrifying.

‘What on Earth was that sound?

What came with it were the terrifying wails of at least hundreds of millions of creatures.

There were people crying, wolves howling, and tigers roaring.

All of these sounds resounded in the purgatory!

Seeing that Guan Mingwang seemed to be in a daze on the spot, Jiang Yiming quickly set off to hurry up and find his disciple!

‘The huge cauldron that had been heavily chained and that they had damaged didn’t seem to be an instrument that could directly damage Guan Mingwang, but it did bring him great trouble. Along the way, no soldiers to stop him.

While Jiang Yiming was still puzzled, he had entered the Hall of the Dead.

‘The huge cauldron was lying on the ground in the Hall of the Dead, while Dong Mi was standing dumbfounded by the side.

"Dong Mi, what are you doing? Hurry up and take what you need and let’s go find the person that Old Hai had been talking about!" Just as Jiang Yiming stepped to his disciple’s side, he understood why Dong Mi was in a daze on the spot.

Some kind of liquid was continuously flowing out of the huge cauldron in front of him that he had knocked over.

Rather than saying that it was flowing out, ut was probably more fitting to say that the cauldron was vomiting liquid.

The viscous light red liquid slowly turned into one spirit soul after another on the ground and escaped from the hall.

"M-master, I just remembered the legend of the Myriad Soul Cauldron," Dong Mi said with a trembling voice, "In the Blood Pool Prison, not only does the soul have to suffer the pain of blades and spears, but that is only half the complete soul."

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